Support Report: Randy and Jor answer your UAD-1 questions

Randy and Jor
UAD-1 Software v3.5.2 for PC and Mac
UAD-1 Software v3.5.2 will soon be available as a free update for all UAD-1 users. This software release will provide several important performance enhancements and fixes:

VST-RTAS Adapter
Version 3.5.2 will include support for an updated final release version of the Fxpansion RTAS adapter. The UAD-1 version of the Fxpansion adapter will be available for download at The full version will be available on and will be released concurrently with the release of v3.5.2.

  • Resolved RTAS issue with UAD DelayComp ("Plug-ins" parameter now compensates for multiple plug-ins correctly).

This important fix will allow the proper use of the UAD Delay Comp plug-in. You can now use the slider bar in the UAD Delay Comp plug-in to adjust for multiple plug-ins. (instead of one instance of UAD DelayComp per UAD-1 plug-in.) With this fix, the UAD DelayComp can be effectively used in the same manner as with all other supported host applications. For more detailed information regarding the use of the UAD-1 Delay Comp plug-in in Pro Tools LE, please see the May 2004 Support Report.

Various other improvements/fixes for both platforms:

  • Resolved "UAD-1 Not Responding" error
    when RealVerb-Pro is used with Pultec-Pro

Some Pultec-Pro users have experienced this error resulting in their UAD-1(s) failing until the system is restarted. The problem is now resolved with this update.

  • Reduced system memory use - Kernel memory footprint reduced from 128MB to 64MB
    (may resolve some card initialization errors, e.g. "No system memory resources", "MapRDRAM failed", etc)

This improvement will be primarily beneficial to first time users, increasing the chances of a problem free hardware installation. However, some users who experienced this error in the past may also benefit. If you were required to reconfigure your system or remove some installed RAM in order to get the UAD-1 installed properly, you may now attempt to revert to this previous configuration as the UAD-1's system resource requirements have been reduced.

  • Improved DMA/Interrupt handling to enable higher plug-in counts on some systems with multiple UAD-1 cards
    With this UAD-1 driver optimization some users will see lower host CPU load and/or the capacity to run more plug-ins.

  • Added input mute to RealVerb-Pro and DreamVerb to
    eliminate noise blasts caused by invalid inputs to the plug-ins

  • Resolved issue with DreamVerb in mono-in/stereo-out mode
    (right channel predelay no longer set to 0)

UAD-1 Software v3.5.2 - Mac specific updates

DP 4 (Digital Performer)
The 3.5.2 release will also re-enable the use of MISO plug-ins (mono-in-stereo-out) when using Digital Performer. This was disabled in the last release in anticipation of a compatibility update to DP. The required DP update from MOTU is now available.

Also in this release we have made a few changes regarding DSP usage when bypassing plug-ins in host applications. Every host application deals with bypassing plug-ins differently. In most hosts, this code change will help free DSP usage on the card when bypassing the UAD-1 plug-ins from within the host itself.

G5 Multicard
We have also made a few minor changes regarding multiple cards in the G5. Performance has been increased when using multiple cards in the G5, when using Firewire or USB audio interfaces. Please remember that the current models of the G5 are still not performing at a maximum level. We are still working with Apple to resolve these issues. In the meantime we are doing everything that we can to optimize all levels of performance on the G5. We have also made a few other overall performance increases and fixed a few minor bugs. This demonstrates Universal Audio's commitment in delivering the best plug-in platform on the market. Stay tuned, as in the coming months I will be writing a series of articles on tips and tricks using your favorite Macintosh DAW application.

Various other improvements/fixes for Mac

  • Text entry implemented
  • (AU) Keyboard shortcuts implemented
  • (AU) GUI meters now continue working if multiple instances of a plug-in and one is removed
  • (MAS-OS9) Fairchild settings now restore properly when session is reloaded

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