Playback: You Send Us Your Music, and We Play it Back

Hoagie Hill takes us to a new dimension with this month's Playback winner, "Lighthead Ballad". Please read below for Hoagie's truly original use of the DM-1 delay plug-ins, and a snippet of a hi-hat, as a synthesiser. Did you know you could do that with the DM-1?

Winner: Kraig "Hoagie" Hill

Lighthead Ballad

Hoagie writes:

This little piece is called "Lighthead Ballad" A Lighthead is a sort of android in my own fictional world, and this is the sort of stuff they dig listening to. Trust me on that.

Basically, I extracted a snippet of a hi-hat track in another project I was working on, and used it as a signal generator to trigger UAD-1's DM delays. I copied the hi-hat snippet to multiple tracks in Digital Performer, looped some of those, then placed DM delays with different settings on different tracks. All of the tonal sounds you hear were produced by driving the delays into self-oscillation -- so it's a bit like using the UAD-1 as a synth. I fine-tweaked the delay settings to get pitches that were "musical." Some tracks used multiple instances of the DM plug-in for additional modulation textures. You don't hear the hi-hat itself, as I recorded only the DM outputs. Compression on the tracks was done using the LA-2A plug-in. In short, the track is a mini-concerto for (hidden) hi-hat hit and UAD-1.

WARNING: Don't anybody ever let UA's model of the Roland RE-201 Space Echo fall into my twisted little hands. I have a tambourine -- and I will use it! The result could be total global chaos! At least among dogs.

Hoagie Hill