Valley People Dyna-mite™

Valley People Dyna-mite


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Valley People Dyna-mite™

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N. Afflitto

January 16, 2015

love it

Want a compressor that can do the smash/smack thing really well? This is it! One of my only plugins that likes to be pushed. Love the gate as well. A winner.

A. Newman

December 31, 2014

So far, so good!

It has been a few years since I've owned the lunchbox version of this, but so far, this has been a pretty pleasant surprise. The VP dynamite is a in a way a one-trick-pony for me (i know it is more flexible than the way I use it), but I basically slam a drum bus with this guy and use it for more pop, or more sustain - okay, that's two tricks. Anyway, the plugin *may* work like the original perfectly, I kind of wouldn't know, I always just noodled with knobs until i got what I wanted, and then blended that. I get that with this, so I'm pretty happy about it. Try it, it's pretty fun.

A. Queme

November 13, 2014

LAsT NighT the Dyna-Mite saved my LiFe

Used It on Drums only for now and the result is great! It's a very usefull and versatile tool. It lets you shape your sounds the exact way you want to. It's a multi task Unit, a kind of must have that works in any context. It can help you to solve Dynamic problems on indvidual sounds ( it's magig on kick and Snare ) but can also be seen as a creative tool when used on drums bus with extrem settings.

C. Soulos

October 14, 2014

Always wanted one of these gems

It captures that late 70s LA sound I always liked.
Works on el pno and gtr too.

My only criticisms?

Not enough presets
Not enough tutorial


E. Ramazanoiglu

August 9, 2014

Nailed it

My hardware dynamites are now off in my rack...nuff said

Nice job!

J. Moreland

August 8, 2014

Aptly Named

I've actually recorded and mixed with most of the compressors UA makes plug-in versions of and happily use theirs instead of the real things (because they sound that good). But I've never used the Valley People Dyna-mite and God, what a sound I've been missing out on. This thing does for drums what nothing else they offer can. Kick, snare and toms pop in a way I just can't get with an 1176 (my previous go-to for that task). The attack of the drums are brought front and center and the extraneous noises stay in the background. Not pumping and breathing - popping and receding. Just awesome.

M. Ilbert

July 27, 2014

Loving it!

The best thing for getting lame drums to explode!!
And the gate works really well too.

Well done Softube and great UAD to get the Swedes on board :-)

B. Joseph

July 24, 2014

My new favorite compressor

This is truly a marvelous compressor. I have tried it, and loved it, on everything except vocals. I’ll be taking the final plunge and strapping the Dyna-mite across my vocal today. This compressor is a diverse and truly useful tool for my arsenal. Nothing but fun!

C. Mcdonald

July 24, 2014


I love using the Dyna-mite compressor on my Clavinet parts it really helps bring out the attack. The sound I get "pops" out and lets you hear the groove with the bass player.

F. Pilz

July 14, 2014

a wonderful gate/expander

As i´m mostly doing narration, the Dyna-mite does a wonderful job as a gate/expander.
Works really great and sounds very natural.
A bit expensive using the Dynamite ONLY as a gate, but playing around a bit will show, what else it could do for me :-)

41-50 of 50 Results

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