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Golden Reverberator

Golden Reverberator

Vintage Reverb Effects Beyond Any Other Stompbox.

Harnessing more than 20 years of reverb modeling expertise, UAFX Golden Reverberator puts a trio of iconic reverbs right at your feet. The tube-driven spring reverb of classic ’60s guitar amps. The dense and haunting sound of ’50s studio plate reverbs. The endless algorithmic wonder of early digital reverb hardware.

Built upon powerful UAFX dual‑engine processing and unprecedented levels of sonic authenticity, Golden Reverberator is a flagship, no‑compromise reverb unit, built to inspire you for decades.

Now You Can:

Get the unmistakable drip of three "golden unit" spring reverb tanks, pulled from classic '60's American guitar amps

Explore the dense, haunting sound of three German studio plate reverbs sourced from The Plant studio

Sculpt huge, three-dimensional tones with exact, bit‑for‑bit vintage digital reverb algorithms

Quickly access sounds with Live/Preset modes, and play with silent switching, and true or trails bypass with spillover*

Download additional vintage digital Chamber & Plate effect at product registration

Build your pedalboard around timeless UA design and robust craftsmanship, built to last decades


Spring 65: A Trio of Authentic Vintage Amp Reverbs

Spring 65: A Trio of Authentic Vintage Amp Reverbs

The tube-driven spring reverb from classic '60s American guitar amps is a heavenly sound like no other. But no two spring reverb tanks sound alike. So we auditioned over two dozen tanks, ultimately handpicking and modeling three tanks from a trio of vintage amps. Unlike other spring reverb emulations, UA's "whole amp" approach faithfully captures each reverb circuit's unique tube clipping character. The end result is all the drip, clang, whistles, and overtones of real tube‑driven spring reverb.

Plate 140: A Classic Palette of Rich Studio Plates

Plate 140: A Classic Palette of Rich Studio Plates

The dense, haunting sound of late-1950s studio plate reverb is integral to more than 60 years of classic recorded guitar tones. Golden Reverberator's three uniquely voiced plates — sourced from The Plant recording studio in Sausalito, California — frame your tones in hazy ambience as warm as the midday sun. Plus, you can easily add ripples of rich analog modulation to add texture.

Hall 224: A World of Late-'70s Vintage Digital Ambience

Hall 224: A World of Late-'70s Vintage Digital Ambience

Introduced in the late 1970s, digital studio reverb allowed progressive guitarists to venture further into atmospheric exploration — fueling the platinum pop and alt‑rock guitar tones of the ‘80s, ‘90s, and beyond. Golden Reverberator's Hall 224 effect gives you the exact, bit-for-bit algorithms of a studio staple, with all of their lush, grainy trails and mesmerizing modulation textures.

Dual Stereo Reverb Engines for Endless Creativity

Dual Stereo Reverb Engines for Endless Creativity

Built from the ground up for UAFX, Golden Reverberator's powerful engine runs separate stereo instances of each reverb effect, thanks to its unique dual‑engine processing — giving you uncanny three‑dimensional, immersive soundscapes. This results in a stereo spread of complex, awe‑inspiring spatial textures, and seamless effect transitions with trails.

A State-of-the-Art Stompbox

A State-of-the-Art Stompbox

With modern, high-powered features like studio‑grade conversion, dual‑processing engines, additional downloadable effects, Live/Preset modes, true/buffered bypass with silent switching, effect trails, and analog dry through, Golden Reverberator radiates pure reverb perfection — in a beautiful stompbox that's built to last decades.

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      UAFX Control App & Owner's Manual

      *True/trails bypass selection available via UAFX Control software (coming Spring 2021).
      Note that Golden Reverberator requires a modern 400 mA isolated power supply (sold separately). Go here for power supply recommendations.


      Flagship, no-compromise stompbox offering the most authentic tube-driven spring, plate, and vintage digital reverbs ever captured in an effects pedal

      Three "golden unit" spring reverb tanks, pulled from classic '60's American guitar amps

      Three vintage German studio plate reverbs sourced from The Plant (Sausalito, CA)

      A trio of perfect, bit-for-bit vintage digital reverb algorithms from the late 1970s

      Store and recall your favorite preset, silent switching, true/buffered bypass and spillover/trails*

      Analog dry through, stereo/dual mono operation, and available modulation on each effect

      Free Hall 224 Chamber & Plate vintage digital reverb effect, downloadable at registration

      Customer Reviews

      Golden Reverberator

      Overall Rating

      P. Chamberlain

      November 14, 2021


      Cannot register this product to my account, even contacted support no reply poor.

      S. Alcorn Lobato

      June 13, 2021

      I so much want to like this, but . . .

      This pedal has some really nice sounding reverbs, but I have two problems with it, one a possible deal breaker. The first thing I noticed was the controls. I have not yet downloaded the Lexicon plate, but I hear very little difference in decay. It would be nice if, like other plugins, the Lexicon 200, PCN and MPX series, we can control the decay independent of the one of the three chosen reverbs.

      The second issue I'm having with it, and the probable deal breaker is that it changes the tone of my instrument (the pedal steel guitar). The sound loses much of its warmth when the pedal is in the signal chain (mine consisting of only the reverb and an analog delay). I give it two stars instead of one because the reverbs themselves are luscious .

      D. Jackson

      May 6, 2021

      Top Reverb pedal

      I have used many reverbs and owned some of the best..... This is the BEST!

      B. Spinks

      April 27, 2021


      Best reverb I’ve ever used. Sonically it’s perfect, really perfect. Lack of midi is a downside and I really don’t understand that omission, but regardless of that it’s a wonderful pedal.

      C. Macarone

      April 13, 2021

      224 on the floor

      Very happy with this purchase.
      I always wished the UA 224 plug in could be a part of my live rig and now here it is, my own 224 on the floor!
      I would’ve been happy with just one simple 224 hall choice but the plate reverb is just delicious. To have these two at my command is worth every penny. Well done UA!

      G. Twydell

      April 6, 2021

      Simple, beautiful.

      I have had mine for a week or so now and absolutely love it. Im not usually a reverb sorta guy when it comes to my live rig but this had me very interested straight away as the quality of what I heard was superb. No midi no problem, never cared for it. I like a more simple approach. With quality reverb like this you don't need a space station interface.
      Cracking job chaps!

      R. Lupi

      March 23, 2021

      Simply incredible.

      Best reverb pedal i've used, hands down... it sounds AMAZING (the spring 65 is my favorite so far). Also, it's super intuitive and you can just tell UA went all out on this.