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4.76 out of 5 stars

by M. Pitt (10/11/2015):

My Go to plug-in on almost everything Read more

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Neve® 88RS Channel Strip Plug-In

EQ & Dynamics Section Plug-In Derived From Neve’s Flagship Large-Format Analog Console

In 2001, Neve launched the 88 Series: A new, large-format analog console that represented the best of all Neve designs that came before it. Many professionals in both the audio and film communities consider the 88RS the ultimate console for modern features and reliability. The 88RS has found a home in some of the finest rooms and scoring stages around the world, including Ocean Way, Abbey Road, AIR, The Village, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Skywalker Sound. UA’s Neve 88RS Channel Strip plug-in captures the EQ and dynamics section from this flagship console, providing a rich palette of modern sound-sculpting tools.

With a rich palette of modern sound-sculpting tools, the Neve 88RS Channel Strip captures the EQ and dynamics section from Neve’s flagship console. The controls comprise 12 dB per octave high and low cut filters, a four-band EQ plus limiting, compression, gate and expansion. The middle EQ bands are fully parametric, while the flexible high and low bands provide the user with two fixed-Q types and the ability to switch to shelving EQ.

The VCA-type Limit/Comp provides a 0.01 to 3s release, Auto Release and a continuously variable ratio control with a fixed fast or slow attack time. The Gate/Exp provides 0.01 to 3s release times, fast or slow attack times plus Threshold, Range and Hysteresis to tailor your gate or expansion effect to the perfect response for any source.

Additionally, the user may engage the P-DYN button to reorder the signal chain so that the EQ is first. With the SC-EQ button, the user may engage a sidechain feature to achieve frequency-dependent compression for such useful tasks as de-essing.



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  • Hector Delgado

    (Jay-Z, Ledisi)

    "The Neve 88RS has changed my sound completely. Now my drums have that bottom end sound that sits perfectly in the mix."

    Neil Mclellan


    "The Neve 88RS Channel Strip is wicked — really proper... If I had only this plug-in on every channel, I'd be good to go."

    Ryan West


    "The UA [Neve] 88RS gives me the same butt-kicking power that I get from the console ... It's the sound I'd expect from a real Neve."

    Geoff Sanoff

    (Pro Sound News)

    "[The Neve 88RS] plug-in completely won me over. The convenience of an all-in-one plug-in speaks for itself."

    Paul Vnuk, Jr.

    (Recording Magazine)

    "As you would expect from UA, each plug-in is visually and functionally accurate to its real world counterpart"

  • Jono Buchanan

    (Future Music UK)

    "It's now possible to turn your DAW into a full Neve console, for a fraction of the cost of a real desk."

    Eli Crews

    (Electronic Musician)

    "If you don’t already own a UAD system, UA is definitely making it harder to resist with each top-notch plug."

    Eli Crews

    (Electronic Musician)

    “[The Neve 88RS is] definitely the closest I’ve ever felt to manipulating large-format controls in the digital realm.”

    Mark Cousins

    (Music Tech UK)

    "The [Neve] 88RS' flexiblity, musicality,and low DSP requirements take the UAD system to a new level. 10 Stars."

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Average Rating (191 Reviews)
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    Great Plugin
    by M. Pitt(Sunday 11 October, 2015)

    My Go to plug-in on almost everything Read More

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    Neve 88RS FTW!
    by A. Harrington(Friday 9 October, 2015)

    Before I took the Apollo plunge I had been using a decent hardware chain for vocals: A good condenser into a Capi VP 26 Preamp to a DBX Compressor/Gate then an Aphex Exciter (only slightly driven). I'd then EQ in the box after tracking the source. With some exceptions, I have largely… Read More

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    This is a first.
    by K. Abildgaard(Thursday 16 April, 2015)

    I am usually no fan of channel strips but this one has taken me by surprise. There is something unexplainable about what it does to sound even when just passing through. I sometimes think it may be placebo, but I swear I can hear something nice and subtle going on. I use it on a lot of… Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 5 Star
    by J. Edwards(Thursday 16 April, 2015)

    I have just started to use this plugin and I'm very impressed with its sound. Very smooth and warm eq! Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 5 Star
    It's given a push by channel strip!
    by ヒ. ナカムラ(Thursday 16 April, 2015)

    When recording, it's the best plug-in which should be inserted. A compressor isn't a just accessory! To have the wonderful effect, when recording with EQ, when you can insert yourself, the pleasure increases at the time of MIX! Read More

  • Neil Mclellan

    In co-producing and mixing The Prodigy’s powerfully aggressive new album, The Day Is My Enemy, Neil Mclellan adds another international hit to his star-studded resume. Here, he shares his thoughts on crafting with compression, hardware/software comparisons, and what it takes to be the “cream”… Read More

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Features & Specs

Neve® 88RS Channel Strip Plug-In


  • EQ and dynamics section from Neve’s flagship large-format analog console
  • Exclusively Neve licensed/UA modeled
  • Highly flexible Limiter/Compressor and Gate/Expander dynamics section
  • 12 dB per octave high and low cut filters
  • Four-band parametric EQ with high and low shelf filters
  • Ability to swap module order or to sidechain the EQ to the dynamics section
  • Neve tools for modern production and mixing techniques
  • Requires a UAD DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide
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