V76 Preamplifier

V76 Preamplifier

Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

V76 Preamplifier

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J. meul

April 6, 2019

Crazy !

I”ve been super happy with this plugin the amouth of clarity it brings to my recordings in unison mode is just what i needed!

UAD User

April 4, 2019

Beautiful, Just Beautiful...

Used on Vocals, and was very impressed.

J. Bostwick

March 26, 2019

Great Color

This preamp is great for coloring an instrument, giving it some of that x-factor analog magic. Great for tracking and mixing.

B. Metcalf

March 26, 2019

can't believe this is digital

sounds incredibly analog to my ears. love this plugin equally for tracking via Apollo and mixing

G. Jones

March 25, 2019

Transformed my Apollo

Currently tracking EVERYTHING through V76 on my new Apollo. Synergy. Tone. Glorious.

J. Jordan

March 20, 2019

This was a no brainer....

The vibe, the impressive gain it gives outstanding! Don’t hesitate, just do yourself and your tracks a favor.

P. Fawkes

March 19, 2019

Sounds Amazing!

The V76 has really nice saturation characteristics. I am utilising it often within mixing and stem mastering projects.

J. Mattsson, Pentes, Fagerståhl

March 19, 2019


Just makes everything a little bit better. Great distortion. Great filters. Need a lot af dsp though, like all other nice plugins with good distortion.

D. Causey

March 18, 2019


Got the V76 Pre and did a session that night recording Electric guitars. Sounded great with a nice edge and very musical EQ. Tried it next day on electric bass with great results. Can't wait to track drums!

R. Jacobi

March 15, 2019

Simply beautiful

The V76 Preamplifier clearly is one of the richest sounding preamps available to date. The harmonics are simply beautiful. The tone becomes more solid and mix-ready just passing through the preamp. The filters have ideal filter points and slopes and sound stunningly lush. When driven hard the distortion feels absolutely analog. No digital harshness here. Amazing work! Thanks Universal Audio, this makes tracking and mixing even more fun!

R. Beld

March 13, 2019

Love the crunch and filters!

Great for use with unison pre or as a distortion flavour or roll of filter. Awesome sound!

P. Edwards

March 13, 2019

First time I've liked UAD distortion

This is a great little plugin for adding some retro grimey tones to your tracks and delivering good up front mid-punchy vocal sounds with unison. If you really push it then for once the distortion doesn't sound solely like digital clipping but something a little more complex and it's all the better for it. I'd place this as one of the top Unison plugins even if it is very situational, it's a one trick pony, but what a trick! Just don't overuse it.

D. Marais

March 12, 2019

A whispery, elegant beast.

This plug in is am elegant beast. I feel like Marlene Dietrich is the room when I sing. It is so utterly hauntingly elegant, rich, and harmonic in its capturing of the human voice - and it is oh so gorgeously whispery in its mids. A work of art, folks at UA. Well done.

B. Chapman

March 12, 2019

Classic UA plugin demo scenario

I get an email.. new plugin...meh.. ok, i'll try it. ...! Wait a second..... !!! Cut to me putting it across all 18 inputs of my Console..... !!!! Cut to me using it on a project.... !!!!!

14 days of bliss and then POOF! Demo expires. I have to buy it.

M. Marton

March 11, 2019

One of the best

Really surprised by this preamp. Shines with my tube mics and really puts the pro shine on vocals. Well done!

J. Norman

March 10, 2019

Adds a subtle but beautiful tone on vocals

The effect is subtle but beautiful on vocals throughout this plugin's range of volumes. It elegantly elevates vocals, giving them an engaging, polished but still real sound. (I haven't tried it on anything but vocals yet, but I sure will be experimenting on all sorts of instruments, especially acoustic guitar.) This is the first UA Unison preamp plugin I might record all my vocals through from now on. (Till now, I've occasionally been adding a preamp effect after recording vocals.) I'm betting this plugin will quickly become one I use a lot. Great job, UA.

N. Antonio

March 10, 2019



G. Johnson

March 6, 2019


I am fortunate enough to have 16 TAB line amps at my disposal. I have used them as magic dust to sprinkle on almost every project, so I know the character intimately. WOW! Y'all have aced this. Just started using the plug-in as a mic pre and I'm so stoked to do a vocal group session next. We ran it across a vocal already recorded and it did the magic dust trick and we all heard it! New favorite UA product! Thanks so much.

C. Bird

March 4, 2019

Great unison plug in

Smooth and present sound - can really recommend for vocals - probably my favourite preamp

K. Chun

March 4, 2019

Nice & Clear, Smooth

I'm amazed by what it does on my drums/vox, it is lovely with its smooth character on my tracks, def recommend!

141-160 of 182 Results