About UAD Powered Plug-Ins

UAD Powered Plug-Ins are widely regarded as the world’s leading analog hardware emulation plug-ins for Mac and PC. These award-winning plug-ins require UAD-2 DSP Accelerator hardware or the Apollo High-Resolution Audio Interface. To learn more about UAD/Apollo hardware, click here.

Note that all UAD plug-ins include a fully functional 14-day demo period. During or after the demo period, UAD plug-ins can be purchased individually in our online store. If you're looking for previous versions of UAD software, click here. You can visit our UAD Support pages here.

What's New in UAD v7.0 Software:

  • Ocean Way Studios plug-in
  • SPL® TwinTube Processor plug-in
  • Sonnox® Oxford Inflator plug-in
  • New Apollo Audio Interface features including Multi-Unit Cascading and Virtual I/O

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Ocean Way Studios Plug-In

Ocean Way Studios is an audio processing breakthrough — combining elements of room, microphone, and source modeling so your tracks sound as if they were recorded in the legendary studios of Ocean Way. Over three years in the making, Ocean Way Studios features Universal Audio’s proprietary new Dynamic Room Modeling. This technology, paired with the world famous mic collection and guidance of Allen Sides, gives Ocean Way Studios a shocking level of sonic realism.


SPL® TwinTube Processor Plug-In

Musicians and recording professionals have long employed classic SPL TwinTube hardware for its ability to make vocals and instruments pop, emphasizing select harmonics to add warmth, presence and dimension without impacting dynamic range. Today SPL delivers an authentic plug-in version of this world class tube processor for the UAD-2 and Apollo.


Sonnox® Oxford Inflator Plug-In

A longtime  secret of mastering pros, the Sonnox Oxford Inflator increases the apparent loudness of your mix, without audibly affecting quality or reducing dynamic range. The proven answer to today’s heavily compressed, "louder-is-better" mixes, the Inflator boosts perceived loudness without the pumping and over-saturation commonly associated with compressors. It’s a must-have mastering tool.


New Apollo Audio Interface Features in UAD Software v7.0

  • Multi-Unit Cascading of two Apollo units or two Apollo 16 units*
  • Virtual I/O feature for Realtime UAD Processing of virtual instruments and DAW tracks
  • New PT Mode for easy insertion of outboard analog hardware in Pro Tools
  • Enhanced Apollo Console software
  • Read full UAD Software v7.0 features here

* Note: Combining Apollo with Apollo 16 is an unsupported configuration.