ENGL® Amplifier Bundle

ENGL® Amplifier Bundle

Unison Enabled


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Two Tone Machines. Zero Prisoners.

Delivering powerful guitar tone has been ENGL Amplifiers’ singular mission for over two decades. Bold clean textures, snarling slabs of chunk, punishing rhythm sounds, and intense, singing sustain, are why ENGL tube amps grace the stages of some of the biggest names in hard rock and metal.

The ENGL Amplifier Bundle for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces gives you two of ENGL’s most popular guitar amps as a jaw-dropping plug-in bundle. Featuring the vintage-flavored E765 Retro Tube and the more modern-sounding E646 VS Limited Edition amps, this bundle also includes the super-handy Brainworx bx_tuner plug-in.

Now You Can:

Re-amp your tracks through ENGL’s classic, vintage-flavored E765 Retro Tube and fire-breathing E646 VS Limited Edition amplifiers using your UAD-2 DSP Accelerator

Track through either amp in real time, with near-zero latency, on your Apollo audio interface

Shape your guitar sounds further with ENGL amps’ built-in FX Rack and Recording Chains

Enjoy quick, precise guitar tuning with the included bx_tuner plug-in

Included Plug-Ins

ENGL E765 Retro Tube Amp

ENGL E765 Retro Tube Amp

Modeled on one of ENGL’s most versatile amps, the E765 Retro Tube plug-in melds dynamic, old school clean and crunch tones with aggressive distortion textures that can subtly enhance a track — or take it over! Perfectly capturing the original’s 100-watt EL34-power section, as well as its powerful EQ and organic touch-sensitivity, the E765 Retro Tube plug-in offers a full spectrum of tones — from pop to country, funk to hard rock.

ENGL E646 VS Limited Edition

ENGL E646 VS Limited Edition

Designed in conjunction with metal virtuoso and Rage guitarist, Victor Smolski, Engl’s E646 VS Limited Edition amplifier has become a go-to amp for players who crave the ultimate in high-gain performance without sacrificing clarity and musicality. The E646 VS Limited Edition plug-in delivers the same pristine, modern-sounding clean tones, intense crunch, and over-the-top distortion capabilities as the hardware version, giving you a forward-looking tone machine that delivers everything from the sonically sublime, to the extreme.

Brainworx bx_tuner

Brainworx bx_tuner

With the Engl Amplifier Plug-Ins Bundle, you’ll also receive Brainworx’s bx_tuner plug-in — an intuitive, easy-to-use, chromatic tuner that can be inserted into a channel or bus to keep your tracks sounding their best. The bx_tuner offers spot-on chromatic tuning with a couple of clever additions. Dim mode offers tuning with sound, albeit at a reduced level, while a Ballistics feature lets you customize the action of the tuning LEDs and how fast they track pitch changes. Everyone needs to be in tune. The bx_tuner allows you to do it elegantly and accurately within your workstation.

Unison™ Technology for Apollo Interfaces

Unison™ Technology for Apollo Interfaces

Harnessing UA’s groundbreaking Unison technology, the ENGL E765 Retro Tube and E646 VS Limited Edition give you the impedance, gain staging, and circuit behaviors that have made these two amplifiers modern classics.


ENGL E765 Retro Tube
Accurate amp modeling and advanced speaker simulation (Impulse Responses), capturing high-end studio gear, plus recording-specific features like filters and a noise gate

Two channels, each with Gain and Volume controls

Two voicing sections specially tuned for each channel: One three-band EQ for Channel One and one three-band EQ for Channel Two

Power Amp Simulation including on-board Power Soak

Selectable pre/post amp Tight and Smooth filters

Host-syncable lo-fi delay effect

64 selectable Recording Chains

ENGL E646 VS Limited Edition
Accurate amp modeling and advanced speaker simulation (Impulse Responses), capturing high-end studio gear, plus recording-specific features like EQ filters and a noise gate

Four channels — Clean, Crunch and two Lead Channels — each with separate Gain and Volume controls
Two voicing sections specially tuned for each channel: One three-band EQ for Clean and
Crunch modes and one three-band EQ plus the "Middle-voiced" control for Lead Channels 3 and 4

Presence and Depth Punch controls

Power Amp Simulation including on-board Power Soak

Selectable pre/post amp Tight and Smooth filters

Host-syncable adjustable lo-fi delay effect

64 selectable Recording Chains

Customer Reviews

ENGL® Amplifier Bundle

Overall Rating

T. Hosoki

September 15, 2016

5.0 out of 5 starsThe best you can get

Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier is a POWERHOUSE! There is good reason so many musicians use this in concert. The cost may seem high, but as with anything, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!.
It has TONS of features and nearly everything can be accessed or bypassed with the push of a button. If you're a serious musician, then this is a must have!

S. Duryea

August 19, 2016

Warm and punchy..

Love this amp!! Easy to use and cuts through a mix like warm butter.. My go to amp for now until UA comes up with something better, which is always the case....

C. McDonald

August 18, 2016

Ampeg B15

I am old school and remember this amp. This software makes the perfect emulation without the weight and the wait for the tubes to warm up.
Thanks you UAD for making my life easier. :-)

I. Papagiannidis

August 6, 2016


Great emulation ! tightens up the bottom adds fantastic warmth and low end and makes the bass sounding more in your face. great also for adding distortion to the bass.
well done once again!

UAD User

June 16, 2016

one of the more usable amp modles for sure

I am usually pretty underwhelmed by digital amp models but this one is pretty decent. I get a lot of really usable tone both clean and over-driven. Not a whole lot to say...a lot of vintage and modern tones in this one.

E. Maccoppi

June 11, 2016


It´s the Ampeg SVT-VR, Just like that!

M. Niemczyk

April 13, 2016

Thanks for the bypass preamp feature!

Thank you so much for the most important Feature for real preamp owners which is bypassing the software emulated preamp! I´m sure most guitar players have already a nice sounding real tube preamp or a head with DI out, which they really want to use in every possible situation. I´m a proud owner of a Mesa/Boogie TriAxis and I have all my favorite presets saved there so i can produce each desired sound by just choosing a program - and the sound is real tube blow away analogue sound. But there is one problem when it comes to recording, the power amp section, cabinet and microphones are crucial but impracticable in home recording environment. Thats where amp simulation with bypassed preamp kicks in - a viola!

P. Helsdon

March 3, 2016

Done !

I am a studio bassist and have been recording as an engineer since 2008. I own a Trace AH250 which I'd use once in a while for tracking.
I have never been a fan of Ampeg at all, they actually sound completely inferior, especially the clumsy 8x10 stack which is horrendous and doesn't come close to modern boutique cabs like Shroeder etc.

Now, I bought this plug on a whim and noodled around for a while - sounded OK
But when I used it to lay down some proper backing tracks for a modern funk tune this thing exploded!
I couldn't believe how well it fit snuggly in the mix, and without any effort on my end. - no compression, no EQ etc
It just blew my mind, and i used a standard preset with minimal tweaking.

This is a total no-brainer !

UAD User

February 5, 2016

Very good quality

Great Sound, it is (one) the best amp plug in I ever had. Good work

D. Holmes

January 17, 2016

Everything I hoped for and more

Les Paul or Strat, even with effects board between guitar and UA Twin, the Chandler handles it all with ease and great tone. I rarely use a wah, but had an order for slide/wah fills for a group of songwriters. Was going to use traditional set up, but thought of running LP through wah, then to UA Twin, Chandler; very nice result. From clean chicken pickin' to wall of sound overdrive, I think this will become my go-to solution.

P. Jacobsson

January 15, 2016

It is good!

This plug-in is very nice but you need to look into it and spend some time doing your own presets depending on what guitars you are using.

j. Dietzel

January 15, 2016

ENGL® E765 Retro Tube

This amp works great. It gets used a lot when I dont feel like micing up a cab, and I never feel the need to replace it later. Only problem is how every preset has the bass Blasted to 10. easy to turn the knob back, but I dont know why they did this. I would recommend this is your looking for a nice sounding amp sim that you will not have to replace later on in the recording process.

G. Vogelsang

January 14, 2016

One stop for Bass

This plugin is everything I have ever wanted in a bass plugin - plus the bonus of no CPU drain. The sounds is killer, I add this and a 1176 and get huge, fat, tight bass sound. And, I don't have to mic anything, drag my head and cab around. I couldn't be happier, best in class, look absolutely no further.

C. vonSneidern

January 13, 2016

Helps mixing bass

Getting a good bass tone is one of more challenging tasks in mixing for me. A good amp emulator is often the solution when dialing in changes to what you've got already, be it a combo of DI and amp.

I've used everything out there I could find. Now that I'm on UAD-2 I am using Ampeg SVT-VR for reamping bass, and it's everything and a bit more, due to the mic modeling. The automatic switching through the various mic/cab options saves you from doing it yourself, which gets you a little more away from expectation bias.

So far I find the tones very heavy and give more than enough heft in the mids and lows- what you're usually trying to get with an amp signal. A combination of this and the UAD dbx 160 compressor brings classic tones.

.. .

December 26, 2015

sound amazing

Cool off function of the amplifier and cabinet. Best emulation today.

J. Newton

December 22, 2015

Versatile Rock Amp

I'm able to get lots of great tones out of this plugin from clean to crunchy to big and heavy. It plays nicely with real pedals in front of it, too! I've had some good bass tones from from this as well, though I usually need to enhance the low end with a DI mixed in for that to work. Brainworx has done a nice job with the various recording chains. Once you get your head around how they set that up, and how to best audition them, it's really a nice way to work.

UAD User

December 21, 2015

Good sound!

It's very very good amp plugin !!

T. Vines

December 16, 2015

Great Amp Model

This is a great amp emulation. If you want a classic guitar amp in the box this is for you, especially for the price!

J. Jung

December 16, 2015

Like a good album

Like a good album, this amp emulation took a little while to get used to and to find that sweetness from. You really have to tweak around to get what you want from it. All in all, a fine sounding amp from an emulation. You want the real thing, record it. You want something in the ballpark to get some cool sounds quick, this is the answer. I really dig this emulation of the coveted Chandler amp. You do need to play around with the input and levels to get that particular sound, but after that it is a really fun thing to play with.

P. Bunditlertrak

December 14, 2015

High quality amp sim

I'm never back to another native plugins.