Astra Modulation Machine

Astra Modulation Machine

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Astra Modulation Machine

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D. Morisset

August 16, 2021

I want more modes and presets.

I spent the night playing the Astra with headphones, using the Walrus Audio ACS1 Amp and Cab Pedal.
The Tones are superb.
What I would like, is a Univibe and Rotary Modulations, in stereo. Since the Phaser X90 and Dharma Trem 61 are available online, I guess the template for more Modulation Downloads already exists.
Secondly, I would love to be able to store more presets, at least 1 preset per Modulation, in addition to storing the last dialed in parameters for each Mode.
EXH does this with the Oceans 12 and having these features would make the pedal more Pedalboard friendly.
I don't record in any studio, but I do jam sessions and play guitar at church, so the less noodling with the board the better.

That being said, this is the First Flanger Setting that I have tried that I like. Very, Very nice without the harsh swirling tones I associate with Flangers.

The Chorus setting is simply sublime.

E. Bass

May 19, 2021

Great on guitars - also on synths

Really impressed with this so far, the thing sounds fantastic.

D. Jackson

May 6, 2021

The Best Modulation

I have owned a lot high end modulation pedals and this one tops them all.

a. dhar

May 5, 2021

Mod to the Max

Being in possession of some vintage classics, purchased Astra mainly to enable to have the mod sounds in one unit. Astra went beyond expectations. Upon first placement on my pedalboard, I have to say the depth and character of each sound is stellar. The build is superb but the effects are the real star here. The research that went into this must have been phenomenal. UA has captured the mojo of the best and this unit outshines my "standard" and now weary classic pedals. Thank you UA

c. nishimura

April 15, 2021

Extremely tasteful

The Good: Sounds here are extremely tasteful, stereo is outrageously lush. This pedal will knock plenty, if not all, of your modulations off your board effortlessly. Every setting is spectacular, usable and inspirational. A painful kind of love can be felt that went into this.

The Sad: Nothing gets wild or remotely experimental, a missed opportunity to add innovative new parameters with the wealth of extra knobs at hand. Toggle switches can be awkward to access. Price, well what did you expect?

M. Albergo

March 23, 2021


nuff said

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