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UAD-2 Satellite

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W. De Jesus

April 24, 2018

Amazing Horsepower!!!

After connecting the UAD-2 Satellite Octo Core immediately the system updated the firmware and after a few seconds I was able to use the amazing power in my pluggins. And now I have Dual Core from my Apollo Twin and 8 Core from the UAD-2 Satellite! It’s just an amazing speeding horsepower!!

T. Rodgers

April 24, 2018

The extra power is great!

Since incorporating the satellites into my system, I've been able to do much more work inside my iMac. The UAD Plugs sound better, and save the CPU for other Protools/Logic tasks.

P. Mouta Pereira

April 23, 2018

Satelitte Thunderbolt Octo

Working perfectly with Presonus Studio One. Got a great deal with the “UAD Classic Console Plug-Ins Promo”, plus the registration coupon worth 250€! Nicely done UA!

C. Santana

April 22, 2018

Now I feel safe

I can use a lot of plugins, I feel safe with the new unit. It never be over of dsp process. I have a better sound since I bought this unit.

C. Paschall

April 19, 2018

The best

No question about it that UA makes killer plugins. The more satellites I can get my hands on the better! Love mixing with this stuff.

UAD User

April 19, 2018


Awesome device, has really pushed my mixes to the next level, especially the neve 1073 and uad 1176 plugins.


April 18, 2018

Perfect expansion.

İt is what it is, plugins sounds amazong, works flowlessly.

A. Paulino

April 17, 2018

Uad is the best

Love this satelite, my macbook pro works way faster, and better, no more issues with low dsp resourses, love it

R. Woitowitsch

April 16, 2018


What can I say, we all can use a little more DSP.
DSP? Bring it on baby!

G. Zanca

April 15, 2018

just right

quiete, it does his job.

G. Zanca

April 15, 2018

quiete but good

is just an unit that does his jobs... other good thing is that I was able to connect another HD on thunderbolt on the other plug. It give power to the unit and is visible to the computer so I don't need another connection

s. riviere

April 13, 2018


Les DSP font leur jobs. Associés à une appolo Twin quad et une appolo 8 duo magnifique!

D. Adams

April 12, 2018

New Dimensions!

I enjoyed using my Twin Duo as a pre-amp and for some legacy compressors. Now with the Satellite OCTO I am able to use as much of the full versions of compressors and everything else as I want to, on all my mixes. A quantum leap in sound and mixing capabilities

D. McCallum

April 11, 2018


I did t know what to expect or if it would really make a difference. What I thought it could do wasn’t even close to what it does. Impressed to say the least.

J. Toifl

April 10, 2018

SSL like the original :)

The best plugin I've heard and the best UA has done so far.

J. Toifl

April 10, 2018

A great addition for my mixes

My 2 x Octo DSP with SSL 4000 Unison and API Vision they replace analog hardware,It does not sound like 100% analog hardware, but they lack much to perfection. My next purchase is 2 x Octo Core and 1176 and LA-2A mk2 :)

E. Rincon

April 10, 2018

more power

the best purchase i ever made one of the best company to make emulation its incredible i love it..

h. YU

April 10, 2018

이건 물건이라고

이것땜에 믹싱할때 걱정을 한시름 덜었어
이제 UAD로 믹싱을 더 재밌게 할수 있게됐어
정말 환상이야!

J. Jacks

April 9, 2018

Must have for full scale mixes

Added this to my 8P (and still want another 8P and BF 16 for my system), and while tracking with the unison pres and printing with plugins is great and pretty essential for many sounds, full 32+ track mixes will eat up a quad DSP when there are some signal chains you are looking for. The Octo Satellite is the answer. This is a must have for full scale mixdowns when you are recreating console/tape chains with outboard stuff that you may not own and DSP hungry plugs. Can't say enough wonderful things about this piece of kit. Get it. You won't regret it.

S. Long

April 9, 2018


Easy setup and now I don't even think of the DSP limit :)

121-140 of 739 Results