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Remove buzz and hum in realtime, for cleaner guitar and bass recordings.

C-Axe is a dynamic noise suppressor plug-in that eliminates buzz and hum for clean, professional  recordings.

Developed by C‑Suite Audio exclusively for Apollo interfaces, with world‑leading noise suppression technology designed by CEDAR,® C‑Axe packs realtime buzz and hum suppression, custom tailored for guitar and bass players.

Reduce buzz and hum from your guitar signal for clear, professional recordings

Harness fully adaptive processing to preserve the nuances and character of your tone

Record in realtime through pedals or effects chains without noise

Fix tracks affected by noisy pickups, amps, grounding, and nearby appliances

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
Lose the Buzz, Keep your Tone

Lose the Buzz, Keep your Tone

With its custom algorithm carefully tailored for guitar and bass, C-Axe retains all of your tone while eliminating distracting buzz and hum, without unnatural artifacts.

Get Pro Guitar Recordings Easily

Get Pro Guitar Recordings Easily

C-Axe’s world-class buzz and hum removal technology adapts to your signal in realtime and lets you control any offending frequencies with a single knob. Far beyond a noise gate, C‑Axe keeps your tone intact for endless riffs without the riff‑raff.

Customer Reviews

C-Suite C-Axe™ Guitar Noise Suppressor

Overall Rating


F. Verjux

September 30, 2023


Really does what it says ! Amazing

J. Dallarda

September 15, 2023

Negatively Surprised

As some others have mentioned, this one does not work nearly as impressively as C Vox Suite (which I love and is indispensable to me for vocals) especially on hiss from pedal chains. In fact, all it did to the hiss was add a somewhat slightly unnatural quality to the slight background hiss - which was not perceivably attenuated. For the money required for this, it's going to need to work on hiss not just mains hum. Based on C Vox Suite I fully expected to be blown away by this and to purchase after demoing, but in fact I found it very surprisingly disappointing. Nothing works remotely as well as C Vox Suite as far as recorded vocals, but there are already far less expensive tools for guitar that will get the job done as well or better even than this for far less expenditure. In fact, I would even say that this seems unfinished and requiring further work and development - especially at its price tag but even just in general. Oh well, easy decision to give this a miss.

G. Soldati

September 9, 2023

Does absolutely nothing


J. Mateo

June 28, 2023

Decent but not as good as C vox

C suite c vox was hands down one of the biggest additions that I cant live without.
this ont he other hand is something I can easily do after tracks are recorded but it does work very well in live situations. I often do big huge budget events and sometimes I will bring one of my smaller apollos so I can use this and other UAD plugins as inserts with the digico or yamaha and this does do the trick so cant say its bad at all. just not as impressive as the c vox. that thing deserves 7 out of 5 stars

A. Selzler

May 31, 2023


Removes most of the hun from my hi gain tones transparently


May 21, 2023



J. Blokland

April 13, 2023

Works well

I am using C-Axe mostly with my bass guitar, where it cuts the AC hum substantially. It's not 100% gone, but it is much cleaner. I found it doesn't work to chain it with a compressor or other plugs, so I usually print only the C-Axe reduction, then add other plugs in my DAW.

Wait for it to go on sale. A solid tool for home recording.

M. Racanelli

March 26, 2023

great suppressor

Removes unwanted buzz/noise giving you a clean signal. Great for any guitar! Highly suggested

F. Chatelain

March 17, 2023

A must have

Works very well for delete these 50Hz / 60Hz bassy noises’ tube amp without losing the key frequencies. Awesome !

k. overturf

March 17, 2023

A Real Problem Solver!

I recently had to relocate my home studio to a new neighborhood. Unfortunately, my only option for setting back up was a garage apartment that was located directly under some power lines feeding the entire neighborhood. And to make matters worse, there is a cellphone tower located about 100 yards from this spot. I had battled sound and emf noise to my exhaustion. I had all but given up hope and even had to stop recording because the noise that my guitar would pick up was so intrusive that it was not even usable. Noise gates were useless. external filters and power conditioning did some but not enough. the main source of intrusion was from the guitar pickups. I recently decided to try the C-Axe with no real hope of it actually working. I was blown away! It has been so successful at removing the emf from the guitar signal that I have been able to resume recording again! There are certain times of the day when the cell tower leaks in a little but it is so minor that you really have to be listening very close to even tell it was happening. This new plug-in has solved a major issue that has plagued me to doom. I know that my situation is not ideal for a studio and most people would just locate elsewhere but I was stubborn and refused to move again. If this can solve a major problem like mine then I would feel safe suggesting to anyone who is considering this plug-in that it is well worth it! Yes, it's expensive, but the technology within validates the price. I had already spent much more on things that just didn't work. This was truly money well spent!

R. Macdougall

March 15, 2023

awesome plug in

this works great for reducing guitar buzz and unwanted humming noise

E. Peterson

January 27, 2023

Cool tool just not as consistent as c-vox

Glad I got this one as it does work just not as consistently as c-vox does. Still awesome and does help

H. Fivelsdal

January 25, 2023

Works Like It Should

It does just what it says. Perfect for my Strat and Telecaster.


January 25, 2023

It works

It will remove amp noise or hiss and does not interfere with amp sound, expensive but got it on Christmas deal.If you record live amps you will need this

E. Rudnicki

January 16, 2023

My favourite noise suppressor

This little guy gets rid of that unwanted hum from vintage single coils. I didn't realise how much I needed this plugin until I turned it on. And it's so easy to use. Don't think I'd ever record guitar without it. Get it!

R. Gilligan

January 12, 2023

Finally! Noise suppression that works!

As someone that's always been plagued by noisy single-coil pickups, this plugin is a lifesaver. I can finally roll up into the gain I desire and not worry about inter-note hums and noise, and just the sounds in my head! I already rely on C-Suite to manage the fan noise in my vocal booth, and now C-Axe will take up a permanent home in my guitar Insert chain. Well done!!!

Ю. Рюмин

January 11, 2023

This is a high level. You need this plugin.

Luckily, I managed to buy this plugin at a discount. It was the right decision. The purity of the guitar sound will please you. You will be delighted with this. Try it, I recommend it!!!

S. Myers

January 7, 2023

C-Suite C-Axe

Was hoping for something like this after the C-Vox came out. It does not disappoint. Solid purchase.

N. Singappulige

January 6, 2023

Works great

Amazing plugin for noise suppression on guitars and bass

M. Brandäo

January 6, 2023


The best, the result is better than other noise reduction