UAD-2 Satellite

UAD-2 Satellite

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UAD-2 Satellite

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D. Rouge

March 9, 2018

Satellite Thunderbolt Octo

Beautiful and working great with my Apollo Twin MKII. More DSP Power! UAD the best!

L. Power

March 7, 2018


Powerful piece of hardware.

S. Keys

March 7, 2018

Un satellite qu’il fait tout à fait son job

Un satellite qu’il fait tout à fait son job Il est silencieux il est efficace il digère les plug-ins qui sont de plus en plus gros mais d’un autre côté qui délivrent une qualité incomparable merci Universal Studios pour rendre l’impossible à moindre coût

P. Stevens

March 6, 2018

Well worth it.

Integrates seamlessly with no hiccups and now I don't even worry about the heavy weight plug ins anymore and I don't have to freeze or bounce tracks until the end of a project. Highly recommended.

R. Schaller

March 6, 2018

power machine

it makes your apollo-system really powerful. When your got a apollo 8p it´s a must. Otherwise you will have no fun.

V. Juvvaanapudi

March 5, 2018



A. Mão de Ferro

March 3, 2018


Perfect! Thanks

P. Knight

March 2, 2018


I can take my mixes wherever I want now! Thank you UAudio!! This thing is amazing.

Y. Moustafa

March 1, 2018


I just love the whole concept of UAD.
Sourcing out DSP was brilliant when you started. But I never believed in the quality until I heard it. My Bad! You guys just rock!! The products are worth every penny.
Got this unit through promotion. The whole system is flawless and upgrades every studio to pro. Hearing stuff i never heard before through my Motu Setup. DSP Gallore!! Beautiful Plugins! Incredibly Excellent!

S. Unrein

March 1, 2018

Works awesome. Really needs rack ears.

All the plugins are amazing as advertised. No problems whatsoever there and really happy with all of my choices. It's certainly helping extend the life of my Mac Pro until they come out with new ones (whenever that is).

I really need to rack mount this thing though, and it's been a major headache figuring that out. In the end, I'm having some custom made and that is, not ideal… Please make some damn rack ears for these, I'd even buy them separately.

D. Marani

March 1, 2018

Fantastic - Bellissimo

Fantastic - Bellissimo....grazie UAD...thanks UAD !!!

F. Sias

March 1, 2018


Fantastic product!
Stability with mac os to say the least exceptional.
Allows in the version with 4 dsp to insert in your mix an infinity of plugins.
I personalemenye I collided in cascade with an apollo twin mkII and the result is of audio quality that of performance at the top.

j. pyle

March 1, 2018

Great add on

Super easy to set up and works like a dream.. thanks ua!!

UAD User

February 27, 2018

UAD Satellite Power

Having recently supplemented my Apollo Twin (Solo) with the UAD-2 satellite (thunderbolt), the mixing possibilities have opened up immensely, enough processing power to place instances of the Neve 1081 on most channels, and to set up multiple variations of the wonderful EMT 140 reverb. Great device, easily configured, straightforward and powerful - thank you UAD for opening up possibilities.

M. Ivey

February 27, 2018

Extends Power

I have the Apollo Twin Solo which has proven to be a great asset but decided I wanted to purchase a few of the powered plugins that didn't come with the original purchase.

Quickly realized my limitations for running more than one powered plugin in either DAW or in the Apollo console depending on the choice of plugin and the amount of processor power required to run them.

Started having certain plugins in my chain disabled by the Apollo unit in order to support another because of the single processor.

I opted for the Satellite QUAD and it has been a good value for the dollar. I can now run powered plugins within my DAW and the Apollo Console without having such a tight restriction as to how many I can have.

I'd definitely suggest referencing the UAD instance chart
before purchase though to make certain you don't spend more than you actually need on these satellite units. For me, the QUAD works perfect.

J. De La Cruz

February 24, 2018

Agreed - No more DSP worries... for now

I had a chance to activate to Satellite Octo and test out the additional DSP with first, just the Apollo Twin, then with just the 8p. If it weren’t for the added DSP, I’d probably forget that it was physically connected to my setups.

UAD User

February 23, 2018

On the magnificence of the UAD-2 Satellite



February 22, 2018

Uad2 satellite


W. Ketchin

February 21, 2018

Better than expected

I am a Reason 10 user and I was worried the VSTs wouldn't load onto the Satellite when utilized in my sessions. I was very wrong. Integration for everything except the Culture Vulture has been everything I expected for offloading DSP while mixing.

J. Lapp

February 18, 2018

Drops the workload

This unit really helps keeps the processing workload under control. I use a MacBook Pro with an Apollo 8P and the UAD-2 Satellite dropped the DSP usage from the computer down significantly.

141-160 of 703 Results