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Get perfectly miked guitar tones in seconds.

Standing on the shoulders of our award-winning OX Amp Top Box, OX Stomp Dynamic Speaker Emulator pedal gives "amp-in-a-box" modelers a packed pro studio full of authentic-sounding guitar cabinets, mics, room modeling, and studio-quality effects — right at your feet.

Get three-dimensional, album-ready guitar tones from your amp emulator thanks to Dynamic Speaker Modeling

Experience jaw-dropping speaker, cabinet, and room emulations far beyond common IR loaders

Add studio-quality 1176 compression, plate reverb, EQ, modulation, and stereo delay effects for perfectly produced tones

Audition, tweak, and save custom presets and more with the UAFX mobile app


Say Goodbye to Static-Sounding IRs

Say Goodbye to Static-Sounding IRs

Going far beyond the one-dimensional captures of Impulse Response systems, only UA’s groundbreaking Dynamic Speaker Modeling convincingly emulates speaker breakup, drive, and cone cry — providing harmonics and sonic complexity indistinguishable from a perfectly studio-miked speaker cabinet.

Experience Award-winning Room Emulation

Experience Award-winning Room Emulation

In addition to expertly placed close condenser, dynamic, and ribbon mics on your cabs, OX Stomp is the only effects pedal to offer a complete selection of room mics with Dynamic Room Modeling. This gives you the authentic experience of pushing air while recording your cranked amp in a world-class tracking room.

Enjoy Studio-Quality Effects

Enjoy Studio-Quality Effects

Beyond mic and speaker cabinet modeling, OX Stomp also lets you craft stunning guitar sounds with UA effects like genuine 1176 compression, plate reverb, chorus, flange, three delay types, and four-band EQ with high and low-cut filters.

Expand the Tones of any Amp-in-a-Box Modeler

Expand the Tones of any Amp-in-a-Box Modeler

Whether you're using a UAFX amp emulator pedal or other popular amp modelers, multi-effects, or profilers — even your favorite amp's preamp line out — OX Stomp gives you over 100 curated RIG setups, giving you inspiring sounds for any amp type or genre, right out of the box.*

Customize your OX Stomp with a Full-Featured Mobile App

Customize your OX Stomp with a Full-Featured Mobile App

With the UAFX Control app, you can easily swap cabs and mics, fine-tune effects, assign RIG presets, and configure footswitches to instantly toggle sounds and/or effects, for a pro studio's worth of tones on your pedalboard.

Watch Now to get Perfectly Miked Guitar Tones

      UAFX Control App & Owner's Manual

      *Note that OX Stomp is designed for instrument and line level only — it's not a speaker load or power attenuator. OX Stomp Dynamic Speaker Emulator requires a modern 400 mA isolated power supply (sold separately). Go here for power supply recommendations.


      The most authentic sounding speaker, cab, mic, and room tones ever emulated in a stompbox

      Authentic speaker modeling including speaker breakup, drive, and cone cry

      Over 100 curated RIGs perfect for any amp emulator or genre for endless inspiration

      Studio-quality effects including genuine UA 1176 compression, plate reverb, EQ, and stereo delay (dual, crossover, ping-pong) for perfectly produced tones

      UAFX Control app for fine-tuning mics, effects, and footswitch configurations

      Silent switching, buffered bypass, analog dry through

      Customer Reviews

      OX Stomp Dynamic Speaker Emulator

      Overall Rating


      P. Hatcher

      December 7, 2023

      App is beyond terrible

      Pedal sounds decent enough, but I just can't explore its potential as I just can't get the app to work. I also have a Ruby, which previously worked fine in the app. On receiving the Ox Stomp, I upgraded everything to the latest versions. First time I tried to connect to the Ox Stomp, it just instantly crashed the app. Once I removed the Ruby from the app (obviously not ideal as I want to use that too), I finally managed to connect... once. Since then, I can't connect, I constantly get a 'try to reconnect your pedal' or 'forget the device and re-pair'. Come on UA, this is really poor. This pedal cost a significant amount - £380 - and I can't really use it. Please prioritise upgrading the app. Or better still, release a desktop app.

      C. Cordes

      December 5, 2023


      First, the Audio Quality is UA Standard, top notch! But the APP is horrible! I tried iPhones, iPads and Android Devices. In a Recording Situation this unit is absolutely USELESS because the app crashes all the time, looses connection and doesnt find the pedal. The sliders jump around when you touch them and settings get lost. Why is there no desktop app?! It is needed so badly!

      J. Cardoso

      December 4, 2023

      Great sounds, bad app

      The unit sounds awesome but it's a pain having to go through the app. Keeps getting disconnected and then I have to reboot my pedal for it to connect again and it's just not possible to do this in live situations. Kind of a bummer, but it has tones for days.

      S. Bobrov

      November 14, 2023

      inconvenient to use

      each time you login , you must enter authorization . Why does the studio client need my account information ? Bluetooth is not stable connection

      F. Orcesi

      November 2, 2023

      Extremely faulty bluetooth connection

      I've had for 10 days, and only able pair it's bluetooth once. It's really frustrating.

      J. Kim

      November 1, 2023

      Good Job UA! Just one thing to say.....

      Other guys already said same things about BT-APP issue. I hope UA fix asap. Other than that, it's just perfect gear for my recording project.

      J. Kulin

      October 25, 2023

      Awesome, but…

      This is just amazing, the sounds are superb and the tonal options are endless. My only problem is (similar to other reviews) that it is very hard to make fine adjustments and often I can’t even see where the sliders are under my fingers when using the ios app, which makes it really hard to tweak each rig (especially on iPhone). Please UA, if you could fix this issue the whole experience would be flawless. But right now, while I give it a 5 star rating on sound quality, it gets two stars at the most on app usability.

      M. Kölkvist

      October 15, 2023

      Superb sounding unit that needs s

      I must say the sounds from this unit are marvelous. The tweakability is awesome and when I’m done creating the preset I just can’t stop playing. It’s that good and fun.
      But I must say, the app it self needs a big update. If it was the same app as for the OX-box I wouldn’t complain at all. But for now the overview and how to adjust the settings is really finicky and hard to make fine adjustments.

      Z. Kurali

      October 15, 2023

      Great sounds but the UAX Control App is not stable

      The OX Stomp sounds good. Cabs sound great, mics sound great. I would not be using the effects for recording as I need dry signal. To me the OX sounds more natural than another famous cab sim system and it’s more intuitive as well. Being an outboard device helps me a lot. Where the trouble lies is the Bluetooth connectivity and the App’s Edit function’s User Experience. If the phone goes to screensaver mode the Bluetooth needs to be reconnected, that is a hit or miss, I had instances when I could only manage the 3rd time. Also the App’s Edit function isn’t logical, saving and renaming User Presents should be simpler, the App is slow so the UX needs improvement as the App does not yet do justice to this great product.

      R. Philippe

      October 8, 2023

      very good but improvements needed

      + sound is really very good and tuning is very easy with the app
      + the speaker drive was what I was looking for (especially for a cranked 5E3)
      + 1176 comp, reverb and delay are great add on
      - no cab for bass (why not an ampeg cab at least)
      - the Bluetooth connection needs improvement (you really need the latest update on your iPhone for this to work) and is very slow when navigating menus.