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Volume 3, Number 10, December 2005
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Playback: You Send Us Your Music, and We Play it Back

November WINNER: John Kelly, "The Square"

Greetings Universal Audio WebZine fan,

Welcome to "Playback." The concept behind this column is very simple: you send us your music, and we play it back. Each month we'll feature a UA user's music in "Playback." There are some requirements:

  1. A Universal Audio product must be used on the song
  2. You must tell us in writing how you used the piece(s) of UA gear on the track
  3. You must be the owner of the submission
  4. Song files must be MP3 or AAC encoded
  5. Files must be smaller than 10 MB

Our team of judges will choose among the submissions based on the following criteria:

  1. Original or interesting techniques using UA gear
  2. Quality of writing in description of how UA gear was used
  3. Recording quality
  4. Composition

We will accept submissions from anyone in any style of music, and we promise to listen to all of them. We also promise a maximum of one winner per month. By participating, you promise not to call or write to ask why your submission did not get picked.

The winners will have their songs exposed to about 4,000 unique visitors per day and receive a UA shirt.


Previous entries are still qualified to win in subsequent months. If you have something new, or would like to ad to your description of a song already entered, please enter again.

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