Softube® Vintage Amp Room

Softube® Vintage Amp Room


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Three classic guitar amps with movable mics for realistic old-school tones.

Developed by Softube, the Vintage Amp Room plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces puts three iconic amp flavors directly into your DAW. Developed with a “less is more” focus on high-quality amp sounds — not endless menus, presets, and gimmicky effects — Vintage Amp Room injects realtime inspiration and real tone into your “in the box” guitar recordings.

Now You Can:

Use your Apollo to track through three iconic tube amps — with zero latency

Re-amp previously recorded tracks with any UAD-2 hardware

Vary your tones with flexible click-and-drag mic positioning

Add grit and realism to soft synths, vocals, and more

Key Features

Best-in-class software models of three classic guitar amps from the 1960s
White amp model delivers classic, distorted rock n’ roll grit
Brown amp model provides warm clean tones, breaking up at higher volumes
Green amp model offers chimey-to-distorted tones, plus vibrato/tremolo
Detailed cabinet models and adjustable mic positioning with intuitive “click-and-drag” 3D interface
Developed for the UAD Powered Plug-Ins platform by Softube
Requires UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface, available from authorized dealers worldwide

Customer Reviews

Softube® Vintage Amp Room

Overall Rating

(42 reviews)

J. Tario

December 21, 2014

Excellent for live use

Ok. So I purchased this plugin mainly to use live with my students. I am a local guitar teacher and just did a Christmas show. I used the Apollo as my mixer and was able to use the plugins, namely the solo 610, soft tube, and emt140 live. It worked awesome. I didn't had to bring or mic any amps. Everything was direct and easy to mix on the fly. I could have used my mackie mixer and either miked amps it went direct but its sounded like a toy in comparison. I am disappointed that the brown amp does, or any of them for that matter, has reverb but it was fine because I used the emt on the aux. I own a deluxe reverb and I wouldn't say the plug in replaces the amp but it sure was a grand slam for my application.

T. Zink

May 2, 2014

Very Flexible

I guess guitar players can be pretty fickle. Perhaps when one is listening back on studio monitors this doesn't sound like you're standing in the room with your amp, but it does sound great. I'm not a guitarist, but as a producer/arranger/engineer who writes for and mixes guitar it sounds really nice, and gives me more flexibility for getting guitar sounds that work in a track than any other guitar sim I've tried. My productions tend to be more on the acoustic side including jazz and pop, but this gives me great tones and musicality that goes from clean to edgy in a very usable way. Don't know if it's perfectly authentic, but it's great sounding.

A. Theoret

July 9, 2013

In a word; M'eh

I love the idea of tracking guitar using an amp simulator through apollo because of the "0" latency- a huge plus for overdubbing guitars in the middle of a mix. However I tried these amps and found them borderline unusable, even for just monitoring (tracking dry) and reamping later.

This concept is great, I'd love to see UA make their own amp plug, or at the very least bring BX metal amp on board- a great sounding plug.

T. Liljegren

June 16, 2013


White amp sounds okey distorted. The Brown amp sounds good for clean sounds. The Green amp is a disapointment, and there's no Stomps included. Comparing to Amplitube brown and white amp sounds a bit better but it's not worth the price here. The new cubase VST amp rig sounds over all better than these amps so this is a big disapointment, UAD. Please give us the Nigel/preflex back. Can't understand why u guys deleted them out of the UAD-2 line-up! Despite of this: Thanx for the best plugz the universe! You're still the best!

S. Woolgar

May 7, 2013

IMHO Nothing like my amps...

I have/have played these amps, they do not sound anything like that. Dynamics are not the same. If I could get a refund and get something else, I would.

I wish I had done the demo version before pulling the trigger. Of all of the plugins I have this one (and the metal amp room) are the only two I am not satisfied with.

S. Woolgar

April 29, 2013

Not my favorite

I bought this highly recommended amp simulator. I am so far rather disappointed. I have (similar to) the amps, and they don't feel like the originals. I feel the simulation is not as life like or 'alive' as others i've used.

Still has a place in my arsenal, but much less frequently than I had anticipated.

B. Callaway

December 27, 2013

Not up to snuff

One star is a little harsh, but really, there's no other way to review something that just doesn't come close to the quality of the other UA plugins.
You can spend some time tweaking this plugin and get a passable guitar sound but really, it's barely passable. I wouldn't ever use this plugin for anything more than a place holder. UA should refund customers and drop this from the UAD store as it does not approach the quality of their other plugins. This is one of the worst purchases I've made I'm sad to say. It's unfortunate, because a good guitar amp plugin would be a no brainer investment given the zero latency architecture of the UAD/Apollo systems. Sadly, this is a waste of money.

S. Reaver

October 23, 2013

should have passed on this one

I've been playing guitar exclusively through simulated amps for about 10 years.
I've played through several sims and find that this is one that I should have passed up.

I ignored the reviews because I wanted to ease the burden on my DAW by having
the sim run on my Apollo Duo. I don't use a lot of effects and figured that a simple
amp room with the three top amp designs would be right for me. I was wrong.

As yet, I have been unable to get a sound from any of the amps that is pleasing to my ear and certainly nothing that I would ever want to record.

Too bad, maybe UA should have designed their own amp sim.

D. White

February 15, 2013

Not as good as it could be

While this definitely is an improvement over trying to build an amp sound out of eqs and other fx, I found it has the same problem as a lot of other amp sims - it just doesn't sound, feel, or react like an amp. Especially in the area of overdrive to distortion. Heavy distortion is fizzy and annoying. Overdrive is unconvincing. It doesn't have the feel that comes with driving a speaker in a room.
And less you think I'm an analog snob, I've been using a pedal based amp sim (HD500) for over a year now and realIy enjoy it - it works where others have failed.
Hopefully UAD will pick up the ball and build their own amp sim to their exacting standards. This third party one is not for me.

B. Muehlemann

February 16, 2013


For me UA is the most experienced company when it comes to modelling analog gear, so why not make your own amp sim in a quality that one would expect from a company like you?
All of these 3 amps sound like poorly recorded amps in an even poorer sounding room. The Vox is easily the best out of the three, but Vox has never been my cup of tea. The Marshall is thin sounding and has none of the power of the original. The Fender finally sounds not too bad clean when you add spring and convolution reverb but cranked or with with the bright switch on - no thanks.
After all you'll need some serious tweaking with additional plugins to get a usable sound so the whole concept of am easy, user-friendly plugin falls short.

K. Mesford

March 7, 2013


I am puzzled by the negative reviews of this plugin! These models sound FANTASTIC! I am thinking the added dimension of mic placement is a new concept for some people, and they perhaps don't understand or appreciate how advanced these models truly are! This plug in allows you to create absolutely ORIGINAL guitar tones from the ground up, just like you would in a real studio environment. My hats off to the engineers at Softube!

M. Amendola

February 16, 2013


Not only do they sound amazing but it feels like an amp is mic'd up in an iso booth. Way to go UA and Softube!

A. Jarvis

May 14, 2014

not working

non of the soft tubes are working. I have repeatedly tried activation codes. My uad console says they are active. But they are not. It says disabled inside of logic. The demos did not work either. No support on this issue so far besides telling me to do the activation process...again..and again..and again. It has knocked my confidence in ordering anything because it was my first order. I hope someone contacts me with a solution because if not this is ultimately theft of my money. Posting here was an attempt to get some attention. Fingers crossed.

D. Bires

March 27, 2014

I am getting a slight crackling sound

I am getting a slight crackling sound. I cant figure it out. I think the the plugin sounds okay but when I play back the recorded track I am getting slight crackles like the it was recorded to hot. I have tried 3 different guitars and different chords just to make sure. I have the apollo twin duo and everything else I do sounds amazing but when i use amp room vintage or metal all the same problem. I have contacted Softube about this and waiting for a response. If I add a small amount of compression after the guitar was recorded it gets worse so I cant figure this out so I will give it 3 stars.

r. masters

April 17, 2017

Nothing wrong with this plug at all

I tried this plug even before it was on UAD and loved it. Using it with Apollo twin is just the coolest thing.

I read people cutting down this and the Fender as well. Both amps are dry with no reverb and there supposed to. Amplitube's presets will sound better because there mixed with stomp boxs ,FX and much more per preset. Every preset for UAD's Amp's are bone dry and that is how it should be. Presets that have a bunch of FX can mud up a mix fast. Building your FX UP and panning them properly left and right will give you a professional mix. In-bedded FX and reverb in a patch that can't be manipulated will give you an unprofessional sound.

All the amps have there own tone and every song needs its own flavor. No amp is the magic bullet because every song is different. UAD amps are raw and authentic. People with sound design skills will go much further using UAD amps.

T. Gol

November 17, 2016

Very useful

I don't understand why people write negative comments on this plugin. As a Mesa Lonestar Special owner, I found Vintage Amp Room very useful. Why? Good for late night practicing, good for tracking guitars. Easy to get a good guitar sound. I'm lazy guy to mic my all tube amp and also it's not possible always while I'm living in a flat. When using Vintage Amp Room, you should consider mic placement. Price is affordable.

D. Thompson

June 18, 2016

Worst AMP SIMS Period

Thermionik 5 & Recabinet by far blow ALL the UAD amp sims, not one amp sim comes close to Thermionik 5 & Recabinet.

Maybe if/when UAD create their own amp sim, one they coded then we may have a contender.

Plugins rock, amp sims really are bad, I did think at one point they were good, but after a while I realised they are very very low quality. Bad. Now using Thermionik 5 & Recabinet it's day & night in comparisons.

Definitely a lot of crap being churned out by UAD lately. Why?

UAD User

March 22, 2016

It was free...

Good but just doesn't sound anything close to what you actually want.

I got my card and went straight out and got the Marshall Plexi, I'd heard demos and was sure it would do exactly what i wanted. I was blown away by the Plexi, you literally can't make it sound bad no matter what you do.

The Vintage amp room however was not like that. I tried it after the plexi as i thought i might as well see what i got for free. I was very glad I bought the plexi and tried that first. I literally found only a single combination of settings for a very specific sound was ok and everything else was not right, phase, or tone was jarring.

If i had tried the vintage room first and not seen demos i think i might never have purchased the plexi. Phew!

M. Ballenger

February 26, 2016

Not impressed

The new Softube Marshall series are fantastic. Vintage amp room by comparison leaves a lot to be desired. I get much better results with Amplitube, Avid Eleven Rack, or the newer Brainworx sims. To be fair, Vintage Amp Room is a much older model. Softube is on a much better path with their more recent efforts and I'd prefer to see them keep that up with perhaps a new Fender or Vox model. In the meantime I'd pass on VAR and spend the money on the Marshall collection instead.

A. Fischer

February 2, 2016


I have a Vox amp at home and wanted to be able to use one as a plug-in for simplicity, and when the opportunity came to get the vintage amp room for less I took the opportunity hoping for a truthful emulation of my Vox in addition to getting two more amps equally truthfully modeled. Boy, was I disappointed. The sound from the green amp resembles my Vox sound, but not quite and it lacks the complete set of controls that come with the original amp.
From my experience with UAD plug-ins I did not assume I would be getting less. I understand, this is not an UAD plug-in and the description never says that either, but the description don't say it's only a kind of emulation, either.
The sound quality is comparable to Apple's guitar amp emulations.

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