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For LUNA Recording System (Mac only)

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  • 3.3/5
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Add evocative, beautifully recorded chamber strings to your productions.

Recorded at London’s AIR Studios, the Spitfire Chamber Strings Collection for LUNA gives you expertly sampled, small ensemble strings — played by the top string players in the world — with jaw-dropping detail and expressiveness.

Create intimate and detailed string arrangements with expertly sampled small ensembles

Animate your compositions with the best string players in the world, recorded at AIR Studios, London

Bring unparalleled expressiveness, realism, and articulations to your arrangements

Easily build string parts by section for ultra‑realistic results

A Legendary Hall

A Legendary Hall

To capture the Chamber Strings Collection, Spitfire Audio recorded 16 of the world's top string players at London's iconic AIR Studios' Lyndhurst Hall, harnessing the same legendary recording studio used for blockbuster movies like The Dark Knight, Inception, Dunkirk and hundreds more.

Intimacy and Detail

Intimacy and Detail

The Chamber Strings Collection is designed to give you a widescreen, "blockbuster sound," but with more dynamic versatility and intimacy compared to larger ensemble sample libraries. This sonically focused approach makes the Chamber Strings Collection perfect for not only film and gaming scores, but also pop, R&B, indie rock, and hip-hop productions.

Authentic Chamber Strings

Authentic Chamber Strings

Featuring four 1st violins, three 2nd violins, three violas, three cellos, and three basses, the Chamber Strings Collection features a jaw-dropping array of articulations, captured with more than 14,000 samples and multiple dynamic layers and round robins. for the perfect timbre, while still capturing the beautiful resonance of Lyndhurst Hall.

Get Ultra-Realistic Performances

Get Ultra-Realistic Performances

Build your string section from scratch with individual sections for stunning realism or select from versatile Ensemble patches to get your ideas down quickly, and use the Dynamics, Expression, and Vibrato controls to season further. No matter the genre, the Spitfire Deep Chamber Strings Collection, will elevate your productions with expressive, realistic strings.


Top string players recorded in the world famous Hall at AIR Studios, London
Diverse and detailed with essential and totally unique articulations

Expertly sampled with multiple dynamic layers and round robins

Individual sections and ensembles for added flexibility

Recorded using a world-class signal chain featuring Neumann tube mics, Neve preamps, and Studer tape machines

Customer Reviews

Spitfire Chamber Strings

Overall Rating


J. Ross

June 29, 2024

Great fun. Versatile. Useful.

Just installed it today. Love the sound and it’s quite versatile. You can record one instrument at a time or play them all together on the ensemble setting. Run it through a nice chamber and it all sounds huge. Highly recommended.

R. Bankston

April 3, 2024

Still waiting

I am a logic user and have not been able to download this through the UA Connect app. I purchased three of the plugins weeks ago. No one from NAD has resolved this issue and I tried all the things they suggested in their knowledge base. Please send me an updated link where I can use this in Logic Pro x as a AU. Thank you.

N. Golder

March 13, 2024

Will not work with my system

I purchased this weeks ago and it still will not work with my apple Silicon computer. Excited to use it on if it will ever work

J. Jones Jr

March 12, 2024

Look before you Leap!

Did not realize Spitfire Chamber Strings only works with Mac, and not Windows. So, I lost money hoping this would be a winner for me, instead, it was a loss.
Revel Piano is a very nice sounding product, very happy with that perchas.

H. Hoeidahl

March 4, 2024

I never got it...

I purchased the Spitfire Chamber Strings ... I bought a bundle of 3 plugins, but I never received this one. I have tried to contact UA through different channels, but I have not received any response. Maybe this will help...

T. van Vliet

February 2, 2024

Sounds amazing!

Great plugin. Sound is so good it's sparking creativity. Get it when it's on sale and you won't regret it.

S. Saied

January 31, 2024

Love Chamber

I absolutely love this plug-in! it is uncanny how lush and full these samples sound. I think these are great for adding texture to my music. if I wanted an intricate violin or cello solo, I would probably want to use a real person to do that performance. However, with some detailed MIDI editing, you could probably get close to the real thing.

C. Marulanda

January 15, 2024

Amazing integration

Sounds amazing with Luna!!!!! Love it

J. Bru

January 10, 2024

Sonido increíble!!!

Una gran librería con un sonido fantástico.

J. Keen

November 6, 2023

Amazing strings!

Best string samples I've ever heard, bar none. The controller dynamics are amazing and very useful as well.

D. Schroeck

May 30, 2023


Core Sound ok so far but the limits in capabilities re to play styles humanizing are too much, DAW limit too

N. Ayere

May 25, 2023

Unbelievably Lush

It sounds so authentic, especially with API console engaged. You hear all the details. It sounds great, just wish it was not Luna exclusive.


May 24, 2023