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Remove buzz and hum in realtime, for cleaner guitar and bass recordings.

C-Axe is a dynamic noise suppressor plug-in that eliminates buzz and hum for clean, professional  recordings.

Developed by C‑Suite Audio exclusively for Apollo interfaces, with world‑leading noise suppression technology designed by CEDAR,® C‑Axe packs realtime buzz and hum suppression, custom tailored for guitar and bass players.

Reduce buzz and hum from your guitar signal for clear, professional recordings

Harness fully adaptive processing to preserve the nuances and character of your tone

Record in realtime through pedals or effects chains without noise

Fix tracks affected by noisy pickups, amps, grounding, and nearby appliances

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
Lose the Buzz, Keep your Tone

Lose the Buzz, Keep your Tone

With its custom algorithm carefully tailored for guitar and bass, C-Axe retains all of your tone while eliminating distracting buzz and hum, without unnatural artifacts.

Get Pro Guitar Recordings Easily

Get Pro Guitar Recordings Easily

C-Axe’s world-class buzz and hum removal technology adapts to your signal in realtime and lets you control any offending frequencies with a single knob. Far beyond a noise gate, C‑Axe keeps your tone intact for endless riffs without the riff‑raff.

Customer Reviews

C-Suite C-Axe™ Guitar Noise Suppressor

Overall Rating


A. Giroux

June 11, 2024

Not quite

Doesn’t really do anything for me

O. Monge Quirós

May 17, 2024

not exactly what I was looking for

I haven't used it for direct recording; I have only tried it as a plugin to clean a low hum in my Telecaster recording. It consumes significant DSP, and you can't really tell that it's doing much, if anything at all. Yes, I read the manual; it's like two pages. I bought it because it was crucial for me to get a cleaner sound in the quiet parts. Now, I wish I could get that money back to buy other, nicer plugins instead.

A. Hathot

April 26, 2024

Skip it and get the C-Vox if you must.

Doesn't really work the way it should...

V. Ruzicic

April 1, 2024

Best one!

This is the best on market!

S. Tanner

March 31, 2024

It does what it had to do

The C-Suite C-Axe is a very good Guitar Noise Suppressor. Normally, I don't use one because nearly all my GIBSON Guitars are with humbuckers and it's not necessary to mute hum. But in some cases I had also single coil pickups and a lot of distortion. Then it is "on" on the Guitar Channel. :-)

Y. Turkin

March 15, 2024

Mixed feelings

Amazing results for my piezo acoustic guitar
Ok results with a single coin one
And with my active pickups one is 0 results

L. Leonard

February 29, 2024

Good for buzz noise

Easy to use and effective especially for buzz noise.Hopefully it had more function to kill other gt noise like hiss.
But all in all,this plugin do its work.

J. Jegu

January 31, 2024

C-Axe™ Guitar Noise S

Love the C-suite but this plugin is not miraculous in daw usage for the moment !

R. Robbins

January 30, 2024

Not worth the cash!

I have been trying everything with this plugin to make it work. Sure it stops the buzz but it completely adds an overtone harmonic to your sound which is so disappointing! Can’t seem to figure out how to stop it? So I give this a thumbs down

N. Carrero

January 15, 2024

Use waves Rvox Instead

Kind of a scam..Send your signal chain through an instance of R-vox, and adjust the threshold to kill unwanted room tone in your signal path. It's a lot more natural that way.

N. Crouch

January 15, 2024

A must have tool for single coil folks

I already loved the C suite for vocals & tried this.
Super clean and dynamic guitar tracks without the buzz. Used some vintage fender amps with strats and teles and the tracks come out sounding great.
Especially for a sparse mix, lets me use the guitars and amps I want

G. Patro

January 11, 2024

It does it's job but improvements needed

During noise suppression, it degrade the main audio signal which should not happen.

D. Hansen

January 9, 2024

Great noise removal

C-axe is great for removing unwanted noise/hum from my guitars! Love that you can use it in console while tracking too.

D. Libant

December 17, 2023

Single coil goodness.

As far as I know inside of the plugins are lots of zeros and ones ferociously attacking and destroying hum while avoiding pristine sound of your telecaster.

M. Brown

December 14, 2023


Amazing! Just buy it. You know you wanna.

T. Long

December 10, 2023


Not impressed.
I don’t have a ton of noise in my signal path so I can’t hear hear where it’s even removing simple hiss. I didn’t realize the plug-in was so limited.
For that price point , it should be able to do more.

V. Avdiu

November 30, 2023

Enhanced performance and bug fixes are urgently needed for the app's next update

It's possible that the app isn't responding due to compatibility issues with an active pickup guitar?!?

A. Talmor

November 29, 2023

Does nothing while using with UAD amplifier plugins

I tried the demo over some amplifier plugins from several vendors including UAD and it does nothing to the hiss. maybe a very slight change to the voicing

B. Ebenezer

November 18, 2023

It does absolutely nothing

Tried this on my DAW and UAD console, but did absolutely nothing। but the C suite Vox works like a charm, and took away all the unwanted noise

F. Verjux

September 30, 2023


Really does what it says ! Amazing