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Volume 2, Number 3, April 2004
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Digi-Talk: UAD-1 for RTAS!

UAD-1 RTAS plug-ins in Pro Tools. Woo-Hoo!
Universal Audio has teamed up with FXpansion to create a special version of their popular VST to RTAS Adapter to work seamlessly with the UAD-1. This version of Fxpansion’s UAD-1 Adaptor is free to anyone who purchases a Project Pak or Studio Pak. Once you register your UAD-1 Project Pak or Studio Pak cards at my.uaudio.com, you will be able to download it from our website. This special UAD-1 version of the adapter will not convert VST plug-ins from other companies. A full version with support for 3rd party VST plugins is available for sale at the FXpansion web site and Fxpansion has plans to offer an upgrade from the UAD-1 adapter to the full version later this year.

For over three years, users of VST, MAS, DX, and more recently Audio Unit (AU) compatible applications on Mac and/or Windows, have enjoyed the benefits of the UAD-1. Incredible sounding plug-ins coupled with the host processor saving UAD-1 plug-in accelerator card, are the biggest benefits of using a UAD-1 platform. Excellent product support, non-intrusive copy protection, and inexpensive (but incredible) plug-ins are some of the other fantastic benefits.

Note: If you’re not familiar with the VST to RTAS Adapter software, it adapts the VST plug-ins stored at a location specified by the user, and creates a version of the “adapted” plug-in in the Pro Tools plug-ins folder. The plug-ins appear in the Finder in the same place as the rest of the Pro Tools plug-ins, but these plug-ins are actually special “shortcuts” to the actual VST versions (so don’t throw away the VST versions once they have been adapted!).

To use the plug-ins, you just select them like any other RTAS plug-in. All iterations are supported: mono, mono-to-stereo, and stereo.

Location of the UAD-1 RTAS plug-ins
The UAD-1 RTAS plug-ins as they appear in the insert menu
You can use any other RTAS plug-ins and other “adapted” plug-ins on the same track as the UAD-1 RTAS plug-ins. They are also compatible with all types of tracks, including audio, aux, and master fader tracks.

-Dave Crane

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