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Volume 1, Number 3, June 2003
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Featured Promotion: The Bomb Rebate Offer & The Red Hot Summer Rebate

Registered Users of Bomb Factory's Classic Compressor TDM Plug-Ins emulating the Universal Audio 1176LN compressor and LA-2A limiter are Eligible for up to a $100 Rebate When They Purchase Universal Audio’s New 1176LN and LA-2A TDM Plug-Ins

With the release of our 1176LN and LA-2A TDM plug-ins we've encountered a little confusion in the marketplace regarding Bomb Factory's 1176 and LA-2A emulation plug-ins and how they relate to ours.  The short answer is they don't.  Universal Audio owns the trademarks on both 1176LN and LA-2A and there is no relationship between Universal Audio and Bomb Factory.  Bomb Factory developed their plug-ins totally independently from Universal Audio with no license of our technology or trademarks. 

So how do UA’s new TDM versions of the 1176LN and LA-2A sound? Noted producer Elliot Mazer had this to say, "I am very happy with Universal Audio's LA-2A and 1176LN plug-ins, particularly with their performance at 192k where I do most of my work. They work great and sound great and for me, the sound is everything.  I compared them to the Bomb Factory 1176 and LA-2A at the lower sample rates, as the Bomb Factory plugs don’t support 192k, and there is no comparison."

Just to clear up any lingering doubts and to help others learn what Elliot Mazer has, we're offering a $50 rebate to any Bomb Factory customer who buys either the Universal Audio 1176LN or LA-2A TDM plug-ins and $100 to any BF customers who buy the UA 1176LN/LA-2A bundle.  Simply fill out the attached coupon and send UA a copy of the sales receipt and serial number for the Universal Audio TDM plugs you purchased along with either a copy of the sales receipt for the Bomb Factory plug-ins you purchased or serial number and we'll send you a check.

 Easy, huh?

The Bomb Rebate Offer
c/o Universal Audio
P.O. BOX 3818 Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, California 95063-3818

The Red Hot Summer Rebate: Do you love UA hardware but just can’t quite afford it? Well this summer you can! From June 15th until September 1st, we’re offering a $100 rebate on any 1176LN, 2-610, M-610 or 2108 and a $200 rebate on all LA-2As. Simply fill out the attached couponand send it in along with your sales receipt and we’ll cut you a check. This summer is the hottest time to buy UA!

Red Hot Summer Rebate Offer
c/o Universal Audio
P.O. BOX 3818 Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, California 95063-3818

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