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4.87 out of 5 stars

by L. Rollins (3/7/2016):

When trying to squeeze the most out of my DSP I'm pleased to have this legacy… Read more

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Fairchild® 670 Legacy Compressor

Exacting Emulation of the ‘Holy Grail’ In Variable Mu/Tube Limiting

In studio gear esoterica, the two-channel Fairchild 670 is the ‘Holy Grail’ of hardware compressors. Universal Audio went to great lengths to capture the unique and sublime sonics of this famous Variable Mu/Tube limiter — while simultaneously eliminating its 65 lb. girth, 14 transformers, 20 vacuum tubes, and $30,000 vintage-market price tag — for our UAD Powered Plug-In version. Modeled on noted engineer/producer Allen Side’s favorite unit from Ocean Way Studios, the Fairchild 670 Legacy plug-in incorporates all of the features from the original unit. Several new UAD-only features round out this offering, giving the Fairchild 670 Legacy Powered Plug-In added flexibility in modern studio settings.

Great efforts were made to capture the unique and sublime sonics of this famous mu-type tube limiter. The UAD Fairchild 670 Legacy adds an auxiliary panel allowing access to rear access controls, common mods, and unique Universal Audio-only additions.



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  • Darrell Thorp

    (Beck, Radiohead, Charlotte Gainsbourg)

    If your drums, bass or vocals are lacking a little vibe, just grab the new UAD Fairchild 660 or 670, turn the input knob up, and listen to how much life your song has now.

    Ryan West

    (Eminem, Kanye West, Kid Cudi)

    "I find that I can use the [UAD Fairchild] 670 plug-in on parallel drum buses in lat/vert mode to enhance the tone, add depth, and control the stereo image in ways that no other plug-in can."

    Steve Levine

    (Culture Club, Beach Boys, Ziggy Marley)

    "The much sought after Fairchild 660 and 670 are now accessible to UAD/Apollo users, allowing them to enjoy an audio treat that had previously only been available by a select few artists and producers."

    MusicTech Magazine

    "Although there are plenty of passable emulations available, Universal Audio's skills at analogue modeling are ably demonstrated here, delivering a near-perfect software replica for a fraction of the cost of the original hardware."

    Peter Mokran

    (Christina Aguilera, The Flaming Lips)

    “I'm blown away. [The UAD Fairchild Collection plug-ins] perfectly model not only the compression behavior, but the actual sound. This is a big step forward.”

  • Henry Jackman

    (The Da Vinci Code)

    "The UAD Fairchild compressor, just like the original device, is an absolute winner."

    Garrett "Jacknife" Lee

    (R.E.M., The Cars)

    “The UAD Fairchild 670 is beautiful on drum subs, mix buss, and pretty much anything else you can throw at it. It's got a smoothness that's hard to beat.”

    Paul Moak

    (Third Day, Matthew Mayfield)

    "The mix REALLY came to life when i strapped the Pultec-Pro and the Fairchild [plug-ins] across the bus."

    Eddy Schreyer

    (Oasis Mastering, Prince))

    "[I choose] the Fairchild 670 Compressor for its clean, controlled compression."

    Frank Filipetti

    (James Taylor, Rod Stewart)

    "Compared to the Waves & Bomb Factory emulations, it's [UAD Fairchild 670 plug] in a whole 'nuther league."

  • Aziz Ibrahim

    (Simply Red, The Stone Roses)

    "The Neve 33609 & Fairchild 670 compressor plug-ins are my favorites. They really seem to fix things for me."

    Henry Jackman

    (The Da Vinci Code)

    "The UAD Fairchild compressor, just like the original device, is an absolute winner."

    Jim Dalrymple

    (The Loop)

    "[I use] the Fairchild Compressor, Neve 1081, Neve 1073, LA-2A and the 1176 Compressor. They all give you something different."

    Matt Knobel

    (Lenny Kravitz)

    "With the others, you have to work all day ... With the UAD, you put it on and it sounds like a Fairchild."

    Matt Knobel

    (Lenny Kravitz)

    "With the UAD-2 , you put it on and it sounds like a Fairchild. It makes it so much easier to get what you're looking for."

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Average Rating (250 Reviews)
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    Great, lightweight DSP alternative
    by L. Rollins(Monday 7 March, 2016)

    When trying to squeeze the most out of my DSP I'm pleased to have this legacy collection to fall back on. Read More

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    There is was!
    by M. Halvorsen(Monday 24 August, 2015)

    Having trouble "gluing" your mix together, this is the one! Fantastic warm and analogue sound, and hust put on the default and it's there. Read More

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    I luuurve this....
    by a. kamal(Sunday 2 August, 2015)

    Am lucky enough to have this piece of gear as hardware and must say that the plug in is pretty much the same in a lot of settings on the hardware are nearly one to one transferable, the only difference being the level which needs a bit less on the hardware as on the software… Read More

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    by c. henry(Wednesday 1 July, 2015)

    WOW! i canhardly express the thanks i would really like to give when it comes to this outstanding plug inns, i simply stumble upon this plug inns, so i decided to go and see the video about it from UAD, here i am searching for something to brighten up my strings after applying so much… Read More

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    precision bus compressor
    by c. henry(Wednesday 1 July, 2015)

    outstandingly! UAD did it again for me, after searching thru my plugs inns for something that would hold my drum level in its place and bringing the kick drum forward enough, not over powering the bright ness and snap in my snare or dampening and dulling my highs indeed the precision bus… Read More

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Features & Specs

Fairchild® 670 Legacy Compressor Plug-In


  • Modeled after Ocean Way’s famous golden unit
  • Sidechain Link for stereo operation
  • DC bias controls compression ratio and knee
  • Six attack and release time constants
  • Lateral-Vertical mode for vinyl mastering and stereo imaging effects
  • Separate mono version of 670 compressor for mono tracks
  • Input and Output metering
  • Final Output Gain
  • Controls Link which couples dual controls
  • Requires a UAD DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

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