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Instant Auto-Tune effects. Perfected for UA Audio Interfaces.

Legendary for its vocal enhancing and creative applications, the Antares Auto-Tune effect revolutionized vocal production. From subtly tweaking a singer’s intonation to transforming a vocal into varying degrees of robot-speak, Auto-Tune is a must-have tool for the modern music producer’s toolkit.

A UA exclusive, the Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced plug-in improves the previous UAD version with powerful workflow and sonic enhancements, making it the ultimate ultra-low-latency tuning solution for Apollo and Arrow interfaces — optimized for instant live vocal tracking in the studio or on stage.

Apply Auto-Tune pitch-correction to a performance in real time when tracking with a UA Audio Interface

Correct vocals and other solo instruments transparently during mixdown

Create the iconic Auto-Tune vocal effect essential to modern pop, hip-hop, and electronic music

Use Classic Mode to get the gritty, glitchy "Auto‑Tune 5" sound made famous by Cher, Kanye and more

Fine-tune using Auto-Tune Advanced's powerful Humanize, Vibrato, and Flex-Tune functions

Control target pitches or other Auto-Tune parameters in realtime using MIDI input

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
An Iconic Effect

An Iconic Effect

Introduced in 1997, Auto-Tune is one of a small handful of effects that's changed the face of popular music. By continuously detecting the pitch of a periodic input signal — typically a solo voice or instrument — and instantly, seamlessly, changing it to a desired pitch, producers could quickly fix problematic performances, embellish vocal hooks, and create new robotic voices that have come to define pop, hip-hop, and dance tracks for two decades.

Realtime Pitch Correction with MIDI Control

Realtime Pitch Correction with MIDI Control

Thanks to its ultra-low latency — and its ability to run on the built-in DSP found in UA audio interfaces like Apollo and Arrow — Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced allows instant tracking in the studio or on stage, giving you realtime pitch-correction that’s easy to use. Simply place Auto-Tune Realtime Advance in the UA Console app, select the song’s key, and you’re on your way to crafting perfectly tuned vocal tracks. Plus, you can control all key performance parameters from any MIDI controller or pre-recorded MIDI track.

Classic Mode

Classic Mode

Over the years, Auto-Tune's algorithms have evolved, yielding subtle changes to the effect's sound. Back by popular demand, Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced has a new "Classic Mode" that gives you the popular "Auto-Tune 5" algorithm for the hard, glitchy vocal sonics used by Cher and Kanye West on some of their biggest hits.

Humanize Yourself

Humanize Yourself

On the other end of the spectrum, Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced also lets you subtly correct the pitch of vocals and other solo instruments without unnatural distortion or artifacts. With features like Humanize, Flex-Tune, and Natural vibrato control, you can craft the perfect amount of pitch correction while retaining a performer’s expressive, unique intonation and inflections.

Improved Interface

Improved Interface

The Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced plug-in features a redesigned control panel for a faster, more efficient workflow. Basic view gets you up and running quickly, with only the most important controls available, while Advance view lets you fine tune with powerful scale editing, vibrato, and MIDI features.


Realtime Auto-Tune pitch correction for UA Audio Interfaces and UAD hardware

Create the iconic Auto-Tune Vocal Effect or fine tune a vocal performance

Classic mode for the iconic "Auto-Tune 5" sound used by Cher and Kanye West

Ultra low-latency on stage or when tracking in the studio

Basic or Advance views for every type of workflow

Realtime MIDI control of target notes during performances

Vibrato, Humanize, and Flex-Tune controls offer pitch correction that is natural and realistic

Includes Artist Presets from Mike Dean (Kanye West), Jess Jackson (Tyga, Chris Brown), and Dean Coleman

Customer Reviews

Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced

Overall Rating

Y. Kece

March 17, 2023

Yetkin kece

Why isn't there a Thorat knob like autotune pro?

F. Mandaza

March 15, 2023

Great Plug-in

Really good for fine tuning vocals


March 13, 2023

Great tool

Real time perfect!

M. Racanelli

February 26, 2023

Realtime Processing Fantastic

The ability to adjust vocals in realtime is amazing. A great addition to your vocal chain for real-time tracking

B. Moss

February 13, 2023

Great product

Really has an ease of use

c. laby

February 12, 2023


I would like to receive the iLock for this application as i cant not use it when not present to my interface this would make work flow a lot easier for everyone who has purchased this virtual instrument plugin, i have purchased other Plugins here and received the ilocks apart from this

B. Mathis

January 27, 2023

Clean and Crisp Sound!!

I just upgraded from wavestune real-time and I like this one a lot more. The humanize knob is an awesome added feature!

R. Flohil

January 26, 2023

Autotune advanced is not working on big sur

Bought autotune advanced and even though everything seems like its working nothing happens same with acces what a waste of money!!

D. Delgado

January 26, 2023

Works as intended

It Works as intended

A. Cunha

January 22, 2023

Awesome Auto Tune

Just awesome Auto Tune quite powerful. Truly amazing. One of those plugins had to get on my bucket it list. Glad purchase it. Been great.

X. Castelló

January 16, 2023

Antares Auto-Tune

Great gear, and a great prize !!!

J. Tornay

January 15, 2023

Magic trick

When the voice is suitable, this plugin makes wonders. It will relieve you of post-production work and help make tracking sessions more enjoyable

N. White

January 14, 2023


Gotta have auto-tune great plugin!!


January 14, 2023



J. Garcia

January 13, 2023

Does the job and its unmatched.

By now there are many options out there of pitch and formant correction software. But Antares is still the top. And I can tell. I love the DSP power

d. claiborne

January 6, 2023

Not working on my 1M Mac.

I use the Apollo x6 and I love UA plugins. For some reason I don’t know why the autotune don’t work for my M1 Mac. My other version works fine. Is one was on sale so I got it. Hope they fix the issue.

A. Nemeth

December 30, 2022

Great, but not miracle

This is an amazing stuff. Does a perfect job, but don’t be misdriven, you still have to be able to sign up to a certain level.

K. Pisol

December 24, 2022


For tracking my record.

L. Spilger

December 24, 2022

Nice for realtime tracking

I am not a huge fan of the omnipresent autotune sound; but from time to time it‘s inspiring to use it while tracking as an vocal effect - leads to new ideas then…

j. Franco

December 23, 2022

Antares autotune advance

not really what I was expecting. live recording vocals didn't work latency issue I can hear double my voice and not able to record trough out uad console 2. not happy