Universal Audio AES 2003 Pictures, New York

Front Row (UA) : Mike Barnes, Marsha Vdovin, Erica McDaniel, Sophia Wardlaw
Back Row : William Clark, Jim Cogan - Authors of "Temples Of Sound"

Somebody said "breakdown" and this is what happened.
"No, no... the booth!"

Dave, Will, Erica, Joseph, Flowers, & Sophia

Eve Anna Manley (Manley CEO) & Erica McDaniel (UA Sales Manager) Celebrate TEC Award wins for the UA 6176 & Manley SLAM

The Grand Prize Winners in UA's Great AES Giveaway (a 2-1176!): Melanie Petronico & Rob Merrick of 31 Studios in the UK.

AES New York - UA Booth under seige by Analog & Digital Enthusiast alike as we do the prize drawing for UA Gear