UAD-2 Satellite USB

UAD-2 Satellite USB

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UAD-2 Satellite USB

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G. Ricci

March 16, 2019

Added Power

Once I got the Twin (usb) I was hooked. You kind of get pulled in, which is why I also purchased the UAD-2. UA gave me the option to select optional plugins so as not to duplicate any I already had. My little single player studio now produces great quality recordings and I am only just starting to explore possibilities. Superior products!!

T. Paul

March 7, 2019

Must have

Registration and installation was a breeze. Works absolutely flawlessly in tandem with my UAD2 Duo and now I can really enjoy the sound of my plugins without a compromise.

S. Newberry

March 3, 2019

Plug ins are awesome but DSP lacking..

I bought this unit because I wanted to use UAD plug ins and wanted to have the extra DSP for my computer to run either Pro Tools or Reaper. Not all the plug ins are available in Reaper from UAD. Not sure what is wrong but they are not all there when I installed my software. Also not sure if this is an anomaly but when I took my UAD Sattelite 2 Quad to our studio it crashed a hard drive and had to basically cancel a session after that occurred. No issues on my laptop at home. Also I have a very limited amount of plug ins available to use at one time during mixing. I can only use about 10-12 plug ins at one time. If you use a Reverb or a high DSP demand plug in I can only use about 4 (i.e. Sunset Studios or any modeling amp plug ins) they are basically the reason I bought the UAD Satellite 2 Quad. For 600 buck you sure do get a lot of plug ins but I cant use all of them at the same time? I am not impressed really and questioned my purchase since then. Plug ins sound awesome and are very useful. I would compare the SSL strip to the real deal pretty close in sound. I mean if I were to A-B the same track same speakers and same settings on the SSL analog and the plug in I think I would have a very hard time to decipher which is the real one and which is the software. Great product but missed the mark in my opinion and I don't think I would recommend it to anyone else.

L. Miladinovic

March 2, 2019

Perfect for PC users who don't have UAD interface

Simply, you have additional "computer" AND you are able to use UAD Plug-Ins. I am traveling frequently and this piece of equipment makes it easy to work even on a laptop with relatively lower capacities. Home-studio must have!

H. Shin

February 26, 2019

사랑해요 연예가중계

이 글을 읽은 당신은 행운아입니다

새틀라이트 좋습니다

P. Degen

February 5, 2019

Just what I needed

More power!!

P. Degen

February 5, 2019

Just what I needed

More power!!

g. taylorramirez

January 25, 2019


Let’s face it,once UAD plugs user”,well we just want more and more,,this QUAD DSP.will enhance your mixing experience freeing your computer from processing power issues

r. young

January 13, 2019


bought this to take the load off my cpu then find out it will only run the uad plugins. that didn't work for me so I returned it. probably works good for that but it wouldn't help me with my plugins I already have.

P. Capasso

January 11, 2019

UAD-2 Satellite USB Octo

Perfect,UAD excellent quality I use it with Cubase Pro 10 and Protools 12 The best


December 11, 2018


Works perfectly under Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, very stable, I use it with Cubase Pro 9.5, installation and activation very great, i use with addition to a UAD Solo Pcie.
Thx UAD excellent quality !!! The best for me ;)

R. Lidauer

December 11, 2018

UAD-2 Satellite USB Quad

I bought my first Satellite Quad in August this year to enter the UAD world and immediately fell in love with the great plug ins. I've tried them in an existing mix of a finished production and could clearly see/hear the improvmentes achieved by great sounding plug ins such as the LA-2A, 1176, SSL Channel, Neve Channel or the Ocean Way Studios. With the 4-710 d Twin Finity promo I got my 2nd Satellite for free, great deal!!

F. Johansson

November 30, 2018

Love it!

I resurrected my studio I had from 8 years ago, and Powercore was out of the picture, so this was the new king. Got it and do not regret it at all, already aquired a few plugins that helps a lot getting great sound out of my tracks. Exciting times!

E. Axelrod

October 12, 2018

For me a must have!

I'm so glad I went with the Octo instead of the Quad, to pair with my Apollo Twin USB. As of yet I haven't come close to utilizing all of the DSP but I know that at some point I will and its a great comfort knowing that I can handle whatever is needed. Setup was extremely easy and they both stack nicely on my desktop, I couldn't be happier.

J. Auguste

September 30, 2018

Best investment

I’m really happy I decided to make this purchase. The fact that I have access to all these amazing plugins that would cost me a whole lot more if I bought the actual hardware units. The plugins sound amazing and I don’t have to worry about taxing my main machine while running them. Thank you Universal Audio for making this possible.

S. Pierce

September 20, 2018

How to avoid the PCIe lane traffic jam.

After upgrading my PC components a couple of times, (Motherboard, CPU, memory...) I wasn't thrilled with the minimal performance increase. Previously I had a 16 Ch. audio card, a UAD quad card, and a video card all fighting for PCIe lanes. With this recent PC upgrade, I went with the UAD Octo USB3 Accelerator, and saw significant performance increase. One of these being able to reduce my audio card buffers to 128. Which previously was not an option. This unit works well, and doesn't hog resources.

M. Clark.

August 4, 2018

UAD 2 Satellite

Great easy to set up.
And of course your added DSP.

I. Batista

July 24, 2018


As always with UA stuff, it does what it’s suppose to, fast and easy to register and make it work, no problem with the UAD-2 PCIe already installed. USB(SATA 3) is very reliable.

R. Macfarlaine

July 23, 2018

Satellite USB

Excellent device and the plugins are terrific - well done UAD. I wish I got onto UAD products sooner. Fan for life

A. Facciolo

July 20, 2018


Ultra flexible and stable DSP on windows. work's grate and sound amazing.

41-60 of 123 Results