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4.9 out of 5 stars

by J. Smeltz (1/27/2015):

Although I did not expect the 1081 from universal audio to sound exactly like a vintage… Read more

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Neve® 1081 / 1081SE Classic Console EQ Plug-Ins

4-Band EQ & High & Low Cut Filters Plug-In Modeled After Prized Neve 8048 Console

First produced in 1972 by Neve, the 1081 channel module was found in consoles such as the 8048. In fact, vintage 8048 consoles, with 1081 modules, are still in wide use today at classic facilities such as The Village in Los Angeles, and have been chosen by artists ranging from The Rolling Stones to The Red Hot Chili Peppers. UA’s Neve 1081 EQ plug-in is an exacting emulation of the channel module’s four-band EQ with high and low cut filters featuring two parametric midrange bands and “Hi-Q” selections for tighter boosts or cuts.

The Neve 1081 EQ is a five frequency (3.3, 4.7, 6.8, 10, 15kHz) high shelf/bell EQ, a ten frequency (1.5, 1.8, 2.2, 2.7, 3.3, 3.9, 4.7, 5.6, 6.8 , 8.2kHz) hi-mid parametric EQ with two Q types, a ten frequency (220, 270, 330, 390, 470, 560, 680, 820, 1000,1200Hz) low-mid parametric EQ with two Q types, a five frequency (33, 56, 100, 180, 330Hz) low shelf/bell EQ plus a five frequency (27, 47, 82, 150, 270Hz) high pass filter and five frequency (18, 12, 8.2, 5.6, 3.9kHz) low pass filter. Other features include a –20 to +10 db input gain control, phase reverse, and EQ bypass.




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  • Darrell Thorp

    (Beck, Radiohead, Charlotte Gainsbourg)

    "I love the Neve® 1081 Classic Console EQ Plug-In. It can be a subtle EQ if you just need to brighten something up a little bit. It can also be a really dirty EQ, if you really have to dig in and try to get some character.”

    Dylan "3-D" Dresdow

    (Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jackson, Usher)

    “I prefer the UAD Neve 1081 to the 1073 the majority of the time. It has more bite, and tends to cut through the track more.”

    John Powell

    (How to Train Your Dragon, The Bourne Supremacy)

    “The [UAD] Neve 1081 allows me to manipulate the upper frequencies which is essential for orchestral recordings.”

    Eddy Schreyer

    (Oasis Mastering, Prince))

    “I love the Neve 1081 EQ for its power and musical sound. "

    Mike Shipley

    (Allison Kraus, Maroon 5)

    “I love the 1081 EQ ... UA's Neve stuff is exceptional, because I can get that same top end. So clean & sweet."

  • Jim Dalrymple

    (The Loop)

    "[I use] the Fairchild Compressor, Neve 1081, Neve 1073, LA-2A and the 1176 Compressor. They all give you something different."

    Ted Perlman

    (Bob Dylan, Ike Turner)

    “The Neve 1081 is brilliant! ... and I don't want to be without it.”

    Paul Vnuk, Jr.

    (Recording Magazine)

    "As you would expect from UA, each plug-in is visually and functionally accurate to its real world counterpart"

    Bruce Aisher

    (Future Music UK)

    "UA have taken revered [Neve] hardware and modelled it to perfection to produce a killer bundle."

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Average Rating (90 Reviews)
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    Mix Engineer
    by J. Smeltz (Tuesday 27 January, 2015)

    Although I did not expect the 1081 from universal audio to sound exactly like a vintage 1081. I have to say it has some wonderful colors that are warm and remind me of the classic vintage 1081. Having the extra horse power for larger mixes is invaluable. I give universal audio an A plus for… Read More

    • 1 Star
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    Very good
    by P. Desgreniers (Tuesday 13 January, 2015)

    I'm very impressed by this EQ, it's my only EQ now! Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 4 Star
    • 5 Star
    \"Spectacular EQ The perfect plugin\"
    by W. Santos (Tuesday 6 January, 2015)

    I used the demo for 14 days, the first day, I decided would make the purchase of the plugin. Was in trouble in some audio from other studio and I did not do replace any battery kit. Perfect on the bass, snare, tons and guitars, precise eq very analog. Impossible not to have this plugin in… Read More

    • 1 Star
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    always on the best
    by A. Pagliai (Tuesday 6 January, 2015)

    Great sound great simulation........sound like really really close to the Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 5 Star
    Neve 1081
    by E. Musiclass (Wednesday 31 December, 2014)

    É um plugin sensacional. Agudos suaves e medios aveludados. Recomendo aos usuarios UAD Read More


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Features & Specs

Neve® 1081 / 1081SE Classic Console EQ Plug-Ins


  • Exclusively Neve licensed/UA modeled 1081 EQ
  • Derived from revered 4-band 8048 console EQ
  • High shelf, parametric high and low mid, low shelf & HP/LP
  • Adjustable frequency high/low shelf, switchable to bell curve
  • –20 to +10 dB input gain control
  • Neve 1081SE ‘DSP-lite’ version yields higher instance count
  • Original RAF cosmetics & concentric controls
  • Requires a UAD DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

See the UAD Instance Chart here



Apollo Software Manual (Thunderbolt)

Apollo Software Manual (FireWire)

UAD Plug-Ins Manual

UAD System Manual

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