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Legendary Studio Sound, Anywhere.

Volt 176 is the USB audio interface for musicians and content creators who want to easily record audio with big studio tone. Plug right into your Mac, PC, iPad, or iPhone and Volt 176 just shows up — ready to capture your inspiration with legendary sound, courtesy of Universal Audio.

Create professional music productions, livestreams, and podcasts on Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone

Record your voice or guitar with album‑ready sound using Vintage Mic Preamp mode

Add clarity and punch to vocals, instruments, and other sources with an analog compressor based on UA’s renowned 1176

Produce with an essential suite of audio and music software including Ableton, Melodyne, UJAM's Virtual Drummer, Marshall, Ampeg, and more

Record Yourself with Best-in-Class Audio Quality

Record Yourself with Best-in-Class Audio Quality

From the team that brought you the game-changing Apollo interface, Volt 176 delivers superior studio sound quality, with more character and tone than any USB interface in its class.

Capture a Legendary Vocal with Vintage Mic Preamp Mode

Capture a Legendary Vocal with Vintage Mic Preamp Mode

Few sounds can compare to a vintage Universal Audio 610 tube preamp, as used to record everyone from Ray Charles to Van Halen. Volt 176 gives you the rich, full sound of this iconic UA preamp, thanks to its built-in tube emulation circuitry, a UA exclusive.

Control Volume Peaks with UA Compression

Control Volume Peaks with UA Compression

Get album-ready punch and presence with Volt 176's onboard 76 Compressor — an innovative analog circuit inspired by UA's renowned 1176 Limiting Amplifier. The 76 Compressor features three perfectly tailored presets to tame voice, guitars, synths, and drum machines. Just plug in, pick a setting, and play.

Easy In, Easy Out

Easy In, Easy Out

Volt 176 gives you simple 1-in/2-out audio connections. Just plug a mic or instrument into the front panel. Then connect your speakers or headphones to monitor your audio with no latency. With Volt, you’ll be creating like a pro, fast.

Stay Inspired with a Curated Suite of Audio Software

Some audio interfaces give you a smattering of random audio apps. Not Volt. Instead, we put together a bundle of serious music production tools, virtual instruments, and plug‑ins from the industry's best.

See Included Software for Mac & PC ›

iPad & iPhone Ready

iPad & iPhone Ready

Traveling light? Plug Volt 176 into your iPad or iPhone, and you can easily create beats and samples, record your band’s rehearsals, and edit songs anywhere.*

Capture Inspiration for Years to Come

Capture Inspiration for Years to Come

Featuring rugged metal construction, retro wood sides, and sleek industrial design, Volt 176 elevates your production space with impeccable style, built to last decades.

Inspiration Comes Quick. Watch the Videos.

      *Requires external Volt power supply and an Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (except iPads with USB‑C).

      Included Software for Mac & PC

      Offering a powerful DAW, vintage guitar and bass amps, industry-leading virtual instruments, and much more, Volt gives you everything you need to start producing music, podcasts, and livestreams, right out of the box.

      • Marshall Plexi Classic Amplifier
      • Ableton Live Lite
      • Melodyne Essential
      • Ampeg® SVT-VR Classic Bass Amp
      • LX480 Essentials
      • Virtual Drummer DEEP
      • Virtual Bassist DANDY
      • LABS
      Marshall Plexi Classic Amp Bundle by Softube

      Marshall Plexi Classic Amp Bundle by Softube

      Create with an expertly modeled version of the iconic British amp that invented the sound of rock. Plus, shape your tones further with the included Softube Time & Tone Bundle, featuring additional reverb, delay, compression, and saturation plug-ins.

      Ableton Live Lite

      Ableton Live Lite

      Packed with all the effects, instruments, and features you need to make professional music productions, Live is fast, fluid, and flexible software for music creation and performance.

      Melodyne Essential by Celemony

      Melodyne Essential by Celemony

      Easily correct the pitch of recordings and samples with quick, intelligent note-based processing, and tune vocal and instrument tracks for more professional-sounding recordings and mixes.

      Ampeg<sup>®</sup> SVT-VR Classic Bass Bundle by Plugin Alliance

      Ampeg® SVT-VR Classic Bass Bundle by Plugin Alliance

      Get all the massive, earth-shaking tube tone of Ampeg’s iconic bass amp. Plus, use the bx_tuner for quick tuning and the powerful bx_masterdesk plug‑in to add the final touch to any source.

      LX480 Essentials by Relab Development

      LX480 Essentials by Relab Development

      Add lush dimension and ambience with Relab's expert model of this classic '80s digital reverb unit. You can also add complex delay and modulation textures for space and movement to your tracks.

      Virtual Drummer DEEP by UJAM

      Virtual Drummer DEEP by UJAM

      From classic soul and funk rhythms of the ‘60s and ‘70s to contemporary pop and rock styles, DEEP sports UJAM’s dynamic "round-robin" algorithm, giving you drum tracks that sound like the real thing.

      Virtual Bassist DANDY by UJAM

      Virtual Bassist DANDY by UJAM

      Get classic flatwound bass sounds for soul, pop, blues, and rock tracks with UJAM's custom-made DSP algorithms. DANDY automatically follows the key and chord you play, intelligently selecting musical bass articulations to make your tracks shine.

      LABS by Spitfire Audio

      LABS by Spitfire Audio

      Delivering on-the-spot inspiration for music productions, soundtracks, and podcasts, LABS is a curated virtual instrument library that features strings, pianos, percussion, synths, guitars, and more.

      Key Features

      Desktop 1-in/2-out USB audio interface with class-leading 24-bit/192 kHz audio conversion for Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone

      Vintage Mic Preamp mode for recording your voice or guitar with the rich, full sound of an iconic UA tube preamp

      76 Compressor adds clarity and punch to vocals, instruments, and other sources with analog circuit based on UA's renowned 1176

      Essential suite of audio and music software from Ableton, Melodyne, UJAM's Virtual Drummer, Marshall, Ampeg, and more

      Studio-quality headphone amplifier for loud, clear monitoring

      USB bus powered to reduce cable clutter

      48V phantom power for condenser microphones

      Direct Monitoring for latency-free recording

      Stylish, rugged construction built to withstand years of use

      1-in/1-out MIDI connections

      USB-C to USB-A cable included

      To see full system requirements, click here.

      Customer Reviews

      Volt 176

      Overall Rating


      L. Mcginnis

      May 30, 2024

      Amazing Interface, Needs Software Though

      I love the 176 that I got, great preamps and warm sound, compression works great as well, but I wish there was a software that I could use to turn monitoring on/off, switch to DI without having to go press buttons, as well as try some uadx plugins and stuff like the Apollo line can, that would have been really cool and I was hoping for a little more flexibility in that regard but hopefully down the line we get something like that

      g. carter

      May 30, 2024

      The Epic Volt 176

      I have added a third volt interface home studio. In addition to the Volt 176, I also own the 476 and the Volt 1. All of these products are budget friendly and will not let you down sonically. The best interfaces I own, since I have been recording at home since 1991. Give these interfaces a chance, you will not be disappointed.

      g. carter

      May 30, 2024

      The Epic Volt 176

      I have added a third volt interface home studio. In addition to the Volt 176, I also own the 476 and the Volt 1. All of these products are budget friendly and will not let you down sonically. The best interfaces I own, since I have been recording at home since 1991. Give these interfaces a chance, you will not be disappointed.

      G. Grigorian

      May 7, 2024

      ok for Scarlett but not for UAD

      5 points from 10

      N. Varga

      April 2, 2024

      Sounds better than my focusrite Scarlett

      I really enjoy this interface. It works great with Mac. The only complaint I have is the 76 compressor is a bit noise. It can be managed with a noise gate tho. I recommend for anyone looking to upgrade.

      R. FIESEL

      March 15, 2024

      Volt 176 Mighty Mouse !!!

      Thanks' for the free plugins on your promo. But it downloaded every plugin you have only to get the 7 .. But I think the sound is total warm and hot sounding Love it.. Thought I cant really tell the 76 compression when I A or B it ..I'm not sure if its working..

      D. Caruso

      March 5, 2024


      Cette petite carte son est excellente son seule défaut le compresseur qui génère quand même pas mal de noise audible.

      Dommage sinon j'aurais mis 5 étoiles

      P. HUG

      March 3, 2024

      Une carte comme je l'attendais depuis longtemps chez UA

      UA nous propose ici la carte qui donne accès au son Universal mais sans les proc d'effets HARC qui gèrent ces derniers dans le hardware du reste de la gamme UA.
      Du coup, le prix est très correct. je l'ai choisi pour intégrer mon gig de scene d'instrumentiste à vent avec mon EWI, mon mac pour les sons et une Apollo twin. Bref, c'est exclusivement du live. La Volt est assez petite pour s'installer sur mon stand et permettre aisément tous les raccordements. Elle est plutôt classe avec ses joues finition bois et sobre dans le design. A ce stade, je n'avais jamais envisagé d'exploiter l'entrée audio en live pour ma flute, mais là, avec les options intégrés, la règle du jeu va changer et me permettre de tout piloter de ma place pour tout mon setup. J'oubliais ! Le fait qu'elle soit alimentée par le mac me rend totalement autonome pour un concert sans être en panique ! Ce serait indécent d'attendre mieux à ce prix je crois.
      C'est le top pour moi !!!

      E. Høilund

      February 27, 2024

      Can't find anything wrong ...

      I bought this device elevating from my iRig/Sennheiser MKE 600.
      I just wanted something more, really. Keeping the Sennheiser on my camera.
      I do vocals/voice overs. So I bought this and got my hands on a big diaphragm condenser microphone.
      What a difference! What a game changer.
      Now, Volt 176/big diaphragm mic demands some more time in editing, getting everything right, compressors, noice cancelling, EQ's and so much more, and it's a fun ride getting my voice to sound like I want for the different works I do. I am learning as I go. Making templates :)
      But the Volt 176 was a good buy for me. I feel I got a lot for my money, and would recommend it to anyone sitting in front of a computer doing what I do. I make "How-to-films" for work and edit movies I make as a hobby. Not sure the large diaphragm mic is the way I want to go, but I'll figure it out. I have a lot to learn - I know now - in editing ;)
      I use Logic Pro for editing/recording. have not yet tested all the downloads yet. But I will. Soon.
      I had no problems with the packaging or downloads or anything.

      J. Slavin

      January 4, 2024

      My new wee box

      Im enjoying it a lot though it’s a pain reclaiming the free stuff, great sound considering I paid £140 nice compressor, I love it

      a. demir

      November 11, 2023

      Great Sound but

      Volt 176 it's a great audio interface - no doubt. It's a small, but powerful "box-of-joy" with amazing sounding "Vintage" mode and great 1176 real-time emulation. As far as the hardware is concerned, I have no objections. BUT if you have no internet connection or you internet provider blocks some ports/connections and UAConnect doesn't work properly, there is no "standalone" ASIO driver for download and your interface does not work also. Hardware it's a masterpiece, but "only on-line" driver installer it's a imprudence :( Five stars for the hardware, zero stars for the network driver installer... Now I'm able to use Volt 176 only on my secondary computer, the main unit cannot run UAConnect properly :( ( Don't copy a comment I like. I have exactly the same thought.)

      А. Королёв

      September 27, 2023

      очень хороший аудиоинтерфейс

      одна из лучших звуковых карт в этом ценовом сегменте
      плюсов много, минус только один это нет dsp процессора, а в остальном всё топ

      y. sun ill

      September 5, 2023


      일단 나무감성 디자인 예쁘고 쓸만해요

      K. Strecker

      July 26, 2023

      Great product once I figured out the packaging

      Nice interface that solved my problem of high frequency electronic interference in my old one. Love the styling, haven't yet experimented with the compressor. I'm no spring chicken but I do all right with the newfangled gadgetry ... but I was stumped when I opened the box. The interior is very cool - all-black cardboard and black packing foam, but I couldn't find a user manual that came with it. I also didn't see any cables included, so I spent 20 minutes searching in my garage for a USB-C cable. Found one and plugged it into the interface and my computer; then went online to try and download a user manual but it wouldn't let me log in to download one until I had registered my product, which the site said it would do automatically as soon as it was connected via USB. So I went around and around trying to figure out why it wasn't recognizing the device. Finally I went back to the box it came in and discovered the QR code printed on the inside of the lid! That took me back to the registration site, but it also let me know that cables WERE included ... in a smaller flat black box nestled into the floor of the bigger black box. It was literally invisible. I connected it with the included USB cable and it immediately recognized the device and registered it, and I've had zero problems with it working since then. (I guess the cable I found in my garage must have been for charging only and not data transfer.) So! Happy with the interface, love it so far, but man, it was frustrating for the user info and cables to be so hard to find. But I'm also old.

      M. Saupe

      July 26, 2023

      Best for me

      The Volt176 is an easy-to-use, reliable USB interface, the compressor is phenomenal for this price range and the vintage mode is perfect for recording rap vocals. Absolute purchase recommendation, zero problems with installation and setup - that's how it should be. Thank you UA!

      D. Mann

      July 9, 2023

      Low hiss

      I had to use a Senn 416 mic and later a Neumann TLM 49 mic, both with no pre-amp but straight into the V176. I had to turn up the gain on the V 176 to around 95% to get a strong enough signal - and go no hiss or distortion!! Wonderful! Perfect! And why I got the Universal Audio interface!

      D. Park

      July 1, 2023

      Quality Product

      Fantastic build quality as well as amazing sound quality. This is the one.

      J. Jacquet-Crétides

      June 27, 2023

      Home Studiste

      Jolie design qui se démarque de tous, je la voyais beaucoup plus grosse en photos/vidéos mais elle assez petite et c'est tant mieux . J'ai eu aucune difficulté a l'installer (Windows 11). Malheureusement les plugins qui sont offert avec me sont d'aucune d'utilitée même Ableton live 11 lite ( nombres de pistes très limitées ). J'arrive a sortir du son de bonne qualité avec, pour être modeste , couplé a un rode NT1. Les préamplis sont des plus le bouton vintage est assez léger je trouve, et le 76 compressor génère un léger bruit de fond lors de son activation mais fait son travail . L'indicateur de gain est vraiment un plus qui m'a fait penché pour celle ci au lieu de la volt 1, les couleurs etc etc etc ... Totalement satisfait

      b. newberry

      June 15, 2023

      This is silly

      hardware and software are too complicated to use

      N. montemayor

      April 12, 2023


      I am absolutely blown away by the quality of this device. The compressor presets are perfectly usable and the “Vintage” mode is just perfect. The Volt 176 has shown us that the low-cost interface industry has been holding back big-time.