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Volume 1, Number 8, November 2003
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Dealer Focus: Pacific Pro Audio

Brian Cornfield, Annette Dembsky, & Garth Hedin of Pacific Pro Audio.
Pacific Pro Audio was founded by Garth Hedin and Brian Cornfield in the mid 90’s, and has become the fastest growing Northwest pro audio dealer. Our staff comes from varied backgrounds, ranging from electrical and audio engineering, music, and studio management. Our sales, technical and administrative teams combine to offer our customers a comprehensive, full service experience from start to finish.

“The digital recreations of the LA-2A and the 1176LN limiters have caused several of our client’s to obtain mixes that they thought were unobtainable.”

In 1998, we launched our online presence. Despite the trend toward e-commerce, the business of professional audio has not changed sufficiently to fully embrace this new paradigm. Purchasing professional audio equipment remains a complex proposition and with the increasing incorporation of computers and video into the pro audio equation, purchasing pro gear becomes even more complex. Pacific Pro Audio has the people, products and expertise to help our clients realize the full potential of their projects. We sell products from over 200 manufacturers as well as quality used gear.

Several years ago, we noticed the introduction of pro audio products that were made in China. We explored the idea of providing a pro audio quality condenser microphone for our customers. About one year later we introduced the LD-1, and soon after the LD-2ube. The LD-1 is a professional large diaphram, cardiod condenser microphone. The LD-2ube is a professional dual diaphragm, tube, 9 pattern condenser microphone.

One the same track, we expanded our interest into the digital audio recording market. Being the exclusive Digidesign AVP dealers in Washington State has allowed us to see the full user range of DAWs in our area. Our creation of the ultra fast and quiet Pacific Pro Audio Oxford 911 Firewire drives has helped our clients explore massive tracks of recording! Many of our client’s share our excitement about Universal Audio’s new line of plug-ins for Pro Tools. The digital recreations of the LA-2A and the 1176LN limiters have caused several of our client’s to obtain mixes that they thought were unobtainable. Clients can hear these great plug-ins on our Protools HD3 demo system, which is always on to inform and amaze visitors who are not yet familiar with these excellent products. Our hat’s are off to UA. Universal Audio has also impressed us with their latest hardware products, The Universal Audio 2-610 microphone pre is becoming one on the “must have” items for recording.

Late in September we moved into our new location. The space allows us more room for display and demonstration and features a panoramic view of the Puget Sound, not only from every office, but also from the sales/demo floor. Better parking and improved client services have been received well by our clients, who continue to motivate and drive us to be the best professional audio dealer that we can.

Pacific Pro Audio
First West Building
200 First Avenue West
Suite #502
Seattle, WA 98119
(206) 264-9386
Fax (206) 264-0140

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