UAD-2 Satellite USB

UAD-2 Satellite USB

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UAD-2 Satellite USB

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P. Cecetov

February 27, 2018


Perfect Plugins! Perfect gear! Defenitly best purchase!

W. Brammertz

February 3, 2018

UAD-2 USB works perfect for me

I like that the hardware has enough power for so many plugins. And I like the way the plugins sounds. Great stuff!

A. Laukkanen

February 1, 2018

Mixed feelings

The plugins sounds awesome and for my use there are lot of processing power for any of my projects. The installation was also really easy. I am using my Octo with Samplitude Pro X3. Somehow, my system has dropped off Octo during the busy mixes. All of my drivers are up to date. Otherwise I can highly recommend any of Universal Audio's audiowares. They really sound pristine and professional.

m. andersson

November 27, 2017

Good solution for laptop with plenty of processing power

Great way to have the UAD plugins available on my portable laptop! Nice to have the processing power of the Octo.

i. behrooz

November 23, 2017

Exactly what i needed

i realy feel the 3d sound of uad plugins, Now my mixes are much bigger ,warmer and fatter , the best true plugins in the world thanks uad for making me happy

I. Lekic

October 30, 2017


I replaced pcie to USB3 .. VERY GOOD .. Please UAD, give us Apollo 8-16 interfaces with USB3 for WIN

D. Silantyev

October 27, 2017

Good device

I create music for video games and can not do without high-quality sound processing. This device allows me to work on a few systems, whether I'm in the studio or at home. I love these incredible plugins, which are released exclusively by Universal Audio. Thank you.

G. Ala

October 25, 2017

This unit is a beast

This unit is a beast . He can take a lot of DSP whit out any problem , thank you UAD to make this unit evelabole for window user

G. Ala

October 25, 2017

A beast

This unit is a beast . He can take a lot of DSP whit out any problem , thank you UAD to make this unit evelabole for window user

J. Watson

October 14, 2017

Didn't work with ASRock motherboard

Apparently this product doesn't work with ASMedia USB. Wish they specified that in specs or at least linked to before buying. I had to go through a week of support emails to find out my motherboard was never going to work with this unit.

M. Zacharias

October 7, 2017

My studio is now World Class

The small usb box for windows....AKA UAD -2 has turned my $5000 studio into a world class studio. I cannot believe the sounds I am getting. Bravo to this small box. UAD you have a winner. Also the Octo takes off all the draw off from my CPU.

J. Ham

September 28, 2017


Simply put, it does exactly what it suppose to do each time energized. Thanks again UA!

R. Ferreira

August 12, 2017

Uad 2 octo

Awesome piece of gear Having a device that is suited for dsp brings a world of possibilities in reducing the footprint and real estate of your studio . In the e ar future and in order to expand the portfolio of products you fo me make available an open api that allows programers to take advantage of this.

B. Stoica

July 27, 2017

Exceptional results!

I can not get enough from the UAD platform. I've been with them since UAD 1, now expanding onto my 3rd audio room with new UA gear. Trustworthy, as always!

UAD User

July 22, 2017

easy installation - works perfectly!

fast and easy installation on a really normal hp-computer quad core with built in original usb 3-interface by intel. works without any problems, including in combination with my uad solo pciExpress card that is already plugged into my computer. congrats to universal audio for such a smart solution!

G. Scuderi

June 28, 2017


I have been using UAD plugins since its beginning, with the UAD-1 PCI cards. In those days, to get more power you had to use a MAGMA chassis since cards came with ONE core only :) I chose the USB 3 option because I can easily take it along with my Laptop when needed and with 8 cores I have all the power I need to run my collection of go-to plugins for mixing. The unit is simple to setup (Win 8.1 64) and it's small enough to be unobtrusive and it looks good too! It's working perfectly and if I ever run out of "power" it's super easy to add another one. So, I am back to mixing with my favorite plugins once again.

J. Bandes

June 28, 2017

Great Platform

The UAD platform is fantastic. Their plugins are heads and shoulders above the rest. The sound quality improvement is amazing

k. z

March 31, 2017


so powerfull tool for mixsing and mastering.

C. Azarcon

March 1, 2017

Awesome equipment!!!

The UAD-2 Satellite USB gives me more DSP power to use more plugins on my projects without having to worry about CPU strain !!! Thanks UAD!!!

M. Daubenmerkl

February 16, 2017

Finally Win USB3, works great!

So happy that finally I can use a UAD-2 Satellite with my PC via USB-3; works - as I'd have expected from UAD - absolutely great!

61-80 of 102 Results