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(27 reviews)

Remove buzz and hum in realtime, for cleaner guitar and bass recordings.

C-Axe is a dynamic noise suppressor plug-in that eliminates buzz and hum for clean, professional  recordings.

Developed by C‑Suite Audio exclusively for Apollo interfaces, with world‑leading noise suppression technology designed by CEDAR,® C‑Axe packs realtime buzz and hum suppression, custom tailored for guitar and bass players.

Reduce buzz and hum from your guitar signal for clear, professional recordings

Harness fully adaptive processing to preserve the nuances and character of your tone

Record in realtime through pedals or effects chains without noise

Fix tracks affected by noisy pickups, amps, grounding, and nearby appliances

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
Lose the Buzz, Keep your Tone

Lose the Buzz, Keep your Tone

With its custom algorithm carefully tailored for guitar and bass, C-Axe retains all of your tone while eliminating distracting buzz and hum, without unnatural artifacts.

Get Pro Guitar Recordings Easily

Get Pro Guitar Recordings Easily

C-Axe’s world-class buzz and hum removal technology adapts to your signal in realtime and lets you control any offending frequencies with a single knob. Far beyond a noise gate, C‑Axe keeps your tone intact for endless riffs without the riff‑raff.

Customer Reviews

C-Suite C-Axe™ Guitar Noise Suppressor

Overall Rating

(27 reviews)

E. Peterson

January 27, 2023

Cool tool just not as consistent as c-vox

Glad I got this one as it does work just not as consistently as c-vox does. Still awesome and does help

H. Fivelsdal

January 25, 2023

Works Like It Should

It does just what it says. Perfect for my Strat and Telecaster.


January 25, 2023

It works

It will remove amp noise or hiss and does not interfere with amp sound, expensive but got it on Christmas deal.If you record live amps you will need this


January 17, 2023

rids hum

Honestly it didn't solve my problems, but it does iliminate hum noise from cheaper guitars and pickups, also rids a bit of amp hum noise. I swear there's a weird artifact on palm mutes for heavy dist but I still need to play around with settings. The vocal one is loads better. I will use it for tracking bass and guitars but I think noise problems with amps and pedals are caused by power, as I dont get it when using my laptop so if your expecting it to rid computer noises, it won't but it does a good job at the rest

E. Rudnicki

January 16, 2023

My favourite noise suppressor

This little guy gets rid of that unwanted hum from vintage single coils. I didn't realise how much I needed this plugin until I turned it on. And it's so easy to use. Don't think I'd ever record guitar without it. Get it!

R. Gilligan

January 12, 2023

Finally! Noise suppression that works!

As someone that's always been plagued by noisy single-coil pickups, this plugin is a lifesaver. I can finally roll up into the gain I desire and not worry about inter-note hums and noise, and just the sounds in my head! I already rely on C-Suite to manage the fan noise in my vocal booth, and now C-Axe will take up a permanent home in my guitar Insert chain. Well done!!!

Ю. Рюмин

January 11, 2023

This is a high level. You need this plugin.

Luckily, I managed to buy this plugin at a discount. It was the right decision. The purity of the guitar sound will please you. You will be delighted with this. Try it, I recommend it!!!

S. Myers

January 7, 2023

C-Suite C-Axe

Was hoping for something like this after the C-Vox came out. It does not disappoint. Solid purchase.

N. Singappulige

January 6, 2023

Works great

Amazing plugin for noise suppression on guitars and bass

M. Brandäo

January 6, 2023


The best, the result is better than other noise reduction

C. Newey

January 1, 2023

Works great

I have Electric interference problems with my guitar and PC being in the same small room. So i tried this to see if it would help and it worked a treat taking out the high pitched noise as well at the hum. The audio seems transparent, i didn't feel like it changed my tone. If i reviewed this for the quality of the plugin alone it would be 5/5 but I'm Only giving 3 stars as i think the price is disgusting for what it is but as i got it in a bundle sale which worked out i paid around £47 i felt i paid what it should have sold for without a sale. Easy to use, it does the job well and it's very low latency so great for real time playing. It really should have been included in the vocal version of this product

J. Shin

December 31, 2022


Fxxking good!!!

P. Saunders

December 27, 2022


This plug in shines in getting rid of single-coil hum from Stratocasters and telecasters. It adapts to the noise—even if it is the lower level noise from a humbucker equipped guitar—and cancels it out. I have it on the UAD console app, and it’s like magic. Yet unlike a gate, it doesn’t mess with the attack of the note. Highly recommended, especially if you play single coils.

D. Gardell

December 26, 2022

Like magic! But magic ≠ perfect.

I grabbed both this and the C-vox and they are highly recommended! It's crazy how all this can be done live on the fly; it's like magic! BUT like with anything that is removing unwanted things like noise, pushing it will eventually start affecting the tone, it's inevitable! I've had great results with this - but sometimes I could tell it's affecting the tone, like a metallic sound effect when playing with distorted guitars. I have a preset called "don't let go", where I let the plugin sample the hum while I'm touching the strings, because if I let go, the hum/buzzing is *really* loud and C-axe will have to really fight to kill that noise. For jamming that's ok.

Great if you're tracking, jamming or playing live. But I had great results removing the hum in post using a cheaper plugin that doesn't start with R.
Then there's the price. Yikes!
But 9/10 are probably getting this during a sale, like I did.
It's a bit DSP-hungry, so if you're using a solo like me, you will probably not be able to use your regular guitar chain + it's taking up a slot.

I am curious to see if they will work on improving and updating this, or if this is the final version.

But all in all, it's really good and if you are having problems like me, you will be very happy to flip this on and hear the noise virtually disappear!

J. Woods

December 24, 2022

Works great!

Perfect for taming my 5e3!

K. Thura

December 23, 2022

C-Suite C-AXE

I like the result of his work.

A. Guth-Rosenstock

December 21, 2022

C-AXE is great!

Get it!
It tames our 56 year old, hard-used, stage worn electric guitars, that need cleaning and servicing, and cleans up the noise! Makes them a pleasure to record! A UAD exclusive gem like C-Voice.

R. Lee

December 20, 2022


Simple and effective way to remove annoying hum.

s. arıgül

December 14, 2022

C-Suite C-Axe

it works great for me, i recommend it

L. Weisz

December 14, 2022