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Volume 2, Number 1, February 2004
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UAD-1 Feature: Matt Schwartz– Times They are a Changin'

UAD-1 DSP Card
Matt Schwartz
Times They Are a Changin…

Someone close to me has a studio in an old church tower. Everyone always wants to see it but is ultimately disappointed by the fact that’s just a room with a computer, four screens, five speakers and sub-woofer. These days many people have exchanged the full-fledged recording studio for the computer and use it for all of their recording, editing and mixing. And on top of this is a fine line these days between the musician, remixer, producer, engineer and DJ.

“My computer, Logic and the UAD-1 are the most important tools that I have.”

Matt Schwartz calls himself a songwriter/producer/engineer/programmer. He is versatile and prolific. He’s worked with some major ‘down tempo’ projects such as Arthur Baker and Massive Attack, some of the biggest Djs in the UK, including Tall Paul, Mat ‘Jam’ Lemont and MJ-Cole and has several records out in the underground house scene under the monikers 4tune500, M-Gee, Black and Indirect plus he’s one half of the hot new act Deepest Blue on Ministry of Sound Records. Does he have a huge studio with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gear? Think again.

“My computer, Logic and the UAD-1 are the most important tools that I have.” Matt states. I think it probably helps that Matt has an extensive music education. He studied classical violin from the ages of 5-14, started working in a recording studio at 17 and studied Recording at Kingston University.

Matt begins his songwriting process by “creating a vibe on the computer and writing a top line. I like to produce as I write and write as I produce, although sometimes I just write on guitar.”

Matt was kind of enough to share his favorite plug-in chains and secrets with us.

Matt is especially proud of the Deepest Blue single “Give It Away” and the way it sounds on radio and TV. “I think its one of my better radio mixes and I'm also happy with the way the album is shaping as I am creating fresh production and sonic attitude combined with great songs.”

Deepest Blue is a collaboration between Matt Schwartz and Joel Edwards who has worked with Ed Case, M Factor as well as supplying the vocal for the Zoom “Let It Go” single. Deepest Blue is described as classy yet commercial vocal house cut with a diverse selection of remixers brought on board by Data Records. Check out the video!

What are Matt’s influences? “I have a lot of respect for producers like Quincy, Trevor Horn, William Orbit, Butch Vig and Mutt Lange, the precision work and the fresh attitude they all had for songs in their early days. I try to bring music to the same level of creative thinking in today’s electronic age and also combine live music with a computerized attitude. For me building a track is like making love. I love 'orgasm' style build-ups musically (or crescendo in classical terms). <Grin>”

What lies in the future for Matt Schwartz? “Coming up around May is My Deepest Blue album project with singer/songwriter Joel Edwards, with 'Give It Away' as second UK single on Feb. 16 (no1-cool cuts, club charts, pop charts) and a 3rd single 'Is it a Sin?" around April time. It’s shaping up to be a big album. Then it’s Wednesday’s Child (a rock Album with singer/songwriter Rachael Walden) and after that an album with a new singer/songwriter called Trix (a cool attitude pop album, no project name yet). After that I have a great project with MJ Cole and Grant Nelson, which is kind of ambient/trip hop/down tempo vibes with the weirdest samples you ever heard. We’ve been on it for a while now as we're all too busy to give it a full 3-4 month attention. We do it because we love it and we don’t want A&Rs breathing down our necks. There’s also another electronic project with MJ-Cole under the name Distresser (working title) and Holly Valance's is on the cards but we shall see.... I have just remixed Narcotic Thrust's "I Like It' which is already no1 in all the hype charts and getting many plays from everyone.”

I think he’s going to wear that UAD-1 out [UAD-1s don't wear out Marsha -ed]. Good luck with everything Matt and keep up that great energy!

--Interview by Marsha Vdovin

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