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Volume 2, Number 2, March 2004
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Support Report: G5/OSX and Troubleshooting Tips – UA Welcomes New Tech, Randy Knaub

This month we will be talking about general UAD/OSX troubleshooting tips, and other application tips and tricks. For those of you who don’t know me, I am the Macintosh product specialist for Universal Audio. My job functions include tech support for the UAD-1, and all alpha and beta testing of the UAD-1. Every month Support Report talks about the most common tech support issues, as well as tips and tricks not only for the UAD-1, but also your DAW applications.

G5 Notes
We recommend setting the Energy Saver settings to “never sleep”, and processor to "highest” in the G5.

When using an ATTO SCSI card in the G5 with the UAD-1, a user has reported greater success by using an older ATTO driver (xulplus205). The SCSI card is sitting in slot 3 and UAD-1 in 4 (i.e. the cards are on separate PCI buses).

UAD-1 Troubleshooting and General Maintenance in OSX
I am often asked questions regarding maintenance, and troubleshooting in OSX with the UAD-1 card. Here are a few tips that can make finding problems easier, as well as keeping your computer running at its optimal state.

Steinberg Application Tips
While using Nuendo/Cubase with various audio interfaces, we have found that the following settings provide optimal performance and efficiency when using the UAD-1 card and makes Nuendo/Cubase much more robust at higher CPU loads:

Under VST Multitrack/Expert Settings

-Randy Knaub

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