Neve® 1073® Preamp & EQ Collection

Neve® 1073® Preamp & EQ Collection

Unison Enabled


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The authentic Neve preamp sound – captured as a plug-in featuring Unison technology.

The Neve 1073 Channel Amplifier is easily the most revered preamp and EQ circuit ever designed. Introduced in 1970, this hallowed class-A, transistor mic/line amp with EQ epitomizes the beautiful "Neve sound," with unparalleled clarity, sheen, and bite.

Now for the first time, you can track through the only authentic end-to-end circuit emulation of this legendary piece of audio history, with the Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Plug-In Collection for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces.

Now You Can:

Get the world’s only authentic and licensed plug-in emulation of the classic Neve 1073 Channel Amplifier

Color and EQ your mix with Neve tone, including all 10 distinct clipping points from the vintage 1970’s era hardware

Record "through" the 1073 preamp in real time using Apollo Twin, DUO, or QUAD interfaces

Control Apollo interface mic preamp gain staging and impedance directly from the 1073 plug-in with Unison™ technology

Mix with artist presets from Ed Cherney, Joe Chiccarelli, Jacquire King, Ryan Hewitt, David Isaac, Ryan West, and more

Get the flagship Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ plug-in, plus the Legacy 1073 EQ and 1073SE (“DSP-Lite”) EQ plug-ins

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
5-Minute UAD Tips
5-Minute UAD Tips

5-Minute UAD Tips

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

The Only End-to-End Neve 1073 Circuit Emulation

The Only End-to-End Neve 1073 Circuit Emulation

Universal Audio’s all-new Neve 1073 plug-in for Apollo and UAD-2 provides all the features, unique circuit behaviors, and coveted sound of Neve's original hardware design. By modeling the dual-stage "Red Knob" preamp, revered three-band EQ, and post-fader output amplifier with obsessive detail, the Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ replicates the experience of the original 1970s hardware with stunning accuracy. Like the hardware, the new Neve 1073 plug-in incorporates all 10 clipping points from the preamp and EQ circuitry, delivering trademark clarity, grit, and harmonically rich class‑A saturation.

Unison Technology for Apollo

Unison Technology for Apollo

Harnessing UA’s Unison technology, the Neve 1073 plug-in blurs the lines between analog and digital, giving you all of the 1073 preamp’s impedance, gain staging “sweet spots,” and circuit behaviors that have made it legendary among the audio faithful. The secret is Unison’s bi-directional control and communication from the 1073 plug-in to the digitally controlled mic preamps in Apollo. With Unison, the Apollo preamp changes to the Neve 1073's physical input impedance, allowing both "Lo" (300 Ω) and "Hi" (1200 Ω) impedance setting options. This provides the 1073's full gain and tonal range to your favorite mics.

Add Clarity and Color to any Source

Add Clarity and Color to any Source

Of course, the Neve Preamp & EQ Plug-In Collection isn’t just for Apollo owners. UAD-2 hardware owners can employ the Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection for mixing, tone shaping, or simply adding sheen and bite to vocals, guitars, drums and more — without ever leaving the box. To get you started, there are artist presets from renowned 1073 users such as Ed Cherney, Joe Chiccarelli, Jacquire King, Ryan Hewitt, David Isaac, Ryan West, and more. UAD-2 power users can place Neve 1073 instances across multiple channels, turning their favorite DAW into a classic Neve console.

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      Key Features

      Exclusively Neve licensed, Universal Audio modeled Neve 1073 Preamp and EQ
      Models entire Neve 1073 Class A transformer/transistor circuit path, including preamp, EQ, output amplifier, nonlinearities and clipping
      Revered 3-band Wessex A88/8014 Console EQ: High Shelf, Mid Bell, Low Shelf, passive High Pass Filter
      Collection includes Unison-enabled Neve 1073 console channel plug-in with preamp, plus separate 1073 and 1073SE Legacy EQ plug-ins
      Realtime UAD Processing and exclusive Unison Mic Preamp Technology features with Apollo audio interfaces
      Mic, Line and Hi-Z inputs with Unison Mic Preamp Technology
      Physical analog Lo (300 Ω) or Hi (1200 Ω) switchable input impedance with Unison Mic Preamp Technology
      Tactile control of Gain staging and common preamp parameters with Unison Mic Preamp Technology
      Requires a UAD DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

      Customer Reviews

      Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

      Overall Rating

      N. PUDDU

      January 24, 2022


      This is as good as easy to use!

      D. Pitigoi

      January 24, 2022

      Exactly what i expected !

      I think is the most apropiate from the original pre. and eq ,great saturation !

      J. Loureiro

      January 17, 2022

      Simple and Good

      You can´t go wrong with a classic like this , put it on vocals and you never want something different...

      G. Catarinelli

      January 15, 2022


      Great saturation!

      B. Hamann

      January 11, 2022

      The Classic as Plugin

      I think there's not much to say - people know and love what it sounds like - rightly.
      For me especially I really like how pragmatic the frequency bands got setup: Bottom of Bassdrum = 35-60hz or for snare = 220hz. Very nice for Drum Mixing:).

      Go for it if you don't already have it!

      O. Daniel

      January 10, 2022

      Love IT!

      This is on my vocals. Always!

      O. El-Hallak

      January 10, 2022

      Love it

      Loved it so much that I made a 20€ sports bet and played until I got 1700€ to buy the hardware. The plug in is very close to the hardware tho!

      J. Rowland

      January 8, 2022


      Sounds great and is incredibly easy to use. Well done!

      P. Malaianu

      January 5, 2022

      Very good

      It comes pretty close to an analog equalizer.

      J. Manning

      January 3, 2022

      Must have

      A classic must have. Sounds great on everything!

      M. Terán

      January 3, 2022

      the classic 70s sound

      just great!

      E. Henry

      January 2, 2022

      Instant Pleasure

      I was looking for some vintage color and warmth. The 1073 paired with the Townsend Sphere and Ocean Way U47 emulation has quickly gotten me most of the way there on my vocal tone. I dialed in Capitol Chambers for verb and added a little delay and I am very pleased. It all started with a warm 1073 pre emulation that made the rest come alive.

      D. Tremblay

      December 31, 2021

      Neve 1073 preamp/EQ

      Up to now I've used the plugin with Unison on electric and acoustic guitars and it works great. very warm and the EQ is very cool. Also used it in insert on piano and Bass.Can't wait to try it on vocals. One of the best plugins I owe

      S. Broderick

      December 30, 2021

      Classic Neve Pre

      I’ll keep this short. It sounds like a 1073 because I had one and sold it after getting this.

      R. Martinez

      December 29, 2021

      Great Sound!!!

      I have no idea why I waited so long to make the change to UAD Products!!

      B. Spence

      December 29, 2021

      Love Neve Preamps!

      Purchased the build your bundle 6 and got two free- The Neve was at top list after trying it for two weeks it was a "Must Have"! The Character that adds is great, I've never used a hardware version but this software version sounds great.

      N. Merrick

      December 28, 2021

      Neve 1073

      I have owned Neve consoles and used Neve products (including the 1073) for years. It is a wonderful sounding plugin!

      S. Severt

      December 28, 2021

      I compared with the Hardware

      I have the AMS NEVE 1073 1U Rack unit, and I compared the two... needless to say, I use the plugin more often now because of how fast I can mix, and it's sooooo close to the hardware. A MUST HAVE

      K. pentecost

      December 27, 2021

      Smooth And Accurate

      Having owned 4 analog 1073 preamps, I must say that this plugin is the closest thing I’ve found to the real thing. The controls, saturation, and sound are phenomenal. They somehow managed to recreate the classic Neve sound even down to the crosstalk between components. This is the best Unison preamp you can use for most types of music. Absolutely top notch and you cannot go wrong for the money. UA really hit it out of the park with this one.

      j. genta

      December 13, 2021

      my expectations in full

      the crispy, crunchy and defined sound I made make me think that this preamp fullfills all my expectations