UAD-2 Satellite USB

UAD-2 Satellite USB

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UAD-2 Satellite USB

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L. Gaffney

April 4, 2020

Love my UAD-2 USB

Setup was easy. Comes with 2 weeks of demos for all the plugins. Wonderful sound and plenty of DSP. I am very happy with my purchase!

p. albert

March 28, 2020

UAD-2 Satellite USB

Produit satisfaisant afin de pouvoir utiliser les plugings UAD dans le mixage car il est toujours très frustrant de se trouver au maxi de DSP au milieu de son mixage , 8 Octo aurait été préférable mais il faut allonger les euros.

I. Shaaf

February 22, 2020

Good addition

At 10 cores stable lots of plugins open.

D. Weldon

January 27, 2020

My new Accelerator UAD-2 Satellite QUAD USB

Well this is the first time I've used a UAD product with Windows (Laptop), where everything worked flawlessly. The setup went quick, and in the past I've had certain plug-ins hang up the VST searches in SONAR, but not this time. And the included plug-in bundle is all I really need (the versions of LA2A-1176-610b get used on almost everything I do). Thanks for a great product UAD.

D. Yudin

January 19, 2020


Purchased the OCTO version. Everything works great!

R. Fields

January 6, 2020

No one answered the support line

I realize it’s the holidays and everybody’s busy selling everything that’s wonderful. But I have never been able to get through to get any kind of support whatsoever. But keep doing a good job. ROBERT

R. Fields

January 6, 2020

A longtime time to make it work

I have sonar platinum with Windows i7 16 gig of ram
And a ssd
It took a long time to configure and show up and sonar also I had to realize when you plug the satellite in it’s got to be in the back of your desktop Windows 7 machine on a special USB three otherwise things just don’t work

t. billonare

December 3, 2019


i use octo ver
i got problem for a while
but uad help me doing the best
now i use perfectly on my computer
anyway thanks guys

M. Hunter

December 1, 2019

Processing Power at its best!

I use this octo and also 3 quads and a twin duo.....the octo is the icing on the cake. I don’t use all that is available not even close....this is a great sustem


November 26, 2019

This is the future. And the future is here.

I like the fact that it takes the weight of the world off your CPU. Primarily for post production (Noticeable latency for live tracking). As plugin modeling gets more dynamic/realistic, they will/are more CPU intensive. Causing your production to possibly lock up at key moments and being not saved (losing all your new work).

Whats great is my UAD-2 Satellite Octo lightens the load on my computers CPU greatly. I recommend using non CPU hungry plugins during live tracking for fillers/ mood of your musician. Then when all recording is complete replace with the UA plugins to taste.

Remember. Always record to it's simplest form. Then introduce plugins as needed (Post Production). UA has really good modeled plugins ($$). But they run live while recording with a noticeable latency (Unless your using UA Apollo) on non UA DAW's.

I would like this Unit to run non-UA plugins. (Maybe it already does. I'm not sure)
I have an i7 4 core processor. 16 Gbs RAM. I use this unit with USB-3. Works like a champ.
This unit would really help out computers with lower RAM.

I originally got the UA-2 Sattelite Octo to keep my Computer from crashing/locking up. Mission Accomplished and then some!!! Like I said this thing is future oriented.

R. Banerjee

November 14, 2019

History of UAD and its way to the latest Apollo series

I am sharing a Product demonstration of UAD Apollo from the Product manager of UAD himself.

Please watch:

F. de Bros

November 12, 2019

what about Roland's Dimension D

basically, yes, satellite does what it ought to. However, if you have only some (but not many) plug-ins, but the ones you bought and paid for, are valuable to you, then it's all the more frustrating to have some emulation only such as for the Roland 201 and - supposedly - for the Dimension D. Dimension D was one I bought and paid for to have onboard the Mac (not really cheap either), but now I 'upgraded' from dreaded Apple back to a window pc (where everything functions pristinely, btw.), but I don't find my Dimension D... rather not so pristine...

C. Rosenlund

November 6, 2019

The Satellite Fulfills it's purpose and seems to be completely stable !

I had reached a point, where I was constantly running out of processing power from my UAD quad card.
The Manley plugins (especially the "Massive Passive"), the "Shadow Hills" compressor and the "Lexicon 480 L" reverb have become essential for the sound of my mixes - and these are pretty "hungry" as far as processing power is concerned.
Therefore I bought a USB octo satellite to expand the processing power available.

UAD has written a fine desription of the installation process, and installing the satellite was completely painless. In a few minutes I was up and running, and the satellite showed up in the UAD control Panel.
I have not run out of processing power since then - and I have been able to use the plugins, mentioned earlier, without limitations.
I already owned all of the included plugins, except the UA 610 B tube preamp.
But the UA 610 B is definitely a welcome addition to my "UAD collection". It can provide a very useful (discreet) saturation, that is fine for giving acoustic instruments and vocals a bit of "character", when needed - and the extra top end, you can get from the eq is beautiful.

The satellite has worked perfectly from the moment, it was installed - I have not had a single problem (so far ( -; ) Great !
Highly recommendable.

H. Sims

October 31, 2019

Great Effects

Awesome plugins that come free with the unit, although I cannot see myself purchasing very many additional plugins because of the high cost.

M. Hussain

October 26, 2019

UAD Should announce Satellite USB's compatibility with mac.

I need this unit for my mac but i cant buy because UAD have not made it compatible with mac. I got only one thunderbolt port to connect my UAD interface but, there are several USB3 ports available to connect a satellite. UAD should facilitate their product users by announcing this device's compatibility with MAC as well. It should not be a big deal for them after all.

D. Bergan

September 29, 2019


Packaged nicely
Very easy to install and register
Works brilliantly gives the extra processing required especially recording on a laptop.

S. Sjøen

September 19, 2019


The UAD plugins are, in my opinion superior to all competition. When getting the hardware is not an option, having capacity to nearly freely use the plugins is as close to the real thing as it gets. Yes, it is expensive compared to the competition, but state of the art gear has always been expensive compared to «consumer level» gear. For me, this is perfect!!

C. Pieterse

September 12, 2019

Plug and play - Hassle free!

As a PC user, It was a tough choice between the Thunderbolt and USB 3 versions of the UAD satellite DSP, especially as most of the info out there is from the Mac camp. After much thought i chose the Satellite USB3 version and I am so happy to say that it works perfectly and integrates with my previous UAD2- PCIe card without any issues. Thank you UAD for another world class product and for keeping the PC market supported! **I also received a 30 day discount on plugins when i registered the new unit, wow!!

M. Jacobs

August 5, 2019

Plug ins that actually emulate analog perfectly.

If you want Plug-in that sound like the hardware they emulate then you want Univeral Audio. Nothing compares nothing is better. You need an 1176 compressor but can’t afford the hardware? The 1176 Plugin from universal audio is hardly any different than the hardware version for sound and functionality. The difference is virtually unnoticeable. All of their plugins are this way. Stop wasting time elsewhere, get the results you want now! Buy Universal Audio Octo/Quad core and you will find yourself fully satisfied.

T. Grey

June 24, 2019

Just what I needed (UAD-2 SATELLITE QUAD)

This is perfect for offloading DSP. I have to say that processing speed via USB is superb. I do not find it slow in any sense. The only thing I would ask for is maybe some extra incentive for having one. The small bundle of plugins that it comes with are wonderful, but they lack crucial basic processors like a true peak limiter. Other than that, I am extremely satisfied and I plan on sticking with UAD for the foreseeable future!

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