Neve® Summing

Neve® Summing

Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

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Regular Price: $299.00


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The only authentic emulation of Neve console summing — exclusively for LUNA.

A major ingredient behind thousands of influential, chart-topping records, Neve 80 series consoles are without equal. These classic analog desks — made famous in the Sound City documentary — deliver three-dimensional nonlinearities and analog heft that infuses your mixes with vibrancy and color.

Developed in partnership with AMS Neve exclusively for LUNA Recording System, Neve Summing Extension emulates the entire summing circuit of an iconic Neve 80 series console — including its coveted 1272TM bus amplifiers — giving your LUNA mixes all the color of Neve's most cherished analog desk.

Now You Can:

Easily add width, depth, and character to your mixes with the first authentic emulation of Neve analog summing

Sum individual channels or your entire mix through Neve's iconic 1272 line amplifiers

Harness the complex nonlinearities and musical clipping of Neve's classic 80 series console

Use per-bus Headroom, Trim, and Impedance controls for subtle tone sculpting over your entire mix

Genuine Neve Summing for your Mixes

Genuine Neve Summing for your Mixes

Far beyond a “summing plug-in,” Neve Summing is an Extension built into LUNA's mixer that emulates every characteristic of both the source and bus channels — including original Neve 80 series’ console fader taper and pan law. This workflow eliminates the need to manage multiple plug-in windows. Simply use the per-bus Headroom control to add color and dynamic enhancement, then season even more with the selectable Impedance switch.

Why Neve Summing?

Why Neve Summing?

When audio sources flow through the transformers and custom-built op-amps of a classic Neve 80 series desk — in particular its coveted 1272 line amplifiers — random analog nonlinearities combine to produce harmonic magic. These summed signals add character, depth, and dimension, for a more cohesive and vibrant mix.

Authentic Down to the Last Detail

Authentic Down to the Last Detail

For more than two years, UA dissected and studied multiple vintage Neve 80 series consoles and their components — poring over original service manuals and gaining crucial insight into its Class A transformer/transistor circuitry. UA's team of engineers impeccably emulated all of the original hardware's nonlinearities and clipping characteristics, yielding results that are virtually indistinguishable from the original console.

Customer Reviews

Neve Summing

Overall Rating

(54 reviews)

h. YU

October 22, 2020


UAD회사의 제품은 다 비쌉니다. 세일 을 한다고 해도 기본 40만원 정도 의 가격입니다. UAD 오디오 인터페이스를 사용하는 사람은 UAD 플러그인을 많이 사용합니다. 고객을 위해 좀더 쿠폰을 나눠 줘야 합니다.

D. Marais

October 20, 2020

Utterly amazing

Once you engage it, there’s no turning back. It just makes the sound so wonderfully dimensional. It’s hard to put into words, but it truly does provide that “record album” sheen on a good mix.

U. Khan

October 9, 2020

This is what's been missing!

I'm so glad I purchased this at 50% off! I use a Dangerous 2BUS lt analog summing mixer, which is great. This Neve adds what's missing from that box which are beautiful nonlinearities and analog console coloration with EXCELLENT 1272 amps emulation. Thank you UA for providing the access to analog tone!

B. Baltruweit

October 1, 2020

What about windows???

...would be nice to use this with windows. I rather feel discriminated as Win-user...

D. Burkhardt

September 1, 2020

WOW-A must have

WOW. All these people whining about how this extension is exclusively for LUNA. Print down your mixed STEMS, import them from your DAW into the FREE Luna software and take advantage of this INCREDIBLE extension. It's hard to put into words how amazing this extension is and what it does to your mix. It brings it to life, adds richness and widening, presence, and more. Do yourself a favor and drop the $300 on this extension. It will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make!

J. Poole

August 16, 2020

Only for LUNA...

UAD could have easily made this a plug in that works with other DAWs. I own almost every UAD plug in there is and they all work with any DAW...I will say this, I use the Neve MBP hardware for 2 Buss summing most often but prefer the Brainworks Masterdeck at times...

F. Ghenai

August 11, 2020

almost compulsory tool

despite the purchase at 299 € of a plug that can not work on software I do not even have a promo code to buy another plug! this will be the last time I buy something from UAD!

M. Bennett

July 25, 2020

Exclusive to Luna!

Great! £299 for a plugin that can't be used elsewhere. It's not really a selling point. The price is a joke considering it's coding, and the fact I spent hundreds on UAD's Neve plugins already. They'll be more to follow so UAD can cash in further. I like the summing and Luna but don't get the price tag. I paid so much for the hardware (Apollo X8) and plugins

M. Bennett

July 12, 2020

Great, but overpriced

Firstly, £299 is a joke. I already brought Neve plugins, so why can't these transfer to Luna. Seems like a new marketing plan to stings customers. £299 and it's only exclusive to Luna; sorry, no!

That said, I really like Luna, mainly because there's no noticeable latency. The integration is amazing. The simplicity is intuitive - I learned it in about ten minutes. I think I will track in Luna from now on, and mix in Logic. Good work guys!

s. Pfeiffer

June 24, 2020

Takes everything out of the box and welds it to your forehead

The depth and girth Neve summing are what I expected; the width and depth were an added bonus. Worth it's weight in Platinum...

k. andrews

May 29, 2020

well worth it

mixing through the neve summing is a real treat. helps fit in all your bits.

UAD User

May 21, 2020

Neve Summing

My demo just expired 2 days ago. Just bought it today tho. I had to buy it, it sounds amazing. If this was a plug-in and not extension, y’all could charge more. Just Canceled my protools subscription as well. Mixing a whole Album on Luna...

S. Shaw

May 19, 2020

Simply amazing

Trying out the demo now. I definitely feel the same as what Ben and Vance chatted on LUNA office hour, that it sounds huge and subtle at the same time, and you can't really specify what it's exactly doing. Very grateful that UA brought another gem to ITB mixing.

R. Capra

May 11, 2020


This is absolutely priceless!

J. Delgado

May 10, 2020

Excellent !!!


C. Shipley

May 7, 2020

Recording for 25 years

So, as some users have said, "we decided to try out luna." Im one of them.
Then we decided all to try the Neve Summing, cause why not....... RIGHT?
Then something terrible happened to me, and I'm sure all of you as well........
I came back to my mix from yesterday, and my ears literarily said WTF bro.
Then after farting around I realized my trial was over.
Now I have to spend my trump bucks on a AMAZING UA product.
You poisoned my ears with sonic magical-ness.
Thank you

R. Pottorf

May 6, 2020

Where have you been my entire life?!?!?

I'm a composer and finished a project for SeaWorld/Busch Gardens just before the "shutdown" but decided to take LUNA on a "test run" and remix the stems for myself. End result? Well, let's put it this way, I'll never let them hear this mix because they'll wonder why didn't give them this?!?! It really is the difference between a good mix and a GREAT mix...I didn't even let my demo run out - I immediately purchased. Well done, UA. Can't wait to see how this program develops.

R. Daniel

May 5, 2020

A Must Have...

I tried the demo and the results were amazing. This summing is $$$$

N. Wieditz

May 5, 2020

Please make it available for UAD-2 Cards, too

I had the possibility to test that plugin in another Studio with apollo interfaces. I only work with UAD-2 Cards. The Plugin sounds really great, but for now I cannot dive into this plugin without Apollo. Stay making plugins for all your DSP Products. That's the better choice for your future and please let your customers decide which hardware they want to use. I feel really sad about that fact.

J. Scalia

May 4, 2020

I'm very sad....but for good trial ran out.

I would have given it 5 stars, had it been made to be a bit less money. I won't be stupid, and bit(h about why this is an "extension" , not a plugin. Its obvious UA is making Luna into something different than what we have been used to in the DAW world. I see a day where Luna has SEVERAL extensions. Plugins are meant to be "one size fits all" . These extensions , being made exclusively for Luna is a blessing, not a curse. They're woven into the fabric of the application. Meaning they will always work, and work well. You can't buy a ferrari door for a VW Jetta! Its UA's right to make these only for Luna. Otherwise they might have had to dumb them down to be a "one size fits all". The Neve Summing extension is an important piece. My trial period just ran out , and now Im very sad . Im usually not this poor, but because of Covid 19, all my gigs have vanished. Maybe if we all cry really loud, UA will drop one of those really cool coupons in our accounts. Then , happy I will be!