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4.75 out of 5 stars

by J. Babb (8/26/2016):

they packed a lot of features into this box! The direct inputs are especially useful in… Read more

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4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending
Mic Preamp w/ Dynamics.

Classic tube and solid-state tones with 1176-style compression and professional A/D conversion.

By merging the best of UA’s classic analog design with smart modern features and workflow enhancements, the 4-710d is the most flexible microphone preamp in the UA lineup.

Featuring four high-end mic/line preamps with a unique tube/solid-state tone blending circuit, as well as classic 1176-style compression on each mic channel, the 4-710d also offers tons of digital I/O to expand your setup.

Buy a new UA 4-710d Tone-Blending Mic Preamp and get a UAD-2 QUAD DSP Accelerator FREE!
Now You Can:
  • Track through meticulously designed UA mic preamp circuitry
  • Blend tube and solid-state textures for tons of flexibility
  • Harness classic 1176-style compression on each mic channel
  • Add 8 inputs to any Apollo interface via ADAT optical connection
  • Process signals via Send and Return jacks for each channel
Bring your mic collection to life with wide range of UA preamp tones
At the core of the 4-710d are four channels of tone-blending “Twin-Finity” mic preamps. Each channel offers 100% tube and 100% solid-state signal path, as well as the ability to continuously blend between the two circuits. This gives you tons of textures — from creamy to crunchy — and lets you dial in the perfect amount of tube grit or solid-state sheen.
A Legendary Compression Circuit
Each of the 4-710d’s four channels features true-bypass 1176-style compression, including specially tuned "fast" and "slow" settings. This enables quick, on-the-fly tweaking for fattening up a vocal, hold a bass guitar in place, or for adding sizzle and texture to synths and horns.
Add Inputs and Professional A/D Conversion
With eight analog inputs, the 4-710d is perfect for expanding your studio. Digitized via ultra high-quality 24-bit A/D converters at selectable sample rates up to 192 kHz, the 4-710d easily connects to most interfaces with its dual ADAT optical or AES/EBU DB-25 connectors.

4-710d Four-Channel Tone-Blending “Twin-Finity” Mic Pre w/ Dynamics and A/D Converters



  • Four TEC Award-winning 710 Twin-Finity™ microphone/line preamps, each featuring:
  • Dual-path 285-volt Class-A tube and transimpedance solid-state preamps
  • Phase-aligned tone-blending of tube and solid state circuits, creamy to crunchy
  • Newly designed 1176-style compression circuit per preamp channel
  • JFET Direct Input with 2.2MΩ ultra Hi-Z impedance w/auto input override
  • Large backlit VU meters for flexible metering of input drive, gain level, and gain reduction
  • Balanced send/return inserts (half-normalled)
  • 48V phantom power
  • 75 Hz low cut filter
  • Polarity switch
  • Monolithic balanced output stage

Analog-to-Digital Conversion

  • Eight channels of high quality 24-bit A/D conversion:
  • Selectable sample rates up to 192 kHz
  • Digital output via dual ADAT optical and AES/EBU DB-25 connectors
  • 8-channel soft limiter (switchable for all channels)
  • Ultra-low jitter clock subsystem
  • LED metering array with clip/hold indicators
  • 75Ω BNC work clock I/O
  • Digital outputs anti-pop protection on power-up


  • Universal voltage internal power supply
  • Heavy-duty metal construction, two-space rack unit
  • One year warranty including parts and labor



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  • Garrett "Jacknife" Lee

    (R.E.M., The Cars)

    "The 4-710d is one of the smartest mic pres around, it’s cleverly designed and fun to use. I use it on guitars, drums all the time because I love the drive I get off it.”

    Chris Dugan

    (Green Day, Smash Mouth, Iggy Pop)

    "[the 4-710d] is a whole racks worth of gear in one small box. Four big sounding mic pre's, four 1176's, eight channels of A/D conversion, big UA warm sound."

    Rik Simpson


    "I've been using the [4-710d] on loads of different sources. It adds a real sense of depth and originality and I love how you can the control the harmonic distortion to fall anywhere between super clean to fuzzy and warm."

    Jon Thornton

    Resolution Magazine

    Well laid out; flexible metering; wide tonal palette; well thought out digital I/O; quick, easy and very useable compressors; good range of I/O permutations..."

    Robbie Stamp

    Future Music

    "The [4-710d] presents the analogue signal path quality that UA are synonymous with in a recording front end package that is surprisingly flexible."

  • Craig Schumacher


    "...An amazing product that is well designed and built from inside to outside with care – just like we have come to expect from Universal Audio. I give this product 5 won’t regret owning one."

    Kevin Becka

    Mix Magazine

    "The value is incredible...For the project studio owner looking for a versatile, affordable front end for a DAW, this is not only a must-hear, it's a must-buy."

    Kevin Becka

    Mix Magazine

    "For detail work like vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar, horns and piano, [the preamps] stand head and shoulders above anything in their price range."

    Kevin Becka

    Mix Magazine

    "I found the UA-4-710d to be a versatile and worthy go-to set of preamps across a range of applications."

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    still impresses after a year of studio use
    by J. Babb(Friday 26 August, 2016)

    they packed a lot of features into this box! The direct inputs are especially useful in conjunction with the sends on the effects loops. A lot of possibillities with this box. Its worth every penny I paid for it, but this new promo with a free UAD-2 satelite makes me want a second unit! Read More

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    Great mic pre with a very useful compresor section
    by O. Gonzalez(Friday 5 August, 2016)

    I bought the 4710D believing I would use these preamps as utility pre's. Having Phoenix Audio, Focusrite, Langevin, Miktek, and Apogee mic pres I have most of my basis covered. But as soon as I tried this pre on a Female Vocal I was floored. Both the solid state and tube section had a way of… Read More

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    4-710 d
    by . (Thursday 21 July, 2016)

    You get that wide range with the blend knob when it's used with mics. Instruments going directly in seem less affected. It's good stuff. Buy it. I've maxed out the inputs and had no issues. (See other reviews) Read More

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    Excellent and well supported by UA
    by F. Schoffelen(Thursday 21 July, 2016)

    I had one of the first units and the ease of use and solid performance made it irreplaceable as duo-stereo recording rig. You have to try those FAST compression settings to believe how it can save you with instruments that move around. Saved me a couple of times. The pre-conversion soft… Read More

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    Great piece of gear, and a great value as well
    by M. Palm(Friday 29 April, 2016)

    Besides improving the sound of my mixes, this unit gives me the ability to insert other outboard gear, which is great. I can use the on board compressor, or something else if I so desire. Using the blend knob to go from the tube amp to solid state can create some interesting coloration. I've… Read More

  • Rik Simpson

    Simpson has worked on three of Coldplay's albums, including Mylo Xyloto, which he co-produced, engineered, and helped mix. Read More


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4-710d Manual.pdf