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Volume 3, Number 8, October 2005
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The Channel: JRR Shop
By Terry Hardin

JRR Shop's retail division began in 2001 under its parent company, Hilevel Technology, a chip-testing manufacturer specializing in design, production and DSP technology for clients such as Intel, Motorola and Analog Devices.

Today, the company is an online pro-audio dealer working out of a 6,000-square-foot warehouse in sunny Irvine, California. JRR is known for its extra-friendly and knowledgeable staff and prompt delivery of goods. The company carries a broad spectrum of products for the professional or home studio, as well as for DJs and sound reinforcement applications. There's also a range of new and vintage musical instruments.

JRR Shop counts itself among the privileged showcase dealers specializing in both Nuendo and Pro Tools. They also offer contracting services to studios and school music programs worldwide. We spoke with owner Eric Dahlberg about what makes his company tick.

Who is JRR Shop?
We are a gang of 6. There's me, Eric Dahlberg, El Jefe. The staff would probably say I'm a little bit grumpy but make up for it with overtime. Candice Han built the strong business foundation that JRR Shop is based on. Without her, we would be just another cowboy guitar store. Don Pace is a disgruntled ex-chain store employee. It's a bitch to get information out of him but, once you do, you'll realize he is the most knowledgeable man in the industry. Kimberly Pocock, the sultry-DJ-seductress is on time behind the decks and gots the skills to pay the bills...invoice bills, that is. Jenna Kaplan is a fabulously talented multi-instrumentalist; she gets down with processing your order-smooth like buttah. Peter Bane is a former guitarist and bassist of Guttermouth and Nonsense, product specialist, and JRR's Magic 8 Ball. Ask him any question and he will give you an answer. Pete says, "Reply hazy, try again"
The folks that make JRR Shop the success it is.

Tell us about your history in our wild and wacky industry.
In early days, my profound love for music and gear quickly led me to DJ at Orange County's premier nudie bar, Mr. J's. When I was not providing quality tunes for the likes of Candy Apples and Melissa Melons, I was studying traditional folk music in Norway and flamenco guitar with gypsies in Spain.

What makes JRR Shop unique in the MI and Pro Audio retail world?
We take interest in our clients and strive to establish real friendships. If we like you, we will even feed you and let you hang out in the break room with us. Bring beer.

We actively participate in functions with our local patrons and maintain phone relationships with others around the world. What other shop recognizes your voice when you call?

JRR clients regularly share their final projects and mixes with us. Often times, Eric can be found at clients' studios assisting with installs and helping in actual recording and mix downs.

JRR has been involved in setting up studios in Canada, Thailand, Norway, England, France and Germany. Eric has personally flown to many sites to assist with installs, overall setup, and openings.

Why is Universal Audio important to JRR Shop?
We love UAD-1s! Of everything we carry, we feel the DSP accelerators provide the best possible quality for the money--perhaps even for any amount of money!

What do you find to be cool about selling UA products?

The fact that it's quality. It always feels good to send somebody home with something you know they're going to appreciate and use.

JRR Shop
2166 Michelson Dr.
Irvine, CA 92612

Tel: 949-553-1022
JRR Shop Clients, in No Particular Order
  • Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Disney
  • Electronic Arts
  • Westwood Studios
  • Alan Parsons
  • Jimmy Jam
  • Page Hamilton
  • Zero 7
  • Keane
  • Eric Valentine
  • Rick West
  • Fila Brazilia
  • Sean Beavan
  • Uberzone
  • Cameron Webb
  • Davey Dave
  • Arabian Prince
  • Solid
  • Asia 4
The JRR Shop team in action, moving those UAD-1s

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