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Brainworx bx_refinement

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C. Roets

May 6, 2014

curbing the harshness

I've used a lot of the native BX plugins and they have always delivered a high standard of usability and musicality . This latest UAD exclusive is a truly impressive and unique mastering tool and in my opinion a must have for any pro or semi-pro mastering engineer. With a few slight adjustments I was able to tame the harshness of the most untameable of mixes and have been completely blown away with the results, this is true magic .

H. Zwarts

May 6, 2014

great concept!

Awesome plug in! Does the job in a great way. sound natural.

D. Muzic

May 3, 2014

great mastering plugin

I am using this plugin in my mastering chain. It opens the sound in very pleasant and musical way. High frequencies start to shine, hi-hats sparkle. At the same time no harshness is introduced. Saturation drives the sound and give that extra punch which is so good in dance music. I simply couldn't resist buying it after demoing on many projects.

G. Piazza

April 29, 2014

Excellent mastering and mixing plugin

This came out just in time! Had a horn driven jazz CD to master and the bx_refinement did the trick smoothing out the rough edges of the trumpets.

I agree with another review that a few additions would be nice, such as sweepable frequency center (from 1.2 to 6 kHz) and perhaps an 'EQ tilt' feature on the saturation so it can be more targeted at the high frequencies, and maybe a way to treat the mid and side separately.
And yes, the 'Modulation' feature seems like a gimmicky afterthought just to give the plugin more variety.

But these are minor quibbles with an otherwise outstanding plugin.

This is an excellent mastering tool, right up there with K-Stereo.

S. Hurtow

April 28, 2014

Outstanding? Yes! Can I get a discount? No!

I have to hand it to UAD' Marketing Department. They certainly know how to use their promotions at 'Cracker-Jack' timing. I get the latest V 7.6 update email, upgrade my software, hit the 14-Day Trial button, instantly fall in love with bx_refinement Plug-In, go back to the store, put it in my basket, add my APR2014 coupon and what do I get? "Coupon cannot be used to buy anything new in V 7.6". Guys, I love your plug-ins. I have over 40 of them, but come on! Some of us have to work day-jobs to support our UAD plug-in addictions. Cut us some slack! Please!

L. Nicolas

April 23, 2014

The final touch !

How to have a good mastering in your home studio ?
Just place it at the end of your mastering plug ins chain and you will see ...
Bring loudness, clarity, and cut harshness without destroy dynamics.
It sounds like a real tube mastering machine.

15 days are gone, i have to pay now !

S. Barker

April 22, 2014

Digital sound to Analog

Tried the demo on a couple of tracks and until you A/B the tracks with this plugin you don't realize how harsh and digital they sounded before ?

Strange really as the Studer tape emulations and Manley EQ's i thought were taking the harsh digital sound away?, But having this plugin in the mastering chain does make the difference and have made my tracks more Analog sounding !!?

Does what it says and i will consider it for a future purchase.

P. Lengagne

April 18, 2014

subtle and useful.

I've tried it on 2 projects, the accumulation of tracks (virtual strings) always created an unpleasant sensation around 3-4 kz, but this problem disappears like magic with this plugin. My next purchase for sure.

A. Vax

April 17, 2014

Good plugin but it needs some improovements ))

Very usefull plugin.
Something like super invisible de-esser for whole mix.

1) i dont need those OSCILLATOR stuff
2) working frequence is fixed 3.3 Khz now. It will be good option to change it from 1 to 8 kHz. So it will be really flexible tool to tame those "russian 4 kHz" or "jewish 6 kHz".
3) Saturation at high amount sometimes does overload effect (buzz on low frequencies) on whole mix signal (no clipping on input actually)
4) Hard damping actually works more accurate than Soft mode ))
5) there should be SNAP function in Oscillator section when sync mode engaged.

Overall, good work Brainworx!

J. Roger

April 16, 2014

Does what it says it will.

Demo'd it over a few tracks. It does exactly what it claims to do, and does it extremely well and easily.
The oscillator is a nice touch for adding a bit of life and a subtle breathing quality to the track.

Probably worth the 200, though I still kinda wanna save my money to see what UA comes out with in another couple months.

I. Maystruk

April 15, 2014


I was personally impressed with this plugin. Compact is clear and understandable

121-131 of 131 Results

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