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Customer Reviews

Vertigo Sound VSC-2 Compressor

Overall Rating

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E. Toews

August 10, 2016

Very Transparent Compressor

This piece of virtual gear sounds very transparent. I decided to buy it as I put it on a drum Bus. I was able to compress the kit without destroying the sound of the cymbals.. Magic somehow.
One little critic point in general for all UA Compressors is the lack of side chain option.

P. Keereman

May 10, 2016

VSC-2 is great on the masterbuss

I tried a few other plugs, including UA and the plugins in my DAW, but this one is my favorite. I really use for the mixbuss in a gentle setting to polish the mix. It's absolutely great at that ! Mastering is a different step, where I use other plugins.


January 22, 2016

Fantastic sounding and surprisingly versatile.

Having recently taken the plunge into UAD land, I demoed all the currently available bus compressors. This was the stand out for me.

I love the Vertigo on the master bus, before my hardware bus compressor (either Thermionic Culture Phoenix, or API 2500).

It also sounds great on individual instruments as well.

In my hybrid setup I like to put a a good plug in compressor on individual busses/instruments before they hit the convertor and my hardware summing rig. the VSC2 does this job especially well.



January 15, 2016

Highly Under Rated!

This throws a breath of fresh air on my mix buss! Great all around compressor. The side chain filter is exceedingly beneficial. I highly recommend it.

s. kgr

January 8, 2016

Anything OK !

VSC-2 plug-in, which has been concerned about from the front. It was correct to buy. Drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, wind instruments, percussion, anything OK compressor. Since the two over to light even if it is easy to use.

F. Ortiz

December 18, 2015

Vertigo Sound VSC-2 Compressor Plug-In

Very good sound, clear and warm. I'm using it as main buss compressor. Excellent product for the price and cannot compare it with similar native plugins.

O. Hild

December 15, 2015


Def feel like people don't talk about this one much since it seems such a boutique piece in hardware world... but it definitely makes me want to check out the hardware. Took a chance on it based on other reviews I had read... thinking all along, do I really need another compressor plugin? Wanted to add some flavors for buss duties tho. Man I am glad I did! This thing KILLS on drums bus. And also master bus. But the jaw dropping came with drums for sure. I shot it out next to every other compressor I could throw at it - SSL G, API 2500, Fairchild, 1176's, mpressor, MJUC, Neve 33609/2254... none had the clarity and mid presence this thing packed. I could get a similar punch from an API 2500 if I tweaked it A LOT... but this was set & forget!

C. Allen

December 13, 2015

Pretty great.

Another great buss compressor. Kills it on drums as well as the mix buss. Great work!

C. Hugall

December 11, 2015


probably the best ITB mix bus compressor available. Almost as good as my Dramastic Obsidian - but not quite :)

R. Gutser

December 11, 2015

Vertigo Sound VSC-2

This is now my favorite compressor - you really get character into your mix. I like the presence in the higher frequency domains, while the medium range is not neglected. The UAD version brings relief compared to native, since my CPU is needed for other work.

D. Weal

December 5, 2015

Best compressor.

Best compressor that I have found for an Electro House Kick Drum!!!

P. Galaura

September 11, 2015

Rocks the 2 Buss!!!

I heard the hardware version, this is so close, it is imperceptible. And so purchased it and am a very happy camper. Thank you!!!

J. Lane

January 5, 2015

This compressor is worth it

In UA's latest release, The Manley Veri-Mu is at the forefront (which I don't know why) but I have to say that while registering my Octo Satellite and picking 3 plugins, this was one of them. It's not super exciting getting a compressor over reverbs and delays but this blows the Veri-Mu out of the water hands down. Put this on the drum bus and you'll see what I mean. It doesn't distort super hard and is a very musical compressor. I already own other UA compressors but this is my favorite so far. This, the Neve 33609, 1176 mk II's the Fatso and the Summit TLA is all you'll need. More people need to look into this plugin. cheers!

M. Trujillo

December 1, 2014

One of my favorite non-UAD compressors

I've had the plug in alliance version of this compressor for a while now and LOVE it. Probably my favorite non-UAD compressor out there. I highly recommend it. Sounds fantastic on snare, can be punchy or smooth, etc. Not sure WHY UA issues plug ins that have Native versions. Makes no sense. But if for some reason you want to run it on the UAD platform instead of using it Native (I can't imagine a situation in which that would ever occur -- I'd use the Fatso before using this) go for it.

L. Icard

November 18, 2014


I've never used this piece before but it ads a nice grit and character depending on the threshold/attack/makeup gain settings.

I wish I hadnt bought the ssl bus compressor so soon, you can use this compressor on pretty much any style of music.

The brick wall setting is nice for parallel channels!

P. Moshay

November 14, 2014

Glad i got to try this finally

I'd never tried this piece before and I'm so glad UA put it in the collection..... its a great way to get character that isn't in any other compressor I've used.

F. Pilz

November 13, 2014


I was waiting for UAD to offer the of the best sounding compressors.
Just a little bit proud that this original company is around the corner :-)

G. Piazza

November 11, 2014

Smooth and Sweet

I bought the Native version a year ago. At first I did not like it, then I had a revelation experience in a Mastering session. There is a smooth polished sound, yet it can add a hint of grit when cranking the Make-Up Gain. I have since used it on several tracks with great results. The high-pass side chain filters reduce pumping more than the frequencies imply, the softer ratios are unobtrusive and the sound is deep, wide and sweet. Much better than the SSL Buss Comp.
My only complaint is the price. Wait for the plugin-alliance or UAD Christmas sale.

41-58 of 58 Results

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