Chandler Limited® Curve Bender Mastering EQ

Chandler Limited® Curve Bender Mastering EQ


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The inspired tone of the legendary British console EQ, taken to the next level.

Based on the vintage EMI TG12345 desk from Abbey Road Studios, the same one used to record Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and The Beatles' Abbey Road, Chandler Limited’s Curve Bender EQ isn’t just a recreation of the legendary hardware. It takes the sonics of the vintage EMI unit, and blows it up into powerful mastering EQ.

Developed by Softube — and available exclusively for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces — the Chandler Limited Curve Bender Mastering EQ plug-in is endorsed by Chandler Limited and is an exacting emulation of this ultra‑boutique EQ.

Now You Can:

Shape and color your mixes with the only authentic emulation of Chandler Limited's best-in-class EQ

Give your tracks vintage warmth and character

Boost frequencies in your masters with powerful, character-filled EQ curves — without ever sounding harsh

Harness plug-in-only features Mid/Side and Channel Linking to tweak width and punch

Take a listen

Take a listen
An Iconic Circuit

An Iconic Circuit

Using an advanced algorithm, Softube expertly emulates the Chandler Limited Curve Bender’s filter inductors — the key to its legendary sonic character. “Inductor-based EQs have a sound that is unachievable by any other method," says Chandler Limited founder, Wade Goeke. "They sound fat, with thick low end, slightly aggressive mids, and smooth highs.”

Expanding a Classic

Expanding a Classic

The original EMI TG12345 desk EQ offered nine fixed filter points. The Chandler Limited Curve Bender expanded these to a whopping 51, with more gain options, a slightly more flexible Q, Mid/Side capability, and added high and low‑pass filters. These enhancements have made the Chandler Limited Curve Bender EQ equally at home in high-end mixing or mastering studios.

Mastering and More

Mastering and More

Although it’s primarily designed for the mix bus, the Chandler Limited Curve Bender EQ plug-in can be used in myriad tone-shaping scenarios. Put it on your mix bus and add air, complexity, weight and mojo with juicy inductor-based flavor. The Chandler Limited Curve Bender plug-in’s ultra-flexible filters can even clean up infrasonic rumble, DC offset, and high-frequency noise. Or place it on your drum or vocal bus for tons of old-school spice and attitude that is unachievable any other way.

Key Features

Exacting emulation of this modern classic EQ for mixing and mastering, fully authenticated by Chandler Limited
Based on the vintage EMI TG12345 desk used to record The Beatles and Pink Floyd
Models entire Chandler Limited Curve Bender electronic path including transformers and circuit nonlinearities
Plug-in-only features include Mid/Side functionality and channel linking
Includes Artist Presets from Howard Willing, Kevin Kadish, and Tony Maserati

Customer Reviews

Chandler Limited Curve Bender Mastering EQ


M. A

July 14, 2017

Honestly , this will change the way you RENDER final MIXES

Get it , period

J. Raper

July 13, 2017


What can you say about this that everyone else hasn't said time and time again. This EQ is absolutely incredible. That 20k band is no joke. Buy this. Immediately.

I. Turner

July 3, 2017

Wonderful eq with tons of character

I've tried recreating this eq with another more versatile parametric, and I just can't quite match the curves... this thing has a very unique sound. Great on the master bus, but also excellent on individual tracks. One of my favorite eqs.


June 30, 2017

bof ;o(

really too much expensive for what he do, if it was possible turning back I dont buy this plug disappointed

T. Hinton

June 29, 2017

Boy oh Boy!!!

This sounds like analog color unlike any other Eq I`ve heard period can make any mix buss sound better period 10 stars easy

B. Miles

June 27, 2017

It's all about the subtleties.

The warmth and punch on the bottom end, and the smooth and silky top end are pretty unmatched in a stereo buss eq. This is a new found love and one of my go-to mastering tools in the box.

J. Frias

June 21, 2017

Very musical sounding.

This baby here along with my Neve 33609 sound very musical and smooth to my ears. This eq has broad curves and has amazing sound for mastering. Couldn't ask for more. Decent DSP management. Well worth the money.

M. Chan

June 21, 2017

The best ITB depth I've ever heard

I urge you to try out the M/S mode of this unit. It really adds some magical depth to your music. And you should never worry about over-EQing cause you just can't with this box.


April 28, 2017

Killer RED

a must have... it has that vintage sound without killing ur mix...Limit / Comp... u can go wrong... I love the color of this box.... Just buy it blindly....

T. Shin

April 13, 2017

Color for days

Perfect plugin when you need just a touch of color - not too much that it sounds over-processed, not too little that it can be replicated by a standard parametric EQ.

N. Dettenbach

April 12, 2017

High Level Mastering EQ

Worked primarily with the Manley Massive Passive - which is a a Monster. The Curve Bender seem to have it's own sound, which seem to blew up where the Massive Passive comes "at his ends". I'm still new with the Curve Bender and have to get more experiences, but the sound out of tweakin on some first masters was awesome.

T. Lockett

April 11, 2017

Great EQ

I have a lot of great EQ's, and the Chandler Curve Bender EQ, is high up on the list of my go to, mastering EQ's.
This EQ can cut or boost, either subtly or drastically, but it ALWAYS sound smooth.
I would recommend this EQ to anyone I'm not very good at writing about the details, I'll just say it sounds great,and it was worth the money

T. Prilesky

April 3, 2017

My new fave mastering eq

I've been using the Massive Passive as my main mastering eq for years, but this one is so much more satisfying to work with. The tones change in a more organic way, it has beautiful analog character, and the m/s feature is incredibly useful. Very happy that I got this.

C. Witt

March 22, 2017

The best Bus Eq i ever heard!

This one i put on every bus/group and on the master channel. it is so beautiful. rich and creamy curves.. like my wive. i love it.

J. Costable

March 18, 2017


Smooth, musical, loving this on my mix buss.

K. Degiorgio

March 13, 2017

Shines in the upper mids.

I have found the best use for this on the mix buss. The gentle settings and curves are perfect for that. The best upper mid section I've yet heard on a plug-in EQ. Very impressive.

J. Morra

February 22, 2017

Satisfied with this

Reactive eq so I can use it on mastering chain or bus tracks. In addition to 4 bands, it has low pass and high pass filters. Mid-side processing is also useful.

A. Shaw

February 17, 2017

Special Sheen

This Eq sound great! I typically use it on my mix buss and it does the job well with slight boosts in top and low end frequencies. It is far from transparent but it has a sweetness to it. I'm typically recording a mixing Rap, HipHop, Reggae, and R&B.

T. Lash

February 14, 2017

Favorite UA plugin

This is my favorite EQ. Easy to use and dial in or cut out just the right amount. Makes tracks and mixes sound considerably better. Not huge DSP hog either. Thumbs way up on this beauty.

V. François

February 13, 2017

Better than Manley

Very efficient EQ, a must have for mastering

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