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Volume 3, Number 10, December 2005
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Featured Promotion: Mastermind500

In sync with the forthcoming release of v4.1 and the brand new Precision Multiband, we'll be doing a special Mastering Bundle--but only until March 31st 2006. For a limited time, get the complete set of Precision Mastering Tools (the Precision Limiter, Precision Equalizer and Precision Multiband) ALL for $500 US. That's a saving of $147 on the individual purchase prices!! A perfect way for new UAD-1 Flexi Pak customers to spend their voucher to get a complete mastering solution!

As many UAD-1 users know, UA is big on customer loyalty. So, if you already own the Precision Limiter and/or the Precision Equalizer, you should have received a Precision Series email coupon good for $147 that can be used to complete the Precision Mastering Series. These coupons are for UAD-1 customers who have already purchased the Precision EQ and/or the Precision Limiter in order to provide them with the same total price of $500 for the Mastermind bundle (all three Precision plug-ins). So if you're a Flexi Pak owner and have some UA cash left over, or if you are still holding onto that $50 from a Project Pak purchase, you can use that UA cash along with your Precision Series coupon to complete the Precision Mastering Series.

Please note that the Precision Series coupon can be used only towards the purchase of Precision Series plug-ins (Precision Multiband, Precision Limiter, and Precision Equalizer).

Phat Fifty $50 (expired)
Just register your Project Pak between October 1st 2005 and December 31st 2005 and get a $50 USD coupon to spend against any UAD-1 plug-in at my.uaudio.com store. But remember...the coupons expire at the end of 2005.

Big “BOSS” Bundle (expired)
Get all the lush chorus sounds you’ll ever need with the classic stomp-box CE-1 Chorus Ensemble from Boss®, and the studio mainstay Dimension D from Roland® emulated as only UA knows how! The bundle goes for just $199 ($49 saving!) at my.uaudio.com ONLY until December 31st 2005.

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