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Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

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Take LUNA to the next level with a suite of inspiring analog sounds and instruments.

Exclusively for LUNA Recording System and Apollo interfaces, the LUNA Creator Bundle gives you genuine Neve® analog summing, integrated Studer multitrack tape, and two of Universal Audio's groundbreaking UAD Instruments — Moog Minimoog and Ravel grand piano — with huge savings.

Easily add width, depth, and character to your mixes with the first authentic emulation of Neve analog summing

Use the Studer A800 LUNA Extension to easily add tape warmth to your entire mix on a per-channel basis

Record classic, ultra-realistic and responsive Minimoog sounds and textures

Play and record Ravel, the most organic, responsive, and expressive software piano ever made

Neve Summing

Neve Summing

Developed in partnership with AMS Neve exclusively for LUNA Recording System, the Neve Summing Extension emulates the entire summing circuit of an iconic Neve 80 series console — including its coveted 1272TM bus amplifiers. Far beyond a simple “summing plug-in,” Neve Summing is an Extension built into LUNA's mixer, eliminating the need to manage multiple plug-in windows. — giving your LUNA mixes all the color of Neve's most cherished analog desk. Learn More ›

Studer<sup>®</sup> Analog Tape

Studer® Analog Tape

With LUNA Recording System, you can use the Studer A800 as a LUNA Extension, and easily get magnetic tape character on every audio and instrument track. The Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder Extension lets you intuitively tweak settings across all channels. Going beyond any other tape plug-in, the Studer LUNA Extension is woven into the fabric of LUNA Recording System's mixer, giving Apollo interface users an analog inspired workflow with bona fide analog sonics to match. Learn More ›

Ravel<sup>™</sup> Grand Piano

Ravel Grand Piano

A breathtaking emulation of a Steinway Model B* grand piano based on UA's exclusive sampling, physical modeling, and new Ultra-Resonance™ technology, Ravel gives you all the sonic nuance of this studio classic. Captured at Ocean Way Studios, Ravel gives you an immaculately recorded studio piano that’s album-ready, with easy-to-use Tone, Dynamics, and Microphone controls, as well as an innovative Reverse feature for startlingly creative sounds and textures. Learn More ›

Moog<sup>®</sup> Minimoog

Moog® Minimoog

Developed in partnership with Moog Music, the Minimoog UAD Instrument is an incredibly accurate and inspiring emulation of Bob Moog's pioneering synthesizer. By perfectly capturing every nuance of the classic Moog oscillators and ladder filters and harnessing discrete transistor VCA modeling, the Minimoog UAD Instrument faithfully captures every detail and anomaly of this classic instrument used by everyone from Parliament-Funkadelic to Kraftwerk, Dr. Dre, and more. Learn More ›

*All trademarks are property of their respective owners, and used only to represent the instruments modeled as part of LUNA software.


A suite of inspiring analog sounds and instruments for LUNA Recording System

Genuine Neve® analog summing, integrated Studer multitrack tape and groundbreaking UAD Instruments Moog Minimoog and Ravel grand piano — with huge savings

Neve analog console summing adds width, depth, and character to your mixes

Studer A800 LUNA Extension to easily add tape warmth to your entire mix

Ultra-realistic and responsive Moog Minimoog analog synth sounds and textures

Exacting model of the legendary studio grand piano, the Steinway Model B, with Ravel

Customer Reviews

LUNA Creator Bundle

Overall Rating

G. Myers

June 3, 2023

Grand Canyon Piano

There needs to be a dry setting on any virtual instrument. Sadly few of them do.

T. Klemp

June 3, 2023

No Midi CC

Nice Emulation and good sound, but it still has fixed Midi CC, so you can't controll this synth with your conmtroller. Also DAW Midi Automation gets in conflict with fixed midi CC messages. Nice sounding, but no fun to controll it with a mouse - take care, also opal and polymax have fixed midi

T. Makaruk

May 31, 2023


so warm saturation

H. Lundberg

May 30, 2023

Too much room

The Ravel Grand Piano is way too roomy for my taste. Even if it's set to only close mics it still sounds like it's in a foyer or a back room or something. If you are looking for that kind of thing, I guess it is useful. For me - not so much.

G. Schwab

May 25, 2023

Good-sounding virtual grand piano

There are other virtual grand pianos that have more setting options, features. Nevertheless: the Ravel from UAD sounds very fine and works perfectly!

A. Andrievskiy

May 21, 2023

Way too roomy

This piano is way too roomy to be useful for any project.

J. Castro

May 18, 2023

Great sound, terrible software manager (UA Connect)

I love the plugin itself, really awesome sound, unfortunately I had a nightmare with UA Connect, I don't understand why a software manager is require if we're using iLok. UA Connect should be optional

J. Karlén

May 18, 2023

Adds great warmth

This is my goto tape machine

D. Eckholm

May 11, 2023


I was not sure how much of a difference this plugin would make since i have not used summing plugins before, but after just some testing i felt in love with this one. The silky smooth and warmth it gives to a track is just lovely.

Recommend as your first summing plugins and sometimes the only

D. Mad

May 2, 2023

Similar to the original hardware

UA did a great job to emulate the original Mini Moog. A shame however that some important controls can't be accessed by MIDI CC from the DAW (or external MIDI controller). No MIDI learn function either. Only fixed CC numbers.... Apart from that, I don't regret my purchase.

A. Johnson

April 19, 2023

Adds a nice glue and warmth

Use it on everything !

E. Brahm

April 18, 2023

A plugin that makes you play the piano for hours.

During the time I studied music, I played on many pianos from different builders.
When I play through this plugin, it reminds me of big concert halls with Steinway & Sons pianos! The sound is so beautiful that it makes me play for hours and hours.

I know, it's expensive! Maybe you should wait for the discount season :)

F. Verjux

April 18, 2023

I love my Moog

I love my real Moog, a sub37, and when they play with this one together all is fine, no doubt about quality, it's a real Moog sound ! 5 stars

J. Herrera

April 11, 2023


When I think of mixing I have a picture of a vintage console and a tape machine, not that you need either, it’s just that the best records (when recorded well) didn’t go without passing through these circuits. I was in need of something to balance my record, and needed what ever I used not to remove what sizzled in my ears. This tape machine brought music to my master. I guess you can say am now a believer of old school technics. Try it, it’s magic.

M. Racanelli

April 9, 2023

Glue everything together nicely

Adds nice tones and sound. Great for summing and adds that classic neve sound.

Prefer this one over API but both great.

Highly recommended.

B. Cink

April 9, 2023

Subtle but amazing

I suppose it doesn’t have to be subtle, but when you have it across all of your busses and turn them all on and off you can notice a change in the depth and interaction of the musical components

C. Arias

April 8, 2023

The best miniMoog in the box, but…

I’ve tested many moog model D software emulations and this the best out there, sounds amazing, but it’s not finished, it’s now native but we can’t use the “external” mode, will you enable this in the future? Thanks guys.


April 5, 2023

Sounds great on everything.

Add according to your taste


April 5, 2023

Sounds great on everything.

Add according to your taste

G. Nikolay

April 4, 2023

My Love Mooggy

I won’t say that this is the best emulation, just a different sound, softer than, for example, synapse audio The Legend. Personally, I like it and at the moment I use it in my work.