UA Universe
By Joseph Lemmer and Marsha Vdovin

Featured Employee: Customer Service Expediter, Elisa Alameda
By Marsha Vdovin

Customer Service Expediter, Elisa Alameda
What is your job title?
I am the Customer Service Expediter.

And what do you do?
I take care of all the customers who have problems with their orders online.

How long have you worked at Universal Audio?
A year in August.

Are you from Santa Cruz?
Yes. I have lived here my whole life.

How old are you?
I am twenty.

Do you do music?
I did in high school. I played in concert band and marching band.

Do you have any thoughts about playing instruments again?
At Cabrillo College there's a band, and they want me to join-because I play the tuba, which most people don't play. So I was thinking of doing that, just because they're really short on tuba players.

That must be interesting to live all your life in Santa Cruz.
Yeah. I'll never move.

At school are you taking anything interesting? Do you know what you want to major in?
I'm just taking my prerequisites so I can transfer to paramedic school next year.

Paramedic school, that's cool.

How long have you wanted to do that? What makes you want to be a paramedic?
I wanted to be a brain surgeon when I was a little kid. And I always kind of liked the medical field. But I don't like being indoors, so I figured being a paramedic you get to be outside, always on the go. That adrenaline-rush-type thing.

Do you watch those TV shows about paramedics?
Oh yeah, all the time.

It seems like it would be a really physically taxing job.
Yes, it is.

But that it would be really-
It's really rewarding.


...because you'd be helping people-
Oh, totally.

...and you'd never get bored, and time would go by really fast.
Never the same thing two days in a row.

Where can you go to study to be a paramedic?
There's a paramedic school over by Dominican Hospital called ETS. That's where I'm going to go.

And how long do you have to study to be a paramedic?
Nine months. It's a short program, but it's really intense.

Have you checked into how many jobs are available? Is there a shortage of paramedics?
There are a lot of paramedic jobs, especially in the fire department, just because most firefighters are required to have their EMT now, but they're not required to have their paramedic, so when they find paramedics that could possibly be firefighters, they definitely go and grab them first. So you're definitely ahead of the game in that one. And that's where I wanted to go anyway. Eventually I want to be a fire medic.

Wow. Good for you.

PCIe UAD-1e Express PAK & Expert PAK

Upcoming Events . . .

PCI Express UAD-1e now showing at AES Paris
Mike Barnes, Kendra Boardman, Tom Freeman, Erica McDaniel & Matt Ward are all attending the AES Show in Paris. Please stop by booth 1828 and say "hi". While you are there, don't forget to check out the new PCI Express UAD-1e Express PAK and Expert PAK.

Universal Audio is once again a title sponsor of TapeOpCon. This year's conference, dubbed "Camp Tape Op," will take place in Tucson, Arizona, June 16-18. TapeOpCon is a unique conference with events like the "Build Your Own EQ" workshop and a Potluck Studio where top engineers and producers will demonstrate their miking techniques and signal path choices while recording instruments and musicians in real time.


News & Schmooze . . .

Neve 1073 EQ Powered Plug-In Lures Crowds at Musikmesse
UA showed the Neve 1073 EQ plug-in for the first time in public, which resulted in swarms of drooling customers, both in the UA booth and the Neve booth. Paul White of Sound on Sound said that our Neve 1073 has "all the bite, without breaking your skin, just like the original." Pretty cool quote; thanks, Paul.

Seventh Annual Turner Classic Movies Young Film Composers Competition Semifinalists Announced
The ten semifinalists for the Seventh Annual Turner Classic Movies Young Film Composers Competition, sponsored by Film Music magazine, the Guitar Center and Todd-AO, have been selected by a blue-ribbon panel of Hollywood film music judges from over 600 entries in this year's competition.

The competition will choose five finalists in May to compete at the final judging in August in Los Angeles.
Universal Audio is once again a proud cosponsor of the competition.

Semifinalists (in alphabetical order)

Los Angeles, CA

Roslyn, PA

Los Angeles, CA

New York, NY

Fort Wayne, IN

London, UK

Los Angeles, CA

Madison, WI

Troy, MI
Santa Barbara, CA

UA Cosponsors the Santa Cruz Film Festival
In a continuing mission to support local arts, Universal Audio is cosponsoring the 2006 Santa Cruz Film Festival. This year's theme is "Project: Collecting the Consciousness."

SCFF is teaming up with the University of California Santa Cruz's Digital Arts and New Media Department (Digital Arts and New Media MFA Program) for a special night May 6 to co-present a series of films about digital arts and new media theory and practice.

Music Industry Files 2,000 More Lawsuits
A new wave of lawsuits has swept across Europe as a global industry group seeks to shut down file-sharing networks and encourage legal purchases of online music.

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) filed about 2,000 suits in 10 countries. The move brings the overall number of suits filed by the group to 5,500 in 18 countries.
Newsfactor Magazine Online


Tech Talk . . .

Technology VP Joe Bryan is Interviewed on Gearwire
Joe Bryan Audio Interview
Universal Audio's Joe Bryan, inventor of the UAD-1 card, gave a compelling and informative interview to Gearwire. Check it out, tech heads.

UAD-1 RTAS Support 
The forthcoming version 2 of the FXpansion VST-to-RTAS wrapper will soon be available from Version 2 will be free to UAD-1 users of version 1.

Will UA ever release a PCIe version of the UAD-1, and if so, when?
Yes! The UAD-1e
Express PAK and UAD-1e Expert PAK are showing at the AES Convention in Paris right now!

UAD-1 Macintosh OS Support Change for UAD-1 version 4.3
With UAD-1 software version 4.3, Universal Audio supports OS X Panther version 10.3.9 and OS X Tiger version 10.4.x operating systems. Earlier versions of Panther will no longer be supported. The latest version of Panther, 10.3.9, offers performance superior to that of its predecessors. Apple offers 10.3.9 as a free upgrade for existing Panther users. Simply select "Software Update" from the Apple pull-down menu in the Finder.

Also, as reported in the
January WebZine, Universal Audio no longer supports Mac OS X Jaguar 10.2.x as of the release of UAD-1 software version 4.2.

These moves will free up valuable engineering resources so they can focus on critical MacIntel support for UAD-1.


Press • Artist • Engineer • Producer Gossip . . .

SAE Grand Opening in Los Angeles
Universal Audio's new strategic partner Neve held a stupendous party at
SAE (School of Audio Engineering) in Los Angeles on Thursday, April 20. One hundred something guests sipped wine and nibbled on cheese while celebrating the grand opening of Neve and SAE LA.

At the event, SAE announced an educational partnership and trademark licensing agreement between
AMS-Neve and Universal Audio. As part of this new alliance, Universal Audio will outfit SAE stations worldwide with UAD-1 cards and UA's full suite of plug-ins, including the forthcoming emulations of classic AMS-Neve signal processors.

Universal Audio VP of Marketing Mike Barnes made the scene, as did UA's LA-based product specialist, Fred Z.

Fred Z shows off Universal Audio hardware at the NEVE/SAE party in L.A.

Tom Misner, Founder of SAE, John Hart - President of Neve US, Mike Barnes- VP of Marketing for Universal Audio presenting a UAD-1 at the opening of the new SAE in Hollywood


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