Mix and UA Webcast Featuring Joe Chiccarelli, Michael Brauer, & Ryan West

October 6, 2011 8:43:43 PM PDT
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Recently UA and Mix Magazine were proud to present a live streaming webcast, "Mixing the Band with UAD-2 Powered Plug-Ins." In this special webcast, produced by Mix, Mix technical editor Kevin Becka hosted a panel of recording engineers including: Joe Chiccarelli (U2, The White Stripes, The Killers); Michael Brauer (John Mayer, Coldplay, The Rolling Stones) and Ryan West (Eminem, Kid Cudi, Kanye West). 

The panelists discussed a range of plug-in centric topics including tips, techniques, workflow and how to manage your DAW’s resources for the best outcome. Following the presentation was a Q&A where audience members asked Becka, the special guest engineers, and UA Director of Product Management, Lev Perrey, directly about the experience. 

If you missed the live webcast, never fear; it can be viewed in its entirety streaming on the web via the registration page. Enjoy!

— Amanda Whiting