UAD-2 Satellite USB

UAD-2 Satellite USB

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UAD-2 Satellite USB

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J. Davitt

May 11, 2018

Works Great

I was worried the quad may not be enough for my home studio. It works perfectly for processing multiple tracks. Typically I'll run 12 or more tracks and at least that with plugins (tape emulation, etc.) after multi micing my guitar cab and layering. I haven't had a single glitch.

C. Roundy

April 22, 2018

Amazing product, but wished it worked with AMD processors

Loved the product, solid, nice build quality worked great for the moment, but unfortunately if you have any sort of AMD processors in your computer or laptop it will not work.

UAD User

April 20, 2018

Potencia de sobras

Con la potencia de esta octocore más las dsp de la interface de audio , potencia de sobra para mezclar con tranquilidad.

H. Onoz

April 20, 2018

Minimum space and maximum dynamic range.

It is cheap as a ticket to the world of UAD and it looks cool too.
One disadvantage is that you want more cores.

y. lee

April 13, 2018

very awsome!

I used Waves plugins. cla-2a or pultec style EQs!
Certainly, UAD Plugins better than Waves!
Very Sweet Vintage Sound! I love that!

UAD User

April 10, 2018

Ottimo acquisto

Veramente eccezionale e la qualità dei plugin eccellente.
La macchina è sufficientemente potente per gestire mix importanti senza pesare sulla ram del computer.

B. Chayer

April 6, 2018

First use of UAD-2 USB

I have purchased a UAD-2 USB 2 weeks ago to use in my studio to use in combination with a UR-824 soundcard. The idea was to finally be able to use the UAD plugins which everyone talks about. Installation on windows 10 was straight forward, and everything seemed to work out of the box, almost... I use 2 DAWs Protools 12 and Studio One 3.5 and for some reason when I wanted to use livetrack (the main reason of my purchased was to record voice and guitars using the plugins, while recording a 5 musician band on 16 tracks.) the plugin where instantly disabled. After playing around I figured out that using a 64 sample buffer or lower was the fix ... or so it seemed... the following day the instant I click on livetrack no matter what buffer size, I got errors 50 disabling the plugin. It took 2 days of investigation and writing ti UAD support to figure out the issue. (Support got back to me quickly but they were useless...) For some reason my soundcard and the UAD-2 unit got out of sync and I had to restart my desktop and shutdown my card and the UAD unit and then restart in this order: Desktop, UR-824, UAD-2 and then everything was perfect at any sample rate. Livetrack is engaging and the results are amazing almost no latency! I get issue with out of sync one a week it's a bit annoying hope they fix it, but I least now I can enjoy this product and do the work. Hope this helps someone else too.. So in (not so short) Amazing Plugins, good hardware (needs a bit more stability)...

H. Johnson

April 3, 2018


My first experience with UAD products opened my wallet! Trouble free...

H. Johnson

April 3, 2018


My first experience with UAD products opened my wallet!

J. Gomes

March 25, 2018

Stunning gear/plugins

at my home-studio and being a hobbyist, I'm still exploring all the potential of UAD plugins... There is an issue with my UAD-2 USB (error -38) but I hope to solve it soon with the UAD guys... apart of that, I'm loving UAD

m. simon

March 9, 2018

the great take over

nice even tho I use a server in windows UAD is the Best

m. simon

March 9, 2018

the great take over

everything they make is wonderful..point blank

P. Cecetov

February 27, 2018


Perfect Plugins! Perfect gear! Defenitly best purchase!

W. Brammertz

February 3, 2018

UAD-2 USB works perfect for me

I like that the hardware has enough power for so many plugins. And I like the way the plugins sounds. Great stuff!

A. Laukkanen

February 1, 2018

Mixed feelings

The plugins sounds awesome and for my use there are lot of processing power for any of my projects. The installation was also really easy. I am using my Octo with Samplitude Pro X3. Somehow, my system has dropped off Octo during the busy mixes. All of my drivers are up to date. Otherwise I can highly recommend any of Universal Audio's audiowares. They really sound pristine and professional.

m. andersson

November 27, 2017

Good solution for laptop with plenty of processing power

Great way to have the UAD plugins available on my portable laptop! Nice to have the processing power of the Octo.

i. behrooz

November 23, 2017

Exactly what i needed

i realy feel the 3d sound of uad plugins, Now my mixes are much bigger ,warmer and fatter , the best true plugins in the world thanks uad for making me happy

I. Lekic

October 30, 2017


I replaced pcie to USB3 .. VERY GOOD .. Please UAD, give us Apollo 8-16 interfaces with USB3 for WIN

D. Silantyev

October 27, 2017

Good device

I create music for video games and can not do without high-quality sound processing. This device allows me to work on a few systems, whether I'm in the studio or at home. I love these incredible plugins, which are released exclusively by Universal Audio. Thank you.

G. Ala

October 25, 2017

This unit is a beast

This unit is a beast . He can take a lot of DSP whit out any problem , thank you UAD to make this unit evelabole for window user

61-80 of 114 Results