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Tips & Tricks — 1176 Classic Limiter Collection Plug-Ins

In this short demonstration video, you'll see and hear a controls overview, plus four great tips for incorporating the UAD-2 1176 Classic Limiter Collection plug-ins into your mixes. Tips covered include: The "SLO" attack setting of the 1176AE, crushing drums with "All-Buttons" mode, getting grit with compression distortion, and adding 1176 amplifier "color" without compression.

CurveZer0 said
Love this plugin!
Johnny Mac said
Rafal Bien said
1176 Classic Limiter - Best! ( drums)
Danny Kane said
Elihat Asbel Caceres said
Exelente trabajo de los poderosos Dsp UAD.
Тарас Ващишин Тарас said
UAD-2 Quad!
Тарас Ващишин Тарас said
1176 its cool!
Dichenes Carlos Torres Anselmi said
Massa demais

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