From the fast attack of the legendary 1176LN Limiting Amplifier, to the smooth tube-driven Teletronix® LA-2A electro-optical compressor, to the classic 610 Tube Mic Amplifier — UA analog equipment has defined the sound of innumerable records for five decades.

Each UA Classic Reissue, tube or solid state, is hand-built in our Scotts Valley, Calif. headquarters. We use identical components and painstaking old-school manufacturing techniques, to ensure that brand new units sound just like well-maintained units built decades ago.

This attention to detail is also evident in our UA Heritage line, like the LA-610 MkII and 6176 Channel Strips, and the 2-610 and SOLO/610 Mic Preamps, which meld vintage designs with features tailored to today’s studio environments.

The end result is a line of analog products that deliver undeniably warm, rich and inspiring sound — same as it ever was.

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