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Press Release

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA • February 20, 2014 — Designed as a “finishing EQ,” the Dangerous BAX EQ Plug-In Collection is the first and only authentic plug-in emulation of the hardware studio staple, available exclusively for UAD-2 DSP Accelerators and Apollo-equipped workstations.

Created by UA direct development partner Brainworx and in conjunction with Dangerous Music Digital, the Dangerous BAX EQ Plug-In Collection is a powerful tool for shaping and enhancing the tonality and character of your music. The inspiration behind the Dangerous BAX EQ is Peter Baxandall's legendary 1950s EQ — a tone control that has graced hi-fi systems around the world. Baxandall’s simple yet-effective EQ sweetened up program material by simultaneously employing broad, open curves and gently sloping cuts.

The BAX EQ Collection contains two distinct plug-ins: the Dangerous BAX EQ Mix and the Dangerous BAX EQ Master — a stereo version with Mid/Side processing capabilities not found on the original hardware.

“When designing the Bax EQ we asked ourselves, ‘Does the world really need another equalizer?’” says Bob Muller, President of Dangerous Music. “We wanted to do something special and unique, more of a tone control-style finishing EQ that would not alter the essential character of the audio. We just wanted to make it sound better while allowing the user to shape the sound in ways that are not possible with a conventional EQ. The Bax EQ plug-in is a wonderful rendering of the essential characteristics of the hardware design. The guys at Brainworx did a fantastic job!”

Available for purchase via UA's Online Store for $249, the Dangerous BAX EQ Plug-In Collection is part of the new UAD Software v7.5— which also includes the UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection.

Dangerous BAX EQ Plug-In Collection Features — $249

  • Based on Peter Baxandall's legendary 1950s EQ circuitry
  • Modeled exactly after the original Dangerous design, schematics, and hardware
  • Low Frequency cut filters dial-out unwanted subsonic frequencies, cleaning up low-end rumble and increasing headroom
  • High frequency filters tame high-end harshness
  • Broad Q Shelving for a natural, open character
  • New Mid/Side function on stereo EQ Master version — not found on the original hardware
  • Linked controls mode on EQ Master version
  • Requires UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface, available from authorized dealers worldwide.

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About Brainworx
Brainworx was founded 1999 in Germany, initially as a music production company. CEO Dirk Ulrich has worked with many national and international top stars, mainly in the rock domain, before coming up with the idea for the original bx1 / bx_digital M/S EQ concept in 2007. This Mid/Side Mastering EQ plug-in found its way into countless top studios worldwide. DIGIDESIGN / AVID released the bx_digital V1 in their Massive Pack 7 in 2008, which gave Brainworx a massive boost in recognition and sales. Brainworx currently runs several partnerships with other pro audio companies, the main partner being SPL, with Dirk leading the SPL software team. Since 2008 Brainworx has released outstanding and critically acclaimed mastering and mixing plug-ins, the best-known being bx_digital V2, bx_XL and bx_control, plus excellent models of analog hi-end audio tools.

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