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4.32 out of 5 stars

by G. Bicalho (9/30/2016):

I have gratitude to this plugin! You saved me many times! Once you learn to use this… Read more

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ENGL® E646 VS Limited Edition
developed by Brainworx

A High-Gain, State-of-the-Art Tone Machine, Meticulously Modeled.

The ENGL E646 VS Limited Edition plug-in for UAD-2 and Apollo hardware offers expansive clean tones and cutting-edge high-gain technology for the ultimate rock amp.

Now You Can:

  • Track through the ferocious ENGL VS Limited Edition amp with near-zero latency on your Apollo-equipped workstation
  • Perfectly sculpt clean tones, muscular chunk, and searing high-gain sounds with remarkable string-to-string definition
  • Fine-tune your sounds with an onboard FX Rack that contains a noise gate, filter controls, and host-syncable lo-fi delay
  • Audition 64 different high-end Recording Chains with a selection of mics, cabinets, and outboard gear 

ENGL’s Heavy History

For over 20 years, ENGL amplifiers have become synonymous with high-performance rock and metal guitar tones. With their signature detailed clean sounds and dynamic, molten distortion, ENGL amps power the stages of some of rock’s biggest artists. Designed in conjunction with legendary Rage guitarist Victor Smolski, the ENGL E646 VS Limited Edition amplifier has become a modern classic among players looking for a versatile, high-end amplifier that can range from sparkling clean textures to searing high-gain tones.

Developed by Brainworx, the ENGL E646 VS Limited Edition plug-in is a sonic dead-ringer of this ferocious amplifier for your UAD-2 DSP Accelerator or Apollo-equipped workstation.

Unlimited Attitude, Unlimited Tones

With four channels, the E646 VS Limited Edition plug-in covers all the bases, and then some. With a Gain control for each channel, you’re able to dial in the perfect amount of touch-sensitive responsiveness to your clean and semi-distorted tones. With a twist of the wrist, you can easily add heft to Channel One’s crystalline clean sounds, or render some harmonic “hair” around Channel Two’s chunk flavors.

Channels Three and Four offer a ton of gain with exceptional string-to-string clarity, allowing your heavy rhythm and lead tones to speak with unparalleled precision and power. The E646 VS Limited Edition plug-in’s EQ fine-tunes your sounds just like the hardware version. The Depth Punch control accentuates the thump of a 4x12 cabinet, while the Presence control expertly sculpts your high-end frequencies to musically cut through a mix. You can also hone in on the all-important midrange frequencies for scooped-mid rhythm tones or fat, singing lead lines rife with juicy harmonic detail. Clean to mean and all points in-between, the ENGL E646 VS Limited Edition plug-in injects your studio with a stunning array of firepower.

Obey the Sounds — and the Flexibility

The E646 VS Limited Edition plug-in offers new tools that greatly add to its versatility when tracking guitars. The FX Rack features an onboard noise gate, host-syncable lo-fi delay, Power Soak, and pre/post switchable EQ filter controls, allowing you to put the finishing touches — before or after mixdown — on your tones.

But it’s the E646 VS Limited Edition plug-in’s 64 Recording Chain presets that give you the ultimate in flexibility. Captured through Brainworx’s ultra-rare Neve VXS72 console, these presets let you audition your sounds through a variety of vintage mics, ENGL cabinets, and outboard gear, including hardware emulations from Millennia, SPL, and elysia. It’s akin to an engineer patching you through various chains and mic placements. You can even set this feature to scroll through the Recording Chains in one, two, or four bar increments — allowing you to keep your hands on your instrument while listening to the various flavors.




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Average Rating (65 Reviews)
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    This plugin saves me every day!
    by G. Bicalho(Friday 30 September, 2016)

    I have gratitude to this plugin! You saved me many times! Once you learn to use this plugin, you do not even need other simulators! Combining with the pedals Guitar Rig is very convincing! Heavy, dense, easy to mix! One of the best! Read More

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    Are You Kidding Me
    by R. Greco(Saturday 9 July, 2016)

    This thing is outrageous. I'm not new to amp modelers. Was a POD Pro 1.0 guy. Tried it all as it matured. Most modelers have a high end, lo-mid problem my ears can never resolve as musical past a few playbacks. Never used them as a replacement for an amp. I play an old Budda Dual Stage… Read More

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    A different league
    by . (Monday 6 June, 2016)

    I'm a guitar tone fetishist. I have tons of real tube amps, from a 1952 GE circuit amp to a 1966 Vibrolux to several Mesa Boogies. I hate sims - well, until now. This is a modern amp, and if you're looking for vintage tones, go elsewhere (the UA Marshall sims are also amazing). If you… Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 5 Star
    by S. Hyvärinen(Thursday 2 June, 2016)

    It´s mindblowing that you can get that rock/metal sound with a single plugin. This thing is amazing! There´s a few really good presets as well. Thank you Universal Audio once again Read More

    • 1 Star
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    Thanks for the bypass preamp feature!
    by M. Niemczyk(Wednesday 13 April, 2016)

    Thank you so much for the most important Feature for real preamp owners which is bypassing the software emulated preamp! I´m sure most guitar players have already a nice sounding real tube preamp or a head with DI out, which they really want to use in every possible situation. I´m a proud… Read More


Features & Specs

Key Feature Bullets

  • Accurate amp modeling and advanced speaker simulation (Impulse Responses), capturing high-end studio gear, plus recording-specific features like EQ filters and a noise gate
  • Four channels — Clean, Crunch and two Lead Channels — each with separate Gain and Volume controls
  • Two voicing sections specially tuned for each channel: One three-band EQ for Clean and Crunch modes and one three-band EQ plus the "Middle-voiced" control for Lead Channels 3 and 4
  • Presence and Depth Punch controls
  • Newly developed Power Amp Simulation including on-board Power Soak
  • Two Master Volume controls: Use these knobs to adjust two different power amp volume settings, and switch them on the fly
  • Selectable pre/post amp Tight and Smooth filters 
  • Host-syncable adjustable lo-fi delay effect, optimized for guitar tones
  • 64 selectable Recording Chains 
  • Requires UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface, available from authorized dealers worldwide

See the UAD Instance Chart here

Parameter Specifications


  • Bypass: discrete 2 step, On / Off
  • Undo: toggle button
  • Redo: toggle button
  • Settings: single select buttons, 4 steps, A / B / C / D
  • Copy: toggle button
  • Paste: toggle button
  • Reset X: toggle button
  • FX Rack: discrete 2 step, On / Off
  • About: toggle button


  • Clean Gain-1 (Channel 1): continuous 0 – 10
  • Crunch Gain-2 (Channel 2): continuous 0 - 10
  • Bass: continuous 0 - 10
  • Middle: continuous 0 – 10
  • Treble-Clean: continuous 0 - 10
  • Treble-Crunch: continuous 0 - 10
  • Clean Volume-1 (Channel 1): continuous 0 - 10
  • Crunch Volume-2 (Channel 2) : continuous 0 - 10
  • Presence: continuous 0 - 10
  • Depth Punch: continuous 0 - 10
  • LeadGain-3: continuous 0 - 10
  • LeadGain-4: continuous 0 - 10
  • Bass: continuous 0 - 10
  • Middle: continuous 0 - 10
  • Middle-voiced (control knob): continuous 0 - 10
  • Treble: continuous 0 - 10
  • Lead Volume-3 (Channel 3): continuous 0 - 10
  • Lead Volume-4 (Channel 4): continuous 0 - 10
  • Middle-voiced (button): discrete 2 step, On / Off
  • Channel Up/Down: discrete 2 step, Clean / Lead
  • Channel 1/2 3/4: discrete 2 step, Left / Right
  • Master A: continuous 0 - 10Master B: continuous 0 – 10
  • Stand By: discrete 2 step, On / Off
  • Power: discrete 2 step, On / Off

FX Rack:

  • Noise Gate On: discrete 2 step, On / Off
  • Noise Gate Threshold: continuous -120 - 0 dB
  • Noise Gate Range: continuous 0 - 100 dB
  • Tight Filter Switch: discrete 3 step, Post / Pre / Off
  • Tight Filter Frequency: continuous 30 - 3000 Hz
  • Smooth Filter Frequency: continuous 3000 - 35000 Hz
  • Smooth Filter Switch: discrete 3 step, Post / Pre / Off
  • Delay On: discrete 2 step, On / Off
  • Delay Tab: toggle button
  • Delay Time: discrete 15 - 1000 ms
  • Delay Time x2: toggle button
  • Delay Time /2: toggle button
  • Delay Note: discrete list with 11 settings (1/1, 1/2 D, 1/2, 1/2 T, 1/4 D, 1/4, 1/4 T, 1/8 D, 1/8, 1/8 T, 1/16)
  • Delay Mix: continuous 0 - 100%
  • Delay Feedback: continuous 0 - 100%
  • Delay Lo-Fi: continuous 0 - 100%
  • Recording Chain: discrete list with 65 settings
  • RC +: toggle button
  • RC –: toggle button
  • RC Auto: toggle button (On / Off)
  • RC Auto Time: discrete list with 5 settings (1, 2, 3, 4, 8 Bar)
  • Input Gain: continuous -20 - 20 dB
  • Bypass Pre: discrete 2 step, On / Off
  • Bypass Power Amp: discrete 2 step, On / Off
  • Power Soak: continuous -40 - 0 dB


ENGL E646 VS Plug-In Manual