UAD-2 Satellite

UAD-2 Satellite

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UAD-2 Satellite

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J. Madsen

June 29, 2016

Great quality

Just recieved my new Thunderbolt Octo Satelite. It is a great addition to my setup and the build quality is very nice (very transportable). The change in my workflow was instantaneous. Since I don't have to worry about DSP (I have a total of 10 SHARC chips running now) I can go into much higher detail in much less time. The plugin sounds amazing and have not been near maxing out the DSP. One thing I would say is that it runs a little hot. I hope it doesn't influence lifespan.

M. Schmitt

June 24, 2016


I recently came to the UAD software/hardware world and I am totally amazed. The plugins sound just great.
The Satellite OCTO deals with a huge amount of them and my projects benefits from that.
I own over 500 plugins from many companies (yes I know... but I am a bit of a collector) and there are some for specific tasks which I can't find at UAD as well as there are some really good sounding (sometimes better) emulations. But they need lots of cpu and need lots of different (complicated) licensing tools. Some also need a Licenser or iLok stick. In reality I just use some of them. Mostly Slate Digital, Acustica Audio and Waves. But now my going to plugins are from UAD!

J. Wharton

June 22, 2016

Savage Performance

This unit will crush anything you need to do in a home project environment. Incredibly easy to setup. 5 star product, beautiful packaging, but for £1000+ I expect a thunderbolt cable, come on UAD!

S. Murray

June 19, 2016

Satellite Octo

I got a Octo to accompany my Apollo Quad. I do many large sessions and the satellite is a welcome addition. I only use 3 effects manufactures. Stock Logic 10, Soundtoys and of course, UA. These cover all my needs and I've been able to produce favorable results. The UA plugs add weight and depth to my sessions. They're awesome when used with summing. I especially love the vintage style effects. A great addition to my studio.

UAD User

June 19, 2016

Does the job. Wack Promotions for it.

Looks neat and does the job. Sweet. Just hope plugin promos could always be there for people buying this as it's more affordable than Octo.

L. Hopkins

June 15, 2016

Worth the extra cost

The usual complaint with running the Apollo plug-ins is that you can't run enough of them at the same time. They all drain CPU power. So, this solution (I got the OCTO satellite) made sense for me. A real no brainer.

M. Vermeulen

June 14, 2016

effortless installation

I'm on UAD since 2004 or so. UAD-1 PCI to UAD-1 PCI-e and to UAD-2 PCI-e. Due to change over to mac I sold the UAD-2 quad and bought a TB octo. Again effortless installation. Over the past decade I have always experienced effortless performance. And very important, UA have cared about their customers; for instance after the introduction of UAD-2, for a reasonable periode UAD-1 and UAD-2 worked flawless together and when UAD-1 was phased out a decent upgrade proposal provided.

M. Soares

June 12, 2016

Great DSP

Got it free in the promo when bought my Apollo 16 and could not be more happy. Plenty of DSP juice to run my favorites and with the very low thunderbolt latency for real time tracking. Just perfect!

M. Production

June 7, 2016

It is what it is

Got the Ultimate package. It does what its suppose to do and I am so excited about that.

W. Carlson

June 6, 2016

Awesome promotion, awesome gear.

Anyone complaining about this gear has some sort of personal problem. Baseline, UA is awesome and keeping the industry standard, hop on.

J. Everett

June 2, 2016

Running more plugins is a good thing!

Thanks UA for this killer special! If you use plugins, you have got to get one of these guys. Mo power, mo better!!

G. Coulet

May 28, 2016

First time using UAD

I decided to try out UAD just by what some closed friends told me and I'm really happy with the purchase!
UAD Satellite Quad is defo a great tool to have in a studio and a good one too get a first experience with UAD.

It comes in a nice package and great plugins bundle. Already have my favourites with Pultec, LA2A and Enhancer Hz. Using them all, they all sounds classy, warm and unique. This helped me to take an other approach on mixing down, trusting more my ears than my eyes looking at all this visual eqs and compressors.

Anyway, really happy with and I'm already recommending UAD to my closed friends and producers I work with.

UAD User

May 27, 2016

Satellite OCTO Thunderbolt - perfect HW upgrade !

Lately I invested in a late-2013 Mac Pro 6-Core. My trusted Satellite Quad was still working
perfectly well via Apple TB/FW adapter ( on El Capitan, with Metric Halo ULN8). Initially I was
a bit skeptical whether I should upgrade to the new Satellite OCTO TB - but now I can say that
I do not regret this move !!
On the new Mac Pro the Satellite OCTO TB is a completely different experience:
It allows to run my DAWs ( Logic X, PT12) with significantly lower buffer setting. That's a huge
advantage in case I want to add tracks while the session is already pre-mixed ( with UAD plugs
instantiated). Plugins load sensibly faster than before and of course the 8 DSPs allows to use
more of "DSP hungry" plugins ( like Neve 88RS). Love the new card!

J. De Robertis

May 15, 2016


Now I can use tons of plugins without feeling troubled that I do not have enough DSP to spare. All Universal Audio Plug Ins sounds analog to me. 100% satisfied.

J. Libretti

May 13, 2016

Love The UAD Promotion

This piece of gear is a lifesaver!
Best of all it was Free

J. Libretti

May 13, 2016

Love The UAD Promotion

This piece of gear is a lifesaver!
Best of all it was Free

M. Swain

May 12, 2016


This thread is jam packed with positive reviews - and for good reason.

As a composer for TV & Film, you have to be adaptable. My new Apollo 8, a few beautifully crafted plug-ins and my UAD Satellite Octo are a rock solid basis from which to start.

The transparent clarity from the Apollo 8 gives me all the confidence I could ever need to know that my mixes will stand up to the closest scrutiny.

That combined with the knowledge that I have headroom to spare in terms of CPU usage is invaluable.

As the heading to this review says ... Boya! ... (and in England that's as good as it gets!)


a. campbell

May 5, 2016

My third UAD octo thunderbolt

I have just putchased my third UAD octo thunderbolt sattelite....why a third you may ask...because with large sessions, i have found that having enough processing power is key to being able to untilze the sonic improvements in the various tracks utilizing UAD plugins....these coupled with my HDX system , allow total freedom of expression and the resulting mixes that leave me with a smile on my face...UAD plug ins and processing power are simply incredible

M. Dennis

May 4, 2016


I now own 3 UAD devices, and couldn't be happier with them. Particularly happy that this one (Octo) came FREE with my UAD 8p. THANKS UAD! :)

J. Ivarsson Björklund

May 3, 2016

Quad satellite

Not so much to say. I does what it is supposed to do.

561-580 of 704 Results