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4.78 out of 5 stars

by O. Pedersen (6/26/2015):

I own the real deal as well and this plug does an amazing job. My "real" unit… Read more

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Roland® RE-201 Space Echo Tape Delay Plug-In

Warm, Highly Adjustable, Multi-Head Tape Delay Captured From the Best of the Space Echo Line

Created by Roland in 1973, the Space Echo has been adding wonderful tape character and chaos to performances and recordings since its inception. Pink Floyd and David Bowie, countless reggae and dub albums, to more recent bands like Portishead and Radiohead, all offer examples of the warm, highly adjustable tape delays that the Space Echo affords. UA spent over a year developing our RE-201 Space Echo — considered the best of the Space Echo line — to capture the physical behavior of this complex device, “warts and all.” The resulting RE-201 Space Echo plug-in is truly a unique instrument unto itself.

UA’s RE-201 Space Echo faithfully retains all the controls and features of the original, such as the Mode Selector for various head combinations, Repeat Rate for fine timing control, and Intensity which sets repeat count and allows the unit to achieve self-oscillation. The all-important Echo/Normal “Dub” switch is retained for muting, as well as the simple tone controls. Last but certainly not least, the atmospheric shimmer of the Space Echo’s spring reverb is faithfully captured, putting this fantastic plug-in on par with the original unit as a tool of infinite creativity.

Our emulation also adds substantial “digital only” features like host Tempo Sync, Output Volume, Echo and Reverb Pan. Finally, a Tape Select is present allowing the user to select between three distinct grades of tape loop quality, new, used and old—plus the clever “Splice” switch allowing the user to trigger the chaos-inducing tape splice at will.




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  • Vance Powell

    (The Raconteurs)

    "Every time I hook up my real 201 [Space Echo] to use in a mix, I end up going back to the UAD [RE-201]. It's so good"

    Joe Chiccarelli

    (The White Stripes, My Morning Jacket, The Killers

    “As a vocal delay, the [UAD Roland RE-201] Space Echo is perfect. I like driving the input hard to get a bit of crunch. Mixed behind a lead vocal, it can add some additional excitement."

    The Crystal Method

    “The [UAD] Roland RE-201 plug-in is truly a phenomenal representation of the unique design and sound of the original.”

    Adam Blake

    Zoot Woman

    "The Dimension D is perfect for adding stereo width and the RE-201 Space Echo always seems to come in handy."

    Hans Zimmer

    (The Dark Knight, Gladiator)

    "That used to be my bread and butter. Fling it through the Space Echo and it would instantly sound fantastic."

  • Henry Jackman

    (The Da Vinci Code)

    "The [UAD] Roland RE-201 Space Echo sounds as fantastic as the original. All the joy, without the hassle."

    Mike Shipley

    (Allison Kraus, Maroon 5)

    "We’ve been using the [UAD emulation of the Roland] Space Echo on the new Maroon 5 single, 'Misery'."

    Jacquire King

    (Norah Jones, Tom Waits)

    "All the [Roland] plugs...I've used the hardware...I'm just using the plug-ins now, because they sound so good."

    Vance Powell

    (The Raconteurs)

    "If you take UA's RE-201 and Dimension D plug-ins, you can kind of get a [RE-]301. Both of those plug-ins are brilliant."

    Paul Vnuk, Jr.

    (Recording Magazine)

    "Once again UA has come as close to modeling the real thing [with Roland/BOSS Plug-Ins] as you are going to get ..."

  • Jonathan Wilson

    (Future Music UK)

    "The star of the Roland plug-ins is the Space Echo … but both chorus plug-ins are also excellent in their own right."

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Average Rating (121 Reviews)
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    Great stuff!
    by O. Pedersen(Friday 26 June, 2015)

    I own the real deal as well and this plug does an amazing job. My "real" unit is quite worn and although I love the character it provides, for some things its a bit too much hiss and modulation. The plugin comes very handy when I want to add some of that magic in a more subtle… Read More

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    Great purchase!
    by G. Raffa(Thursday 16 April, 2015)

    In love with this since when I tried the demo version for the first time! Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 4 Star
    • 5 Star
    My grooves are thankful!
    by G. Raffa(Thursday 12 March, 2015)

    I had a blast using the RE-201 on my rythmic patterns. It's the tool I would use in every production to give movement to my elements. Thanks UAD Read More

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    Echoes... in Spaaaaaaaaaaace
    by I. Finlayson(Monday 9 March, 2015)

    This one's a lot of fun. It definitely does "the Space Echo thing", though I do think UA could revisit it given the miracles they've since performed with the Studer, Ampex, and the MK 2 plugins. Nonetheless, this works great in a mix, whether going for subtle delay or full-on tape… Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 4 Star
    • 5 Star
    by J. Stringer (Wednesday 14 January, 2015)

    A excellent plugin that sound really good and very user friendly. I love it. Read More


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Features & Specs

Roland® RE-201 Space Echo Tape Delay & Spring Reverb Plug-In


  • Meticulous model of original Roland RE-201 Space Echo
  • Tape oscillation effects and spring reverb emulation
  • Entrusted by Roland for accurate analog modeling
  • Original features: Mode Selector, Intensity and “Dub”
  • New features: tempo sync, effects pan, tape select
  • Requires a UAD DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide.

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