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R. Rausch

April 15, 2016

Must Have

I have been mixing and mastering for over 40 years. After doing several sessions in ProTools for clients in their studios, I decided to put together a DAW system. Auditioning converters took time; I settled on UA Apollo Quad for several reasons, & The ability to use high quality plug ins,supported by outside resources, made sense. Well ...trackiing went ok, but I found that the lack of DSP horsepower at mixdown to be a major problem. I employed an integration of analog processing to resolve this. The promise of more efficient workflow in DAW processes was then just out of reach. Having now added an Apollo 16 and an additional UAD Quad allThunderbolt. I am realizing the system I had in mind. All is well in Logic Learning Land.

p. baudry

April 14, 2016


More dsp for my apollo 8 quad,for more plugs in , thanks to UAD , greats products ,
i'm waiting hardware availability now 4-710D and 2- 1176 to complete my hardware studio .
Thanks for your kindness when i phoned for a problem, quick resolved, Top of the Top .....
Long life to UAD , i'm waiting new plugs with eagerness.....

E. Rodriguez

April 13, 2016

Sweet Satellite Thunderbolt

What can I say, I got this for free as part of their end of year promotion and it has surely added some horsepower to my setup. Plus the look of it sitting on top of my desk not taking up much footprint and with the Universal Audio logo lighting up is sweet. I've got this chained to my Apollo Duo Thunderbolt, and from the Apollo to my LED Monitor, and it all works flawlessly. Awesome product, thanks UA.

W. Hamilton

April 6, 2016

So nice.

Easy setup. Only took minutes. This unit will give me the dsp to take my mixes to the next level.

R. Comitz

April 6, 2016


love itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove it

G. Girard

March 31, 2016


Mix with ease! Great interface, monster processing, great plugins! I'm pairing it up with the Apollo Twin thunderbolt in my home studio.

S. Roefs

March 31, 2016

Power up!

Sold my Quad Firewire to make room for an Octo Thunderbolt. I'll never regret that! The new plugins use a large amount of capacity, so less than octo wouldn't work for me. The upgrade got me some new plugins as well :)

C. Junk

March 30, 2016

Higher Degree of Freedom

Silent, looks great, reliable. Great addition to my Apollo quad. More digital horsepower providing even more possibilities for emulating high quality gear with character. Many thanks!

A. Belor

March 29, 2016

UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt

Firstly I was A RME/Focusrite/ProTool hardware supporter for years. They were all good. The difference with UAD is that it's better. Not only IMO that of the sound being captured being better, it's cleaner, authentic and transparent. The additional DSP horsepower you get let's you do a lot more with your workflow. On top of this UAD's plugins are really second to none. Once you use them then you'll know that there really is a difference. Finally, UAD's service is amazing. I personally cannot compare them to the likes of RME/Focusrite/Avid because there is no comparison. I have experienced first hand assistance from UAD's people for various things and as a result unreservedly highly recommend their products and company ethics.

C. Nardi

March 28, 2016

Getting the most out of it

The Satellite, coupled with my Apollo Twin, finally allows me to take full advantage of my UAD system. It took no more than two minutes to set it up – no set back, everything working smoothly. When I authorized the plugins I discovered that the Enhancer Hz was included in the bundle, which was a nice surprise (before purchase I had overlooked this aspect). The Satellite works just as expected, it improves the performance of my workstation allowing me to work at higher sample rates and use (almost) all the plugins that I want without having to worry about running off of DSP power.

J. Babb

March 25, 2016

Turns a modest setup into a beast studio!!

I didn't know the octo satellite would change my workflow. I knew it would help me be able to use a few extra plugins, but the uad2 octo satellite did way more. First time I plugged it up to my MacBook Pro and started adding the awesome UA plugs my way of working was much better. I started using Universal Audio gear a few months ago and have been very satisfied. First I got the 4710d and it sounded great. Then, when the blackface apollos were introduced I ditched the $&@- rig I've used for years. I added a second quad Apollo. And now with the octo DSP to top it all off, dear god bless UA!! My other outboard gear easily connected to the pair of Apollo's I/O. And The expanded system is super stable and works incredibly well, every time.

E. Smallwood

March 23, 2016

Couldn’t Wait To Get My Hands On One

The Quad Satellite put the finishing touch on phase one of my project studio upgrade. I can now comfortably run as many UAD plugins as I want and not have to worry about DSP choke down. The folks at UAD are wonderful at understanding how home studio enthusiasts build out and are super duper accommodating! Cheers to UAD now it’s time get to work.

D. Dolnick

March 21, 2016

UAD Thunderbolt Quad Satellite

I Received my Quad Satellite as a promo for purchasing the new Apollo 8 Quad unit back in early December 2015.
I run at 192 KHz and the Satellite has been a godsend in as much as I don not run out of memory or processor power during mixdown.
The UA quality is second to none. There no going back to any other interface, sold my RME and Burl. The A/D/D/A converters are top notch. Great work on UA's part.

G. Taylor

March 21, 2016

Manley Passive's EVERYWHERE

This does exactly what it's supposed to. With the Apollo 8 Quad and Satellite Quad I'm packing some serious processing. Running lots of the DSP intensive plugins at a high sample rate and it's solid as a rock. Couldn't be happier with this setup!

j. fox

March 19, 2016

simple and effective.

It's great to have the extra UAD Power!

S. Connor

March 19, 2016

Superb! But budget for a Thunderbolt Cable

I was in the process of saving for a new iMac when I noticed the free plugin promo with the UAD2 Octo-this device meant I could hold on to my Mac Mini and still get more processing power. I decided to reinvest in the UAD Platform after years of abandonment and must say I am delighted I did. Sadly native plugins are a terrible investment due to piracy- at least with UAD your investment is protected and that protection also afford UA the ability to produce easily the best plugins on the market. The hardware itself is very solid and well built- I am using it with Logic Pro X and it is super stable with exceptionally low latency. However I cannot give it 5 stars when UA do not include the Thunderbolt Cable needed to make this work! Otherwise A+

L. Rollins

March 18, 2016

Great addition to my Apollo 8 Quad

With a total of 8 DSP chips at my disposal between my Apollo and my Quad Satellite, I feel like I can competently take on just about any production task in my home studio. We live in amazing times with access to an astonishing array of tools. Thanks UAD.

R. Elliott

March 18, 2016

More Horsepower!

The incentive for me to buy the Apollo 16 was the fact that I got a free Quad Satellite and I'm glad I made the plunge. Combined, I have 8 cores of UAD goodness and it's more than enough to do everything I want with my mixes and recordings.

B. Broadfoot

March 17, 2016

Thanks UA!!!!

Received my free Quad Satellite and tied it to my new Apollo 8p and it works like a charm!
As other reviewers have said, what a difference it made with the DSP, and now can paint
with so many more different plugins. My last DAW upgrade.. finally no latency issues!!
What a blessing!! Thanks UA team!!
I also love the ease of buying and downloading the plugins from UA, so easy.
Constantly dealing with the waves plugin download process. (Love their plugins too and prices)
If you have a slow connection, which a lot of us have, it's just a hassle downloading
their plugins.
Keep up the GREAT work UA team! How about a TC 2290 rack plugin or a
Hi Watt DR100 or a Soldano Slo 100 plugin?
Thanks again UA for the free Satellite!!

UAD User

March 16, 2016

Very impressive

Got it as a promo. Integrates nicely into my system. All thunderbolt setup. Very happy with this gear. I now own 2 of them. Even better that the second one was free. Thank you UA you solved my mix limitations.

561-580 of 672 Results