Universal Audio Jobs

If interested in any of these positions, please send a resume and cover letter to jobs@uaudio.com with the job title in the subject line.

Company Background

Founded in 1958 by recording pioneer Bill Putnam Sr., and refounded in 1999 by Bill Putnam Jr., Universal Audio is best known for its classic, hand-built analog hardware and advanced UAD Digital Signal Processing technology for recording, mixing, and mastering audio. Headquartered in Scotts Valley, California, UA is focused on merging the best of vintage analog and modern digital technology, following its rich recording heritage and motto, “Analog Ears. Digital Minds.”

Universal Audio is one of the most respected names in professional audio and music recording products.


Position: GUI Software Engineer – Cross-Platform Application Development

Location: Scotts Valley, CA

Job Description

We are looking for someone who is passionate about writing code and creating great user experiences to join the application development team that crafts the Apollo Console, UAD Powered Plug-Ins, and other applications that are used by recording engineers, musicians, and songwriters to make great-sounding recordings.

Education Requirements BS in Computer Science, or equivalent

Job Duties

  • Design and implement responsive, intuitive user interfaces for audio applications
  • Work with artists and designers to create the look of an application
  • Analyze performance for responsiveness and efficiency
  • Make use of driver and network APIs to our audio platform
  • Maintain real-time performance in a threaded environment
  • Write literate, reusable code
  • Ensure high quality by writing automated tests

Required Skills and Experience

  • 1-5 years commercial software development experience
  • Object-oriented design in C++
  • Event-driven application development
  • Cross-platform GUI development (Mac /PC)

Desirable Skills and Experience

  • Professional audio software development experience
  • Mobile application development (iOS, Android)
  • Plug-in/component software development
  • Python, Git, SCons


Position: Audio Software Engineer

Location: Boulder, CO

Job Descritption

Love music? And writing clean fast C++ code? We’re looking for someone who can write great code and apply it to plugin processing and audio signal networks. If you’re a DSP engineer looking to expand your horizons, or a good C++ developer looking to develop an audio focus, this could be you.

This position is located in Boulder, CO.

Required Experience

  • BSEE or CS degree
  • 1-5 years C++ experience
  • Knowledge of CPU architectures, optimization strategies, and math skills
  • Experience working in multi-threaded and/or real-time processes
  • Experience with source control tools and best practices
  • Experience developing and debugging on Mac OSX and Linux

Desired Experience

  • Experience with audio plug-in development (VST, AAX, AudioUnits)
  • Knowledge of Digital Signal Processing techniques and algorithms
  • Experience using Audio Production software like Pro Tools or Ableton Live
  • Experience using more advanced C++ features like templates, abstract base classes, etc.
  • Experience with HTML5 or other web technologies
  • JUCE, Boost, Git, CoreAudio, HTML5