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Neve® Summing

Neve® Summing

Exclusively for LUNA Recording System


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(44 reviews)

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The only authentic emulation of Neve console summing — exclusively for LUNA.

A major ingredient behind thousands of influential, chart-topping records, Neve 80 series consoles are without equal. These classic analog desks — made famous in the Sound City documentary — deliver three-dimensional nonlinearities and analog heft that infuses your mixes with vibrancy and color.

Developed in partnership with AMS Neve exclusively for LUNA Recording System, Neve Summing Extension emulates the entire summing circuit of an iconic Neve 80 series console — including its coveted 1272TM bus amplifiers — giving your LUNA mixes all the color of Neve's most cherished analog desk.

Now You Can:

Easily add width, depth, and character to your mixes with the first authentic emulation of Neve analog summing

Sum individual channels or your entire mix through Neve's iconic 1272 line amplifiers

Harness the complex nonlinearities and musical clipping of Neve's classic 80 series console

Use per-bus Headroom, Trim, and Impedance controls for subtle tone sculpting over your entire mix

Genuine Neve Summing for your Mixes

Genuine Neve Summing for your Mixes

Far beyond a “summing plug-in,” Neve Summing is an Extension built into LUNA's mixer that emulates every characteristic of both the source and bus channels — including original Neve 80 series’ console fader taper and pan law. This workflow eliminates the need to manage multiple plug-in windows. Simply use the per-bus Headroom control to add color and dynamic enhancement, then season even more with the selectable Impedance switch.

Why Neve Summing?

Why Neve Summing?

When audio sources flow through the transformers and custom-built op-amps of a classic Neve 80 series desk — in particular its coveted 1272 line amplifiers — random analog nonlinearities combine to produce harmonic magic. These summed signals add character, depth, and dimension, for a more cohesive and vibrant mix.

Authentic Down to the Last Detail

Authentic Down to the Last Detail

For more than two years, UA dissected and studied multiple vintage Neve 80 series consoles and their components — pouring over original service manuals and gaining crucial insight into its Class A transformer/transistor circuitry. UA's team of engineers impeccably emulated all of the original hardware's nonlinearities and clipping characteristics, yielding results that are virtually indistinguishable from the original console.

Customer Reviews

Neve Summing

Overall Rating

(44 reviews)

k. andrews

May 29, 2020

well worth it

mixing through the neve summing is a real treat. helps fit in all your bits.

UAD User

May 21, 2020

Neve Summing

My demo just expired 2 days ago. Just bought it today tho. I had to buy it, it sounds amazing. If this was a plug-in and not extension, y’all could charge more. Just Canceled my protools subscription as well. Mixing a whole Album on Luna...

S. Shaw

May 19, 2020

Simply amazing

Trying out the demo now. I definitely feel the same as what Ben and Vance chatted on LUNA office hour, that it sounds huge and subtle at the same time, and you can't really specify what it's exactly doing. Very grateful that UA brought another gem to ITB mixing.

R. Capra

May 11, 2020


This is absolutely priceless!

J. Delgado

May 10, 2020

Excellent !!!


C. Shipley

May 7, 2020

Recording for 25 years

So, as some users have said, "we decided to try out luna." Im one of them.
Then we decided all to try the Neve Summing, cause why not....... RIGHT?
Then something terrible happened to me, and I'm sure all of you as well........
I came back to my mix from yesterday, and my ears literarily said WTF bro.
Then after farting around I realized my trial was over.
Now I have to spend my trump bucks on a AMAZING UA product.
You poisoned my ears with sonic magical-ness.
Thank you

R. Pottorf

May 6, 2020

Where have you been my entire life?!?!?

I'm a composer and finished a project for SeaWorld/Busch Gardens just before the "shutdown" but decided to take LUNA on a "test run" and remix the stems for myself. End result? Well, let's put it this way, I'll never let them hear this mix because they'll wonder why didn't give them this?!?! It really is the difference between a good mix and a GREAT mix...I didn't even let my demo run out - I immediately purchased. Well done, UA. Can't wait to see how this program develops.

R. Daniel

May 5, 2020

A Must Have...

I tried the demo and the results were amazing. This summing is $$$$

N. Wieditz

May 5, 2020

Please make it available for UAD-2 Cards, too

I had the possibility to test that plugin in another Studio with apollo interfaces. I only work with UAD-2 Cards. The Plugin sounds really great, but for now I cannot dive into this plugin without Apollo. Stay making plugins for all your DSP Products. That's the better choice for your future and please let your customers decide which hardware they want to use. I feel really sad about that fact.

J. Scalia

May 4, 2020

I'm very sad....but for good trial ran out.

I would have given it 5 stars, had it been made to be a bit less money. I won't be stupid, and bit(h about why this is an "extension" , not a plugin. Its obvious UA is making Luna into something different than what we have been used to in the DAW world. I see a day where Luna has SEVERAL extensions. Plugins are meant to be "one size fits all" . These extensions , being made exclusively for Luna is a blessing, not a curse. They're woven into the fabric of the application. Meaning they will always work, and work well. You can't buy a ferrari door for a VW Jetta! Its UA's right to make these only for Luna. Otherwise they might have had to dumb them down to be a "one size fits all". The Neve Summing extension is an important piece. My trial period just ran out , and now Im very sad . Im usually not this poor, but because of Covid 19, all my gigs have vanished. Maybe if we all cry really loud, UA will drop one of those really cool coupons in our accounts. Then , happy I will be!

k. mcintosh

April 30, 2020

Luna/Neve summing

I'm not sure why every time I use uad hardware for the first time my initial thoughts are, something sounds off, but then after it's broken in I guess, I start to think, I've never heard anything sound so good! This was the case with Luna and Neve summing. First time loading it up, my Gain staging was correct using the faders or other trim tool when trying to mix internet samples, which had snowball effect of making Neve summing sound off. It wasn't until I used the clip gain after I saw someone use it in a video that I finally got the levels right, therefore making Neve summing sound the way it was supposed to. I ended my 14 day trial early and bought it that night. How, had? How! I'm ready to leave logic for my new women, as soon as dedicated I/O becomes available.

L. Oliveira

April 24, 2020



E. Bureau

April 24, 2020

Insanely Good!

UA really hit it out of the park with this one!

I did a benchmark test comparing 3 mixes of the same song done in: 1) My usual DAW, 2) On a really nice early seventies Neve console, 3) In Luna with the Neve extension and Studer A800. Mix 1 and 2+3 are worlds apart, but 2 and 3 are ridiculously close!

The Fader and Pan-laws together with the fact that you can 'push' more signal into the mix-busses to get saturation, really makes it feel like you're working on a console. Neve Summing makes Luna feel and sound right!

All we need now is automatic track-freeze rendering the inserts when untouched - or alternatively LUNA Extension versions of the 1073, Helios, 610 and other console strip plugins. Then you could really work as you would on a desk, even with limited DSP-resources.

C. Carroll

April 23, 2020


Okay, so this whole neve summing was the reason I ever was interested in luna in the first place and now I open luna like it's pro tools. the harmonics from this thing, to the dynamics, this is everything. 2 switches and 2 knobs and its solid.

R. Jacobi

April 21, 2020

Another Piece To The Digital Puzzle But Please Make It A UAD Plugin!

The Neve Summing sounds great and really adds dimension and weight. I would love to use it on all my mixes, but not inside LUNA.

Unfortunately, LUNA in its initial version does not offer the necessary tools for demanding mix work yet. The system has a lot of potential and I strongly believe it could compete with major DAWs such as ProTools and Logic in later versions, but it is not there just yet.

Therefore, UA please make Neve Summing available as a standard UAD plugin similar to the existing Neve 1073 or Neve Preamp. I would be happy to pay $299 for such a plugin right away.

*. Mr Kite

April 18, 2020

Needs improvement because the VU meter is broken

I dig the sound, but unfortunately the VU meter does not work properly and thus is useless to check for proper levels in a bus.

What is the problem?

The problem is that the VU meter shows a a value of around -6 VU for a signal that actually has a value of 0 VU. You can easily check this with a signal generator plugin. Just set it to -16.2 dBFS (Apollo x4 and all the older Thunderbolt II Apollos) or to -20 dBFS (all the Thunderbolt III Apollo except the x4). This value equals +4dBu = 0 VU.

What is the solution?

The solution is to make all VU meters (same problem with the tape machines) within LUNA calibratable. Those meters need at least two different calibration points -16,2 dBFS and -20 dbFS.

J. Young

April 17, 2020

UA knows the puzzle pieces us users need

Using Neve summing, I was shocked and amazed with the weight it added to my mixes. Super easy to use, yet it adds a nice wide clear image of what you run through it, very satisfied!

e. mekhai

April 16, 2020

nothing special

nothing special at all just saturation no more no less ! overpriced as well, since I own al neve plugs, this one has no place in my studio same as luna itself, but thanks anyhow

T. Trimble

April 13, 2020


The Neve Summing Extension really has a two dimensional impact on working in LUNA:
First, it imparts a detailed width and depth to the mix while somehow managing to make it bigger and closer to the listener at the same time. I found this especially true in low impedance mode. It's not brighter, it's not compressed, it's just better. I don't know how you would achieve that sound with any combination of plugins. I sum outside the box through an SSL with a pair of Shelford Channels on the Main insert and didn't think the Neve Summing Extension would make that much difference. I was wrong.

Second, the Neve Summing really forces the user to pay close attention to gain staging. Not just at the 2 buss, but at each summing step as well. In fact, I've found LUNA in general has had this effect on me, much more so than Pro Tools. I really like the workflow impact.

Thank you Universal Audio for continuing to have the vision and drive to push the limits of innovation in audio recording. Exceptional job on the release of LUNA and countless hours of continued customer support through the Office Hours videos, document releases, etc. It's the first DAW I've used that has a "sound" of it's own. And to my ears it sounds great. Adding the Neve Summing Extension takes it up another level.

J. Salazar

April 13, 2020

The warmth one would imagine.

After deciding to start a mix in Luna of a session that I’ve had in Pro Tools I was immediately blown away by the use of the Neve summing.

I created a buss for just about every group with the Neve summing engages. Kick, Snare, toms, brass, bass, guitars, and so on. I was impressed with the depth and width it allowed me to achieve. I had them all at unity gain and mixed into the busses and being able to bring things forward by simply flipping the impedance was just fantastic. I opted not to use it on the master buss as it didn’t add to what I was going for.

All in all it was something I could directly A/B with old mixes and notice the hyper realism of the instruments. It all felt like they could physically be touched in the mix. Absolutely love it.