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Volume 4, Number 6, August 2006
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Featured Promotion: UAD-1 to UAD-1e Cross Grade, SOLO 100, UAD 100

UAD-1 to UAD-1e Cross Grade
UA is offering a limited time Cross Grade Promotion for UAD-1 users. Purchase and register a UAD-1e, and get an additional UA store voucher (beyond the one that comes in the box) towards your next Powered Plug-In Purchase, and KEEP or sell your UAD-1.

• Buy a new Express PAK, get an additional UAD$100 voucher
• Buy a new Expert PAK, get an additional UAD$250 voucher

Insiders tips

  • You may cross grade as many times as you like, without limit, until the promo expires, as long as a PCI UAD-1 card remains in your account
  • ANY UA UAD-1 changes to a Project PAK if you choose to sell it and keep your plug-in licenses (Mackie cards also have 1176LN & LA-2A). Please read our UAD-1 transfer policy
  • These vouchers do not expire!

You can combine this promo with our SOLO 100 Promo, and our UAD 100 Promo too. So if you act now, you will have a lot of free plug-ins!

The UAD-1e can be integrated seamlessly with your UAD-1 cards, up to four total per system. Yes- all of your existing plug-in authorizations will work with your new UAD-1e card.

Promotion expires December 31st, 2006

SOLO 100 Promo
Wouldn't you love a stellar sounding tube or Class-A mic-pre at a project studio price? Here's a great chance to get a single channel of the hottest mic pre/DI's under $1000 and we'll instantly credit a UAD$100 voucher to your account to invest in your UAD plug collection. Beginning June 1, 2006, just buy and register a SOLO/610 or SOLO/110, and you'll get a UAD$100 voucher for the my.uaudio.com online store. It's dead simple and hearing is believing! Check out the SOLO product demo's online or audition a unit at your friendly local UA dealer and go buy/register your SOLO and get a UAD$100 voucher. The promo is valid for as many SOLO's as you want so now you have a real excuse to get one of each! Existing SOLO customers fear not, we have not forgotten you! The SOLO 100 promo is retro-active for all currently registered SOLO customers. The time to "Go SOLO" is now but the SOLO 100 Promo expires 11.59 PDT August 31, 2006.

UAD 100 Promo
Need a little more DSP Power for the latest UAD plugs, or that move to 96k, or just covet that mondo multi-card setup with 4 UAD DSP cards? How about UA makes the decision a little easier for you? Beginning June 1, 2006, when you buy and register your second, third or fourth UAD card (or start a second group), you will receive a UAD$100 voucher for the my.uaudio.com online store. This offer is valid for ANY current UAD PAK (Project, Ultra, Flexi) and the UAD-1e PCIe Express, and Expert PAK's AND for multiple card purchases. Don’t have any UAD's yet? If you buy two UAD cards during the promo period, you'll get UAD$100 when you register the second. This offer expires 11.59 PDT August 31, 2006.