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Universal Audio Microphones

Explore our family of professional microphones, designed to inspire singers, podcasters, engineers, and creatives of all types.

Streamers and Podcasters

Streamers and Podcasters

Capture your best, every time.

Get polished studio sound that’s broadcast‑ready with our dynamic mic tailor‑made for speech, vocals, and instruments.

SD-1 Standard Dynamic Microphone

Home and Studio Recordists

Home and Studio Recordists

Professional stereo sound, easily.

Expertly record instruments, live performances, and more with our natural-sounding, small-diaphragm condenser stereo microphone pair.

SP-1 Standard Pencil Microphones

<span style="color:#E8FCF2;" id="sphere">Vocalists, Creatives, and Engineers</span>

Vocalists, Creatives, and Engineers

Get the sounds of the greatest mics ever made.

Choose from a collection of iconic ribbon, condenser, and dynamic mics with our award‑winning dual‑capsule microphone modeling system.

Studio Professionals

Studio Professionals

Experience sonic nirvana with a premium microphone, handmade in California.

Give your recordings the unmatched sound of a David Bock-designed microphone, lovingly built in Santa Cruz.

UA Bock Series Microphones